otp: she searches for you


“hook recognizes the way to emma’s heart is through action, not prying .”


No, Jane. Listen to me. You must not give up. You must finish what you’ve started. Why? Because you’re right.


Fosterson Week

Day 3: 

Alternate Universes


Jane Foster is the only daughter of a wealthy and famous Duke. As it is common for ladies of her socio-economic position, she is expected to marry a nobleman and have a lot of children. Jane, being independent and more interested in watching the night sky than the men around her, is not exactly thrilled at what her future looks like.

Thor Odinson is a pirate. His father was a pirate, as was his father before him. Mjölnir, his marvelous ship, is like another extension of his body. He knows the seven seas better than any other pirate or captain, and owns the main trade routes. When his brother betrays him, however, he finds himself in great debt with another powerful pirate, Malekith. 

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I’ll call you back.

So apparently Pepper and Jane won't even be mentioned in the Avengers movie.

Who needs girls right, its not like Tony wouldn’t know what to with himself without Pepper right? She only manages his life and is his best friend. And psh Jane, Thor wasn’t pining for his awesome beautiful goddess of science or anything by the end of his movie, let’s just ignore her (and the fact she was working to find him again) but include that Erik guy who worked for her, we need more white guys in this movie.