otp: she has a weird thing

  • Them when Kubo said Mila is interested in Otabek: Okay guys! This is Kubo's show! Let her write it as she pleases! Let Mi/abek be in love!!!
  • Them when Kubo said Otabek is a god who loves Yuri: Ha you know Kubo!!! She always says weird things on interviews!!! Don't take this to heart!!! There is nooo way this means Otayuri will be a thing!!!

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Sorry for this pointless question but who is your OTP in BBC Sherlock? Personally my OTP would be Sherlock and Irene Adler. I know it's weird but they just seemed right together. But she's gone so my second best would be Sherlock and Molly. Lastly it would be Sherlock and John.

My OTP is

I believe every and each ship deserves to be respected. I totally understand what people see in Sherock/Irene or Sherlock/Molly or Sherlock/Mycroft. :) Let’s have a happy shipping life.

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Overwatch ships, Gency and WidowReaper

Let’s start with Gency, shall we~?   

who’s the cuddler: Genji, he always hugs Angela when she’s reading

who makes the bed: Mercy, she’s a perfect housewife

who wakes up first: Mercy, she’s used to getting up early since she’s a doctor

who has the weird taste in music: They both enjoy swinging to K-Pop and J-Pop as well as dancing to classical music (personally I don’t think it’s weird, but some people find it strange ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

who is more protective: Genji will kill everyone who dares to hurt Angela

who sings in the shower: Angela, she’s also humming sometimes

who cries during movies: Both are in a pool of tissues

who spends the most while out shopping: Genji, because he never knows where are the things he needs

who kisses more roughly: Genji, he’s still got that playboy somewhere inside

who is more dominate: Playboy Genji strikes again

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 10, my Overwatch otp ♥

Now onto Widowreaper~

who’s the cuddler: Amelie, she feels safe in Gabe’s arms

who makes the bed: Reaper, he’s a perfectionist

who wakes up first: Widowmaker, because of constant nightmares

who has the weird taste in music: Both chill out to classical music

who is more protective: They can both take care of themselves

who sings in the shower: Amelie, and Gabe secretly listens

who cries during movies: Gabriel, Amelie finds it hilarious and always runs her hand through his hair

who spends the most while out shopping: Amelie, she never knows what to choose

who kisses more roughly: Both are really… affectionate

who is more dominate: Gabe likes to be the leader

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 9, they need more love~


“This is all just… very familiar.”

Re: People's idea of modern au Sansa

I… really don’t get where everyone sees Sansa in modern fan art or speculation or whatever as a popular cheerleader type who is essentially a Basic White Girl who wears Uggs and squees over Taylor Swift and boy bands (not that there’s anything bad about that stuff) ? At all?

I mean, Sansa who:

-hates riding (ie exerting herself) because it gets you hot and sweaty

-would rather sit and have tea and cakes or read (she enjoys tourneys but that’s vastly different from playing a sport yourself)

-frequently spouts facts about Westerosi history, literature, heraldry and music

-frequently makes book references when she’s excited about something or making an argument to someone else

-was promised advanced harp lessons because she loves music

-judging by the kind of stories she likes best (Prince Aemon, Florian and Jonquil) she enjoys bittersweet things, not fluffy upbeat romance songs

-is a crafter

-was a better student than Arya according to her sister, and better than her more educated brothers at reading and writing

-has fandoms and OTPs

In other words, Sansa is a huge neeeeeerrrrrrrrd. It’s really weird to think because she’s pretty and likes fashion and has crushes this somehow makes it impossible for her to be anything but Regina George/a valley girl. Nerd girls can be into makeup, pop music, high heels, or whatever, you know. Many of us are definitely feminine and don’t fit the Amy Farrah Fowler stereotype (although she’s awesome too).

Of course, while much of this unfounded theory comes from her detractors who project their own bullies and least favorite character tropes into her for no reason other than they dislike Sansa and want to justify it (and ironically show how they’re far more shallow than they accuse her of being), there are surprisingly a lot of Sansa fans who do this too.

But I see no evidence to think so. You can, for sure, but I don’t see why, anymore than I see a reason to make Jon a Hot Topic emo or Arya a playground bully who shoves you into the dirt and steals your lunch money. There’s simply no textual basis I’ve seen, to tout it as fact.

