otp: she's my best friend

  • Friend: Can you stop talking about your gays for a day atleast?
  • Me: Okay.
  • Friend: Really ? Wow that was easy tha-
  • Me: I miss Erwin, he was-
  • Friend: Fuck no, get back to your playing sports gays

Annabeth’s wedding vows are just simply “You are my something permanet”.


every westallen scene ever (42/?)


“What did you imagine… for your life?”
“Service, promotion, retirement, death. You?”
“This is exactly what I imagined. And a couple of kids.”

Conversation I had with my friend tonight
  • *talking about Supernatural*
  • Her: who do you ship Dean with?
  • Me: well-
  • Her: Destiel. Dean and Cas.
  • Me: I-
  • Her: I mean it's basically can- it IS canon. It's actually canon, I don't care the show basically ships itself.
  • Me: ... Can I hug you?

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