otp: she's just amazing

#Danai Day!

My insanely gorgeous mother, hero, icon, inspiration Danai Gurira has turned 39 today! It’s Valentines Day and we should shower her with love and appreciation bc when does she not deserve all that anyway ( and her name means love or to be loved itself!). Either as a playwright, activist or actress she’s a force to be reckoned with. An intellectual, and the woman I hope I can grow up to be half as talented as. 


supercat appreciation meme: tropes (pt. i)

All I can think of after 1x19 is

every westallen scene ever (2/?)


malec appreciation fortnight: day five
        favourite part of their first kiss


You know what though, TWD has some really incredibly talented actors and actresses. Everything is deliberate. 

So when Michonne smiles at Rick after he’s shaved, and looks at him like she’s seen the sun after a long, bitter night? Like there’s something between them, a chemistry that’s tangible, but neither of them are quite sure how to grasp it? That’s on purpose. That’s real. 


“The signs are all there. Just got to know how to read ‘em.”

OB fandom: I can tell which character is which just by seeing something tiny like their mouth!

Other fandoms: But all of your characters are the same person!!!

OB fandom:


Sanjamac Appreciation Post

I’ve said it once, so I’ll say it again…I actually love sanjamac.
Her rant was gracious, well thought out and ridiculously polite…like seriously, wow.
And everything else she posts is so full of hope, if I had seams they’d be fit to burst with the amount of joy I get from reading them.


Collab with the amazing tishawish <3 she did the lineart and i colored it!

We agreed to do sort of a makoharu modern yakuza AU we just wanted to draw badass makoharu in fancy suits holding guns (or at least it was the case for me >_>)

it was a real pleasure to color Tisha’s super neat and clean lineart ;A;

Tisha’s part (pshh it’s fem!makoharu yakuza au)