(My own modern au? Sansa’s style icons are Lily Collins and Elle Fanning, she loves Lana del Rey and Florence Welch, she studies Victorian romance novels at a young age for fun because her hipster self isn’t impressed by what’s on the market for sixth graders, still loves church, she sits and embroiders her purses while her siblings play basketball together, and watches horror movies with Bran and Arya.)

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Hey, so I was wondering, besides Jonerys, who do you think are the best GoT/ASOIAF couples

Ooh yay! I love this question!

Ok probably my favorite ship other than Jonerys is Gendrya. Gendry is so strong and kind and he and Arya mesh so well together. Because when Arya gets feisty and angry Gendry just takes it and throws it right back at her. Together they’re funny and sweet. Probably the purest pairing haha. I love the show!scene when Gendry calls her m’lady and I love the Acorn Hall scene in the books. It’s a travesty that the show denied it to us. 

Gendry will be coming back though this season and I am hoping that he and Arya interact in season 8. I just … I really need it ok?

That being said, I have to admit that the scene of Pod looking at Arya like she is literally the most amazing thing he has ever laid eyes on in the last episode really got me. So on the side I am really into the idea of Arya x Pod, too.

Pod is so desperate to become a good fighter, and Arya could teach him. And they could be sparring and she could knock him down or something and then they could have A Moment™.

It’s weird how immediately I latched onto that because Pod used to be the person I paired with Sansa as an OTP in my mind. I love the one book scene where they talk and he blushes a lot haha. He totally thinks she’s beautiful. It’s canon. And while Sansa has always wanted a brave knight (granted she’s probably disillusioned now), Pod has always wanted to be one. He would take such good care of her :’) He’s already dedicated the last few years to finding and protecting her … the fanfic writes itself. 

I also used to ship Sansa with Theon. I mean, how could you not after watching this scene? He was ready to die for her and they were just so sweet together idk. Especially when Pod and Brienne showed up, I loved how Sansa looked at Theon for his nod of approval before accepting Brienne’s fealty. And she seemed genuinely sad when he announced that he was going to leave to head back to Pike. 

Originally posted by deborah-woll

But I am not so sure now. This season is really making me doubt that Theon will ever be okay again, and I think Sansa deserves someone who can take care of her. Poor Theon can’t really take care of himself currently. :/

I also love Jaime x Brienne. Jaime is one of my favorite characters. Definitely top five. I’ve been getting more and more invested in him lately haha. Last episode definitely didn’t help. Anyway, I just love how when he’s with Brienne we get to see a softer and kinder side of Jaime, which I think is the real Jaime, the one who isn’t just doing everything he can to please and protect Cersei. Cersei is a toxic influence in his life and I feel like Jaime’s finest moments have either been with or influenced by Brienne. Trying to keep his oath to Catelyn, saving Brienne from the bear, deciding against violently attacking Riverrun, etc.

At the same time, Brienne is so wonderful and such an amazing character. She absolutely deserves love and to be loved by someone valiant and handsome like Jaime. I hate that she spends so long thinking she isn’t worthy because she isn’t like objectively pretty or whatever (that’s clearly book!canon because Gwendoline Christie is a goddess). And I do believe that they already love each other. Whether we see it become canon or not, Jaime loves her. No one will convinced me otherwise. 

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Aside from these I have some crack ships that will never happen that are near and dear to my heart haha. 

I really enjoy Dany and Yara. They have both become these kind of ruthless, powerful badasses and I just imagine that it would be extremely hot?

And while there was a time when I would have laughed about this ship I have recently been dying over Jaime x Dany crack. Mainly it started when I read this fic which was recommended to me by a friend. It is so good you guys. So fucking good. Consider this an enthusiastic fic rec. (Don’t worry–Jonerys is OTP. Like I said this is my side crack lol).

But I would probably be down for almost any Jaime ship lately because I’m deep in a Jaime obsession. I mean, look at him.

Originally posted by dawnofthedusk

I guess I ship Jaime x ME lets be real I am thirsty hahaha.

