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5 OTPs & 10 Facts About Me

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(I technically have no OTPs, but here’s some epic friendship-ships)

  1. Cullen x Anders (An obviously AU friendship – but my dude, I DIE for this bromance, I headcanon that they never meat in Kirkwall, for OBVS reasons, and they strike up an unlikely friendship during Inquisition before Cullen finds out: you were THAT mage! Friend angst!)
  2. f!Warden x Shale – because when she marries Alistair, Shale is her maid of honor, and I just *clenches fist* have been wanting to draw this for forever.
  3. Cullen x Varric I maintain they are the two people who are the most upset about how things in Kirkwall went down, and the two people most collectively freaked out about Red Lyrium.
  4. Bull x Vivienne – aside from HOW fucking obvious they make this bromance in the game, I just love how opposite they are, and yet, how well they fit together.
  5. Carver x Hawke – fuck you, they love each other.

10 Facts About Me

1. Born and raised in Hawaii.

2. Has EPIC Resting Bitch Face.

3. Once, when I started a business we made a purchase with 23k in cash. I suggested we take turns slapping each other in the face with it before we spent it. We did.

4. Have pet a baby manatee. They’re mouths are like a cow crossed with Predator. Squishy, yet terrifying.

5. Didn’t own shoes until I was in 7th grade, but had a family computer when I was 2.

6. Watched a high-school basketball game, on an aircraft carrier, with President Obama in attendance. Super surreal.

7. Once, helped save a guy from a burning car – the fire was so big it melted the sidewalk. Guy ended up being just fine, but it was straight up terrifying. (Thankfully, he was passed out the whole time, cuz that would have been SO much worse.)

8. Fell in love when I was 17. Still in love today.

9. A bastard.

10. Never doesn’t laugh at a dick joke.

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This episode gave me life.

It had everything I’ve come to love about Riverdale.

1) Cheryl not being ignored and getting resolution for at least some of the drama she keeps getting dragged into. ALSO, her working with Betty and calling her “sweet cousin”.

2) Another B&V team-up. I’m so glad they helped each other and to see Ronnie looking at Betty like she trusted her again. On a side note, I want to very unapologeticaly say: THANK JESUS Betty has again a better best friend than Kevin. This boy needs to seriously up his friendship game.

3) BUGHEAD IS BACK and THANKS AGAIN JESUS for letting them be the couple to break CW’s standing record for fastest relationship make up. I’m so relieved my lungs feel clear for the first time in a week. Betty telling Jug she never stopped loving him had me in tears, but very happy tears.

4) Toni and Jughead staying friends because she knew he was not over Betty and also because SHE PREFERS GIRLS. Toni, you’re doing amazing sweetie.

5) F. P. JONES

Can’t wait for the amazing gifs to flood my dashboard. You beautiful people that know your way around photoshop, please do the Lord’s work.

Summer House~ Chapter Eight: Feelings

Okay as I promised @miriam1779 here’s the Summer House update! 

Read it here or on AO3

Chapter 8 Feelings

The rattling branches along the dust smeared windows slipped around his sleeping body like a comfortable, oversized quilt. The sounds of the house settled his nerves and, eased his soul while his troubled heart ventured down a path that he’d traveled alone for nearly two years…

The dreams always started out the same way. He’d awaken to nothing but, the bleak darkness of an empty or even lifeless room. The walls were colorless, the floors were nondescript all that was ever clear was the one, lone chair that his slouched form covered completely. The old metal seemed to slouch beneath his heavy, well developed form with every slight breath he’d manage to draw into his aching lungs. He’d start with his chin touching his sternum, his hands were always running along his trousers gently as the low familiar chuckle rang out from across the room. At first the sound of her low, painfully heartbreaking laugh would seem staggered as his mind let him slip into his own pit of inescapable guilt. He’d hear the click of her narrow heels along the floors as her slim shadow slithered along the opposite wall. Finally the taunting voice would call out to the darkest part of his soul. “She’s no longer your’s…” the familiar voice would cackle brightly. “You destroyed your only chance at perfect happiness,” she’d then taunt with the venom of a scorpion.

