otp: she is marvelous




they wonder what it was
that made her so desirable to him
he - the infamous god, conqueror of hearts
bending down to this unfamiliar woman
he - an unpredictable force, ever-changing
building a home in her arms

they speculate amongst themselves
she must be as wicked as he
she must be as unrelenting, as powerful
the same savage beast beneath
made to satisfy his malicious chaos
to rival him in venom and quick remarks

((surely there is more to what we see))

she is none of these things
in truth, they are of opposing natures
an impossible union of order and chaos
and yet he remains the same
she does not change him, or cage him,
or become blind to his misdeeds

and the people, they are unable to comprehend
to accept, the kind of love these two share
he gives his body to other women still
always leaving, embarking on strange adventures
she stays in one place, the embodiment of constancy
and yet like waves to the shore, he comes back to her

is it weakness? submission?
they decide whether to condemn her
so repulsed are they by her apparent passivity
so quick are their tongues to pass judgment
so quick to dismiss her as no more
than another one of his conquests

and in the end she chose to raise a bowl
to shield him from the serpent’s venom
still, they belittle her sacrifice
unaware that this goddess, with her bowl
is the only one standing in the way
of the end of everything

- Loki & Sigyn


No, Jane. Listen to me. You must not give up. You must finish what you’ve started. Why? Because you’re right.

I’d be the first to admit that i’ve followed my worst instincts at times. Last year will also make you do that. It feels good in the moment, but it never ends well. I’ve lost my temper, i’ve killed… but lately i’ve had this voice in my head telling me not to go down that path again. Telling me to be patient, to stay steady… it’s Agent May, she’ll tell me to stay on the mission.
—  Phil Coulson
  • things I am about: wanda as viv's mother figure, bonding, hugs, vision and wanda getting back together 😍
  • things I am not about: virginia vision erasure, pretending her and wanda are basically the same, pretending vision and viv didn't care about her 😒

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