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hey did you know that

i love betty finn

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Man, C was so sneaky in this episode and i LOVED it! While everyone's debating the two logical, obvious choices of fighting or running away, she's like "lol no, here's my 12 step plan I just thought of in the last five seconds - we're going to hide Octavia in a body bag, pretend she's Ontari, have Jaha give her over to Azgeda, surrender to Azgeda, distract Echo with Bellamy, heal the Ice King, and reaffirm our status as one of the 13 clans". That's ma girl!

lol. @mego42 just got this same message. You must be the same anon. 

Hell, yes, C is a master strategist. She saved lives without have to commit mass murder this time, too. It’s nice, right? lol. 

She was legit on fire, and she did it all while grieving her dead lover. Like mad respect. Her strength and her abilities are remarkable. I feel blessed to have a strategist woman, who is also compassionate and is able to steal the scene despite being 10x smaller than everyone else, gracing my tv and showing a well-rounded female heroine that I’ve been waiting for. 

Seriously, I’ve never had a character that is like me like Clarke Griffin. I feel a kinship with her and I feel it even more now that she’s back from her “lost” state in season 3. 


It’s two o'clock on the edge of the morning,
she’s running magical circles around my head…

that ‘70s show + sing street