Once those words slipped past her forked tongue Oliver’s head would began to rise until his chiseled chin was looming towards the shadows before him. His tormentor’s face was always obscured, all he could see was the way her slim shadow danced along the cold, blank floor. She let his heart plummet with a tragic thud before her serpent like tongue would slowly begin to crush the remaining shards of his destroyed heart. She’d then slither with soft almost romantic sounding syllables, “Heartbreak can’t be healed by sacrifice Oliver. Your lies,” she continued taunting, “your actions are what drove her away…” He’d manage to keep himself in check until her shoes ticked along the floor. His fingers brushed along his knees slowly once her piercing blue eyes came scorching through the bleakness that surrounded them. Her invisible lips would then shatter his soul as she whispered darkly, “It’s what drove us apart…”

Oliver’s eyes danced beneath his closed lids as his heart thudded rapidly in his spent chest. The pain of the dream spread through his heart slowly before moving towards his extremities with ease as his stomach rolled with gnawing confusion. For the past two years the routine had always been the same. He’d close his tired eyes after a trying day only to be greeted by the same horrible dream. Each time he found himself in some nameless space on the same uncomfortable, metal chair with her voice taunting him from afar. The sweet honey of her likeable tone would start with whispered musings before she moved towards the harsher truths that Oliver still refused to openly acknowledge. Then as if by force his eyes would close as his heart entered the created emotionally, drunken stupor of his own making.

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Moria fallout 3

How I feel about this character
I think Moira is one of the best characters in Fallout 3. The speech she gives about how the world is all broken and it can’t go back to the same way it was, but could be made into something else has to be the Singular Moment in 3 and 4 where Bethesda managed to capture the essence of what Fallout is supposed to be about. Her optimism and her drive to move forward and the lack of old world nostalgia make her really stand out among Fallout characters from any game honestly.

All the people I ship romantically with this character
F!LW/Moira, Tulip/Moira, Sarah Lyons/Moira, Gob/Moira

My non-romantic OTP for this character
Gob and Moira is Ship but also Friend Ship

My unpopular opinion about this character
???? I have none she is good and my opinions of her are all indisputable 

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.

I liked the central role her quests played in-game, I think it might have been nice to see more continuation after the Survival Guide is finished but that’s asking a lot with how long the quest already is. Some encounters where people refer to her with celebrity recognition might be interesting though, just a speech option maybe where you can tell people you know the author of the survival guide and they can get all excited about it

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Hi, sorry if I'm sending you so many messages but the idea I had for a imagine was for all four of the guys and I was when one of the boys is your boyfriend and you guys hang out with your friends and even though he's met them, he's still kind of shy around them and your friends tease you guys about it if that makes any sense. I don't mind waiting so it's fine

I decided to make it about Connor as I’ve been getting requests for the other boys recently :) And Connor’s a shy little butterfly so ^.^

Connor imagine, your friends tease you two;

You and your friends have hung out with the boys as a group a few times, but since Connor is shy, he’s always quiet around them. Today, you are all hanging out at your house. “So Y/N… How’re things going with you and Connor?” One of your friends asks nosily. You smile a little and say, “Great, right Con?” He looks at you and nods a little. “Cat got your tongue Connor?” Y/F/N asks, smirking. “What? I uh… Yeah….” He mumbles quietly. The boys all snicker at him, making him blush. “Aw guys, leave Con alone…” You sympathize, holding Connor’s hand gently. “We’re just teasing him because we love him so much” James smirks, pinching Connor’s cheek. “James” You warm, giving him a glare. He chuckles and puts his hands up. “It’s just so cute how you two are so shy and reserved about your relationship” Your friend shrugs her shoulders as she says that. You sigh softly and lean against Connor’s shoulder. He smiles, wrapping an arm around your waist. “Awww” Everyone coos in unison. You and Connor both blush, making everyone laugh. “Look at our little Con. He’s all grown up” Tristan says, pretending to wipe a tear away. “Shut up…” Connor mumbles. “You guys are my OTP” Y/F/N giggles. “Thanks…?” You say, cracking a small smile. “Y/N and Connor forever” Brad adds. “Guys stooop….” Connor whines. “Aw but you two are just so adorable” Tristan uses a baby voice, earning a glare from Connor. “You guys suck” You grumble. “You love us” Y/F/N declares. You scoff playfully and roll your eyes. “Not as much as I love Connor” You reply. Connor grins and presses his lips to yours. You kiss back and for once your friends all shut up. They don’t tease you, they don’t joke around. Because they know you and Connor both truly love each other, and that you always will. 

