otp: she loves him

Shepard visiting the unconscious VS in the hospital: You really worried me. Feel better soon, we need you in this fight. I could use your help. 

My Ryder visiting comatose Scott in the hospital: Get off your ass, fuck face, I know you’re faking it. 

Scott:  …*in coma*…

My Ryder: So that’s how you want to play it. 

Honestly, we don’t talk about Clarke’s love for Bellamy as much as we should. The episode was littered with hints of it coming through as it always does when stakes are high. Don’t forget that her first words of the season were used to reassure him. She says “she’ll be okay, Octavia can take care of herself.” It took her one second to notice his look of concern and she immediately jumped into Reassuring Girlfriend Mode™. He didn’t even say ONE word and she knew where his thoughts were. When she see’s him coming towards Echo, with a blade pressed to her throat she yells “BELLAMY DON’T.” Because she damn well knows that he’ll risk his life for her, and she’d rather surrender herself then ever see something happen to him because of her. And when he’s pulled into the room and Echo puts the blade to his throat, Clarke is quick to start talking. Like any natural born leader, she uses her words to talk herself out of any situation. It’s her best chance. So don’t forget about all the ways Clarke Griffin showed that she loves Bellamy Blake, her support, her appreciation, her protectiveness. This was only the first episode and we already saw so much from her. 

Reasons to ship Scott x Malia
  • He calls her Lia
  • He was the one who changed her back into a human
  • He was the first person she saw as a human
  • He teaches her
  • “What if I told you that you’re the only one that I have left?”
  • He saw her naked (a lot!) but it isn’t a thing for them
  • They respect each other
  • “What’s wrong with you?” “Nothing” “Your heart is pounding like crazy. Are you nervous?”
  • She sends him home when he wanted to help her with the desert wolf to protect him
  • ”I’m not asking. I’m offering. I’m just saying its okay if you want to [talk]”
  • They both broke up and are free for new love
  • “I can handle Peter” “You can handle him better with me!”
  • ”Malia. It’s okay. You’re safe.” 
  • “Scott you need your inhaler! Scott use it, use your inhaler!”
  • They saved each other many times

-She turns against her own father to protect him

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Touka’s affection torward Kaneki is gradually improving…
Punched him the first time, slapped him the next, and recently pushed him down for the kiss.

Everything done with love and concern for Kaneki’s wellbeing.


you’re just too good to be true
can’t take my eyes off of you

Reason #64 why I love BuckyNat

The way they look out for each other.

Black Widow - The Name of the Rose (2010)

One of Nat’s dark secrets was revealed and she went on the run, alone. Hunted by just about everybody, SHIELD included. Who turned up to offer his help?

Captain America: Prisoner of War (2011)

Complicated things happened and Bucky ended up in a gulag. After enduring it for far too long, he escaped during a riot. And who was there to make sure he didn’t end up dying in the snow?

Captain America and Bucky: The Life Story of BuckyBarnes (2012)

Even back when they were a part of the Red Room, their masters couldn’t stop Nat from going against orders and helping Bucky out.

Black Widow (2014-15)

After their relationship was erased from Nat’s memory and she was freelancing, who just happened to drop by?

(While he had a legit excuse for the first time, this wasn’t the only time he popped up during that run. He explicitly kept an eye on her and stepped in when she needed him to.) She may not have asked for his help, but when has that ever stopped either of them?

Black Widow (2016-17)

And when Nat was out in the cold (again), who watches over her (again)?

In conclusion

BuckyNat <3


he absorbs her every move
he does not want to miss a smile
a laugh
or even the way she rolls her eyes
he admires the way her lip curls when she gets excited
he adores the way her face lights up when she does what she loves
but he knows it doesn’t matter

she can’t take her eyes off of him
she loves to see his smile
his laugh makes her day
she loves that he doesn’t worry about others
she admires the way he is always strangely calm
she adores the way he throws his head back after singing
but she knows it doesn’t matter

he’s charmed with her essence
she’s infatuated by his being
yet they both remain silent

—it was a captivating misfortune


saved by the bell meme [½ otps]: Zack & Lisa