And while I have these side ships for Dany I don’t have any for Jon weirdly? Idk I am a hopeless Jon stan. He is my perfect prince and as far as I’m concerned the only woman worthy of him is Dany. I can’t wait to see more of them!

My answer to this question was such trash. I apologize :P

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Character hcs: joan watson, harry potter and maia roberts

AAAHHHHH Izaak thank you! (I already did Maia but I’ll do the others happily)

Joan Watson wow loml thank u

sexuality headcanon: bi
otp: idk idk I’m really far behind on Elementary rip but she deserves a nice gf
brotp: Joan/Sherlock
notp: romantic Joan/Sherlock and also Joan/Mycroft was weird
first headcanon that pops into my head: Joan was never one for a lie in but living with Sherlock has honestly taught her to appreciate lazy weekends. 
one way in which I relate to this character: I too live my life following around a loser in funny sweaters telling him to Not Be Like This but lovingly.
thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: nothing??? flawless
cinnamon roll or problematic fave? cinnamon roll

Harry Potter

sexuality headcanon: bi (no one is straight shut up)
otp: Harry/Ginny, Harry/a safe and secure life
brotp: Harry/Ron/Hermione and Harry/Luna and Harry/Remus and Harry/Sirius
notp: ??? Harry/Cho? is Harry/Snape a thing bc that’s a sin
first headcanon that pops into my head: HARRY JAMES POTTER IS AUTISTIC AND GOOD
one way in which I relate to this character: not observant. never have a clue what’s happening. my mother’s eyes.
thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: Why you keep listening to Dumbledore why’d you name your son Albus Severus Harry c’mon
cinnamon roll or problematic fave? cinnamon roll

send me a character

Tfw your Spanish teacher wants Jack to confess his love to Mark


I doodled this Septiplier, RPG-text-box-dialogue type of thing on one of my Spanish papers (that I had to turn in) and it basically had Jack and Mark with the question (directed to Jack) “Confess love to Mark?” with the options of ‘yes’ or ‘no’. It’s not meant to be answered or anything, again, it was just a doodle of a RPG text-box.

I got the paper back on Friday and I saw orange highlighter markings on my doodle and my first thought was “oH NO MY TEACHER ACTUALLY SAID SOMETHING ABOUT IT OH NO OH NOOOOOO” like this legit scared me, all my teachers ignore my doodles and move on with their lives but nope, my spanish teacher actually said something about my septiplier doodle rest in pieces me. I was panicking because like what if she thought I was weird like “who are even these people and why is she interested in their love”


(ignore my ugly art pls)

AND SHE WROTE “Always. Life is short!” NEXT TO IT

My Spanish teacher wants my OTP to become canon I’m  d e a d

This is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me

Random Zootopia Thoughts. SPOILERS!! Read at your own risk.

All Around OTP: Nick/Judy; the one thing about 70% of the fandom agree on.

Personal Problematic OTP: Lionheart/Bellwether don’t judge me

Judy Hopps: Who really does love Nick; she really does. Who still finds Cliffside really creepy, but likes to drag Nick along with her to visit the cave system near the waterfall they exited out of the first time (it reminds her of Bunnyburrow in a very weird way). Who owns about ten pounds of different espresso, but has been banned from drinking it before she goes to work or Chief Bogo reserves the right to order McHorn to sit on her just to make her stop doing anything. Who, while still not really liking her loud oryx neighbors, stood up for them when the landlady tried to evict them for being gay (Bucky thanked her, while Pronk maintains they could have handled it one their own). Who went undercover with Nick once and surprised him so bad when she showed up in high heels and a dress that made Gazelle look conservative that he spat out the coffee he’d been drinking and ran into Clawhauser’s desk–twice. 

Nick Wilde: Who would not leave Judy alone even in the threat of a possible loss of himself or even death. Who visits his mother for a set brunch at least once a month for tea in Tundratown. Who didn’t justify everything he used to do to make a living, but won’t call any of his old contacts out on bad behavior after becoming a cop. Who is on much better terms with Mr. Big now that he is basically Judy’s plus-one whenever she visits Fru Fru and the baby. Who makes a point to bring Finnick whenever he and Judy visit a bar on their days off; Judy is such a light weight it would be a crime not to share every special moment with someone who can appreciate it as much as himself. Who couldn’t tell time until he was eight–just before trying to join scouts. Who has learned how to avoid Judy’s little victory punches, but mostly just lets it happen.