Wow that ending sucked omf I’m so sorry

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do Appmon on the fandom thingie! :)

Keep in mind I barely have any energy for shipping, so a lot of these are by default and I likely won’t write any fic for it.

THE OTP: Haru/Yuujin? Their relationship onscreen and the fanart/fic that takes it to the romantic field is cute. 

M/F OTP: The closest might be Eri/Astra, with Astra’s growing respect and slight crush on her kind of sweet. I’m fine with their relationship as friends though.

M/M OTP: See Haru/Yuujin.

F/F OTP: Eri/Ai. I did like the episode where they hung out and interacted. 

Fav Female: Eri. She grew on me with her work ethic and passion to go through any trials to make her fans happy.
Fav Male: It kind of depends upon my mood but Haru is close to the top. His soft-spoken kindness and characters development were neat and his relationship with Yuujin was compelling. Digimon should do more lead characters who deviate from the hot-blooded archetype.. 

Least Fav Female: Beautymon. Though she can be amusing, the conflict about looks didn’t seem to match Eri’s issues like how the other Ultimate 4 matched the Appli Drivers. Though here, “least“ doesn’t mean “hate,” just “sigh.”
Least Fav Male: Watson? I’m unsure whose at the bottom for me as I haven’t kept a ranking list for myself and again I don’t outright any any characters.

Why I joined the fandom: It’s Digimon, my old fandom, Mon shows where humans bond with their nonhuman partners are my jam, man, of course I’m going to do some fandom things with it.

Who does Google ship?

Prepare for SCIENCE

Stan -> Wendy YAWN

Cartman -> Kyle AS EXPECTED

Kenny is an independent woman who isn’t defined by who he’s paired up with

Kyle -> Stan WHO ELSE

Google likes Tweek so much she decided to give him double Craigs by splitting Craig up into Paper Craig and Yaoi Craig. Now THERE’S an OT3 I can get behind. Sketches pls

People are more interested in getting Craig’s hat off than they are in Creek. In fact getting these kids’ hats off is a common theme on most of these Image Searches. Perverts.

Butters -> Craig Without Hat. Yes, that’s right, Google ships Crutters but only if there’s no hats involved.


Clyde is found crying more often than he is with his friends. Also, Clyde -> Mr Mackey WHAT

Google does not ship Wendy with anyone or anything.

Randy. Jesus Christ, Randy. What the actual f.

f/f ship based on my otp on the 1999 show popular — muse a is a senior in high school. she’s cool, but she’s not one of the popular people. her best friends and weird and quirky, and she’s definitely a ‘bad ass’. her father passed away and her mom has been single for a while. muse b is the ‘queen b’ of the school. she’s smart, has the looks, the boyfriend and the mansion. her friends are bitchy and rich and quite judgmental. her mom left her dad when she was younger, and he’s been single for while. one night, muse a crashes muse b’s party while her dad was out of them… and when her dad comes back, the girls find out that their parents met on a cruise and ended up getting married all in two days. now muse a has to move in with muse b and they have to learn how to get along, even though they are sworn enemies in school… and both graduating soon.

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How I feel about this character
I love her. I adore her. She is the most beautiful person in the entire Mojave… I really think that she’s got some of the best intentions out of all the companions. Veronica has a good heart, and her quest is such a strong example of caring for people even when they aren’t willing to change. 

