otp: she's remarkable

otp: the person you love most in the world

otp: stay

otp: i will change for you

otp: i’m so lucky that i fell into your orbit

otp: she is remarkable

otp: you have this kind of pull

otp: i consider you to be exceptional

otp: i am better with you

otp: i believe in sherlock holmes

otp: you have a lot to share

otp: the only one who knows you

otp: you will succeed where i have failed

otp: you are quite skilled

otp: the thing that’s different about me

otp: i value you as a person

otp: the right company

otp: you named a bee after me

otp: i love our partnership

otp: we work well together

otp: a certain intimacy

otp: my number one priority

otp: with all the depth i am capable of mustering

otp: what you do is amazing

otp: a grand experiment

otp: on the verge of a breakthrough

otp: our collaboration works

otp: i will never allow any harm to come to you