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BuckyNat Ship Manifesto

Okay guys, sit yourselves down because I am going to explain to you a simple truth: BuckyNat is, objectively, the best ship of all time, ever. I am sorry if you ship something else as your OTP. It’s okay to be wrong.

There are several reasons why this is the case, of course, and as a longtime BuckyNat shipper I am going to enumerate them for you thusly:

1. Bucky is Natasha’s number one fan

Firstly, it’s a proven fact that nobody in the whole wide world thinks Natasha Romanoff is cooler than James Buchanan Barnes does. He is the founder of the Natasha Romanoff fanclub, and probably the president too. It’s a wonder he gets anything done when they fight together, to be honest, because he’s always gazing into the middle distance narrating about how ‘she never fails to amaze me’ while she gracefully wrecks dudes in the background. Bucky has always, always, ranked himself below Natasha in terms of just being all-round awesome. He used up his one shot with a cosmically powerful artefact to go back and have one more happy moment with her. Dude is so in love with her it’s insane.

And doesn’t Natasha deserve a boyfriend who knows, and consistently reminds the reader, that she is wonderful?

(Natasha, by the way, clearly adores her dork of a boyfriend. When they’re together she’s all affectionate smiles and shoulder-punches and lovingly calling him an idiot. More romantically, they’re very physically close, and Natasha will cradle his face like she can’t quite believe he’s real, and she was ready to risk everything to save his life in Fear Itself and drastically went off-mission to bust him out of prison in Gulag. If Bucky is president of Natasha’s fanclub, Natasha is number one on Bucky’s In Case of Emergency list).

2. Natasha understands Bucky in a way nobody else does

You can make an argument for Steve being the one that really gets Bucky, but I am going to rip off my shirt and fight you like you were a goddamn bear because nOPE, NATASHA IS THE ONE THAT GETS BUCKY BEST. It’s a simple fact of shared history- Natasha, like Bucky, went through the Red Rooms, and so they have a shared past that no-one else in the entirety of 616 can ever fully understand. It’s not the be-all and end-all of their relationship, but the simple truth of the matter is that Bucky himself states that a crucial part of his recovery from being the Winter Soldier was that Natasha was there for him, and understood him. 

Nobody should have to wake up alone. With Natasha in his life, Bucky could face his demons and, with her absolution, come to reconcile his past with his present.

Furthermore, Natasha herself finds Bucky’s love redemptive, too. He understands better than anyone what she went through in the Red Rooms, and he understands what she did as an enemy agent. That’s important- that’s a whole aspect of her past nobody else can touch. Natasha can come to him and be one hundred per cent sure she’ll be understood. That’s very important for someone with as rich and complicated a background as she has. For a woman who’s very hard to understand- who is, to some extent, defined by being hard to understand- to have someone who unconditionally loves and trusts her is tremendously valuable.

3. This ship is sexy as hell

Spies are sexy. Fact. Natasha Romanoff is sexy. Fact. Bucky Barnes is sexy FACT FACT FACT. If you hate this ship you hate sexiness and then your life is a sad cold one, my friend. It is CANON that Bucky and Natasha have room-wrecking, pants-ripping, bra-on-lamp sex that probably involves masks and bionic arm/widow’s bite shenanigans because these two are kinky as hell, let’s be real here. 

Signing up for BuckyNat means signing up for all kinds of sexy spy stories wether those are Cold War espionage romance in a Russia that never was or modern day sexy funtimes with two people who love and respect each other greatly and also happen to find each other irresistible. 

Plus, they both wear catsuits as part of their work attire. SEXY. 

4. This panel



5. Because- well. Natasha said it best.

Natasha loves Bucky. This ship had to be broken up by getting her brainwashed- there’s no question that if her mind hadn’t been interfered with, Natasha wouldn’t have considered dumping Bucky. And love is, perhaps, one of her most important character traits. 


If you love spies, if you love romance and badasses being good old fashioned dorks with each other, if you love sexy violence and sexy sex and tales of redemption, memory, and loss, if you love Natasha Romanoff and if you love Bucky Barnes, then you should probably love BuckyNat.

Both of these characters are fundamentally defined by love, and what it means to love, and how transformative it can be to be loved in return.

Honestly, who wouldn’t ship it?

anonymous asked:

What are some of your favorite buckynat quotes?

1.“A long time ago, Natalia Romanova made me remember what it was to feel human. And they punished us both for that, in different ways.”

2.“I never realized how lost I was without her. But I always was. Just some lost soldier who forgot he ever had a home. Until she gave me one.”

3. “Natasha is not yours. She belongs to the Red Guardian.” “You think she belongs to anyone? Then you’re as foolish as the others.”

4. “I think I love you, James Buchanan Barnes.” 

5. “You could at least recognize me!”

6. “You’re a good man.” “Not really no, but you’re the only one who understands that.”

7. “The Black Widow. The men who trained her threw the title around like a slur. Claimed no man could resist, much less survive her. But she wore it like a medal, the only one she’d known the courage to earn.”

8. “I was their secret weapon in the Cold War. Well at least, I was one of them. The Black Widow was another. Something about her touched what was left of my humanity, buried underneath all the programming.”

9. I’ve been watching Natasha in action since the 1950′s, but she never fails to amaze me. Such graceful beauty. So brutally efficient.”

10. “Going after him’s a dead end, I know, I’ve tried.”

11. “Do you remember it all? Our time together, when I was young?” “I remember everything Natalia. And you were the one good thing in all of it.”

12. “Survival, people just don’t understand.” “I do James … you know that.”