All the people I ship romantically with this character
i lovve F!Courier/Veronica, Red Lucy/Veronica, Julie Farkas/Veronica

My non-romantic OTP for this character
Veronica and Arcade are Best Friends For Life

My unpopular opinion about this character
the only good BoS character and the only thing that redeems their existence. I really believe she should have become the new leader of the BoS or at the very least had some affect on the Brotherhood that spanned across all of their factions. It’s ripe with potential… 

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.

She just wanted to keep being best friends with Gansey forever, and maybe one day also have carnal knowledge of him. This seemed like a very sensible desire, and Blue, as someone who had sought to be sensible her entire life, was feeling pretty damn put out that this small thing was being denied her.

Ichigo is happy. He smiles… he f#@$ing smiles my friends. Orihime finally has a family. Ichigo and Orihime have a son, Kazui.

They’re all very happy. So why do others want to say that Orihime deserves better or that Ichigo doesn’t really love her/will cheat on her? Why?

Can’t we just be happy that our favorite main character is finally happy? With no scowl in sight?

And Rukia. She is so happy. She’s married to her love and her best friend, Renji. They have awesome and adorable Ichika together. Why belittle that? The other main character is f@#$ing happy!!!

And here’s the other thing… they’re fictional characters. So why are some people wasting time arguing? I’m just happy that all my favorites are happy. Elated in fact!

Thanks to supercat trash I follow, I now ship this hard. And since Swan Queen is my first and main f/f ship, I can’t stop imagining a crossover starring these two OTPs. I mean just imagine Regina Mills and Cat Grant as besties! They could’ve met in some trip Regina took during cursed!Storybrooke and they stayed in touch via e-mail. This was obviously pre-supergirl, Cat would not have believed in magic at the time she met Regina, but now she’s the one to tell her friend about Supergirl — gushes over her — and Regina finally tells her about magic being real in her town. Of course Cat has to see for herself and finds the way to that magical town, hauling her sweet, dorky assistant, Kara — but she hasn’t told Kara about the magic part. Anyway. A monster appears to ruin their improvised lunch at Granny’s (I’m sorry for Cat lol) but before Regina can use magic, boom! Supergirl is there beating the monster’s ass– no kara in sight. Cat confirms Kara is Supergirl and when Emma appears to see what the hell is going on, she finds the demon has been dealt with - or almost, as it is magical and Emma and Regina strike it with SQ magic to blow it out of existence. Cat can’t help but notice the worry in Emma’s face as she runs to help Regina back on her feet, and later teases Regina about her secret affair with the sheriff. Regina thinks she means David, but Cat, smiling cheekily, just says “other sheriff” and winks at her. So yep. Basically Cat confirms Kara is her Supergirl and also she teases Regina until she admits to her that she feels strongly for Emma, meanwhile Emma and Kara are talking about kicking monster ass, clueless that their bosses are talking about them. By the end of the day, Cat arranges for a double date with their strong, clueless idiots and both ships sail.

oh how i crave supercat/swen fic lol please dont hate me for wanting both :P


fitzsimmons all our yesterdays au

Simmons is imprisoned in the heart of a secret HYDRA base by her former best friend, Fitz, in an effort to keep her from preventing the creation of a time machine that has devastated the world. With the help of a guard, she manages to escape the base. Armed with a list of all the previous ways the attempted to stop the time machine from being made, she is left with only one option: go back and kill the inventor.
Jemma has loved her best friend, Leo – a brilliant, introverted science prodigy – since they were children. Just when it seems that he returns her feelings, tragedy strikes and Leo’s life falls apart. Jemma is determined to be there for her best friend as they uncover the conspiracy behind the tragedy and she learns the terrible truth of his interest in time time travel, as well as the impact it will have on the future.
Simmons and Jemma are in a race against time; one that only one of them can win.

I was originally planning on posting this on the 23rd, which is my 1 year anniversary of being a RPH but I just hit 1k so I figured why not post it now as a thank you? Before that though, I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who follows me. Even if we don't talk or I don't have you listed on here you still mean so much to me. Without you I wouldn't be where I am today. So thank you for putting up with my stupidity and accepting me with open arms. You all are my family and I love you so much.

ps: if you're bolded it means ily and admire you from afar and we really should be friends.

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