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Opinions on chapter 47 [SPOILERS]

(HEAVY SPOILERS - You were warned - you should really read the chapter before this or you are not going to understand much)

So, while the last chapter was a total epiphany, an explosion of joy and love and that unknown feeling when one of your OTPs becomes canon…
This chapter was, to put it simply, a disappointment.

Before you all fight me let me explain - I did NOT hate it, nor didn’t like it - it was okay, but I expected something different, something better. So my disappointment was mostly my fault. I really respect Junko and her work, I just think she made poor choices.

First of all, it was really nice seeing Mutsumi and Kae as a couple. They literally can’t take their hands off each other; they are at the very beginning of their relationship (or at least it seems so - but i’ll talk about this later), when everything’s cute and perfect. This obviously annoys everyone - especially their poor four rejected friends.

1st thing I didn’t like. In the last chapter, when Kae rejected them, they all showed very mature behaviour - they understood Mutsumi was the best for her, they loved her and so they let her go. But now.. all that sudden development kind of disappeared? I mean, we were given no explanation, we weren’t showed how they coped with the heartbreak and all– they were all just annoyed by Kae e Mutsu being lovey dovey and they were a bit sad. You would have deeper feelings after you got your heart broken by someone you had been in love with for months?? Also, what about Igarashi?! He had all that chapter about him falling for Kae, he really loved her and then.. he just gives up so easily? He just is a bit annoyed? Just that? Really?
Anyway, I hoped for a better representation of their thoughts and feelings, but I didn’t get it - fine, no problem, it will probably be shown in the next chapters.

2nd thing i didnt love at all: we are shown that yes, Kae and Mutsumi are all lovey-dovey, but why is that? Simple: Akane, Kae’s favourite character, is now married and with children, consequently meaning that he ‘betrayed’ his master. So, what did Kae do? She aimed all the passion she felt for Akane towards Mutsumi.
Again, it was probably just explained poorly - Kae likes Mutsumi, they are adorable together, and she enjoys being with him - it is strange for her to behave like that, sure, however I think they could have gotten a better explanation for that, this one was just really, really annoying.

3rd thing i HATED: GODDAMIT, they JUST got together, they didnt even HAD THE TIME to get to know each other in that way and deepen their romantic relationship, and there’s already drama?! Who the hell is that, a love rival of some sort?! And KAE, WHAT THE HELL DID HAPPEN. Kae was never very mature, okay, she was never perfect, right, she made many mistakes, true. But there is NO. FREAKING. WAY. she would have known that that day was really important for Mutsumi - being his grandparent’s death anniversary -, that he wanted her to come with him at his grave so that HE COULD INTRODUCE HER AS HIS GIRLFRIEND, and she STILL PREFER TO GO TO ONE OF THOSE EVENTS. That was just really annoying, stupid, selfish, immature of her. She had developed and grown so much in the last chapters… and now it’s like nothing happened. It was all for nothing. This just ruined her character. I want to cry, my poor Kae.

Last thing: I really don’t like when there are time jumps/cuts in books or manga. It divides me from the narration. Kae and Mutsumi’s relationship may have developed somehow, but very little of it was showed. It just happened too quickly, I had not the time to process it or to enjoy it at all. Everything felt out of place.

I really think Junko should have showed something different in this chapter - she should have concentrated on the other characters while showing a little of Kae and Mutsumi together - or she could have drawn a simple chapter just of Kae and Mutsumi starting their relationship (i just really wanted them to be all blushy and embarassed around each other, sigh). We just really needed a 'pause’ chapter after the chaos of events in the last chapters in my opinion. I understand that Junko is probably inexperienced - her BL manga were all very short - and so she may have difficulties in writing a longer story and developing it… but I just really hope she will get better and that all this situation will have a nice ending.

Well, that was my opinion, what about you? Did you enjoy this chapter? Share your thoughts with me, it will make me happy!