Leodore Lionheart: Who while snapping at Bellwether when totally stressed out still managed to say “please.” Who felt a well of guilt and shame open up in the pit of his stomach when Bellwether’s plot was broadcasted even in prison in her own words recorded by Officer Hopps and soon-to-be Officer Wilde. Who prefers to eat fish (their memory isn’t all that tangible, so he feels less bad about it) to birds. Who is a hardcore pacifist and signed up for membership at Yax’s Naturalist Club to take yoga classes a month after leaving prison. Who often called Bellwether when they were both in prison, twice a month, but never got very far because they always devolved into an argument halfway through and scared the guards on both ends half to death. Who likes Gazelle just as much as anyone, but prefers to listen to such artists as Avril Lionvine, Wolfgang Amadeus, Johnny Catz, and Fiona Elkslegate. Who got Bellwether a job as a receptionist at the construction company he works at–”Hey, might as well do something you’re good at!”

Dawn Bellwether: Who could have just assassinated Lionheart by proxy with her plot, but instead framed him. Who was forced to talk to a therapist in prison and came to realization that she might well have gone a little too far. Who became an emotional monster sometime in college after an incident at a frat party involving a mongoose, mountain boar and coyote. Who had the mug Lionheart gave her put in a storage unit with the rest of her things while she was in prison. Who had to be put on suicide watch for a whole year of her prison sentence–which earned her a special visit from Lionheart after he’d served his own time, just to rile her up enough to actually eat something. Who after leaving prison, ended up living with Lionheart because he wouldn’t let her live in the one room apartment her parole officer found her that made Judy’s place look like the Ritz. Who brought her Jewel and Ginsberg music/poetry recordings to the apartment because she knows the lion couldn’t stand them whenever he walked into records/boiler room/her office at City Hall.


  • yo listen up
  • repeat after me kids
  • jim kirk is not a selfish womanizing asshole
  • pretty much the opposite actually
  • spocks vocabulary extends beyond the word illogical
  • (seriously though dont force that its not funny)
  • bones is not a comic relief
  • his defining character trait is not whiskey
  • he has a backstory and hes an amazingly skilled surgeon wtf
  • jim and bones are actually capable of doing other things than going to bars
  • sulu is not the weird one with the plants
  • nor is he the weird one with the fencing
  • he knows his shit and hes unpredictable and amazing 
  • chekov is not a vulnerable little butterfly
  • hes had starfleet cadet training he will fuck u up 
  • carol marcus is not brought in as the flirt or the annoying bitch that gets in the way of ur otp jfc
  • shes rly intelligent not to mention a fucking badass would u stop
  • same goes for nyota uhura this should be a given wow she will fuck u over personally
  • drops mic thats all folks
My personal thoughts on the Teen Wolf relationships:
  • Scallison: too rushed. It literally started in season 1, episode 2, and I feel that hindered any development for both Scott and Allison as individuals.
  • Scira: I felt this one was more eased into it, though I sometimes feel weird about how awkward it is. I do appreciate the fact that they do exist outside each other.
  • Styd!a: I shipped them, and I cheered when Lydia kissed him, but now I don't ship them. I think Stiles has progressed past this point, and like he is okay with not ending up with Lydia.
  • Stalia: sweet, cute, and funny as hell. Not like funny as in weird, but funny like, he or she will say the weirdest or random thing, and the reaction of the other is fucking hilarious. #2 OTP
  • Maleo: ?????
  • MARRISH: So adorable, and I think the most mature out of them all. Parrish may be older, but he is still the most respectful of most of the guys she really knows. Yeah, there is an age gap, but I think the way they are approaching it makes it more mature than any other relationship she has been in in the past. #1 OTP
  • Stilinski/Natalie: ??? I am happy that he is getting out there again, so I'm going to give it a shot.
  • Stilinski/Melissa: OMG.
  • My conclusion: ship and let ship.