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#79 for Shakarian :)

[Whoo, finished this in just about the knick of time. This is for my friend @stormcallart, whose birthday I very nearly missed thanks to my chaotic schedule. This is her Reyna Shepard. <3] 

Morning coffee, Reyna Shepard’s eyes bleary and half-lidded as she tried to wake up. It was the instant shit, not anything good, but it got the job done if she could just make herself swallow it down.

A hand landed lightly on her shoulder, giving it a squeeze. “You were yelling in your sleep,” Garrus said as he slid into the chair next to her, nursing his own turian concoction, a mixture of caffeine and something that smelled vaguely like cinnamon to Shepard, but also a little bit like toothpaste. It made instant coffee that much more appealing.

“Shit, again? Was I… upset?” She didn’t remember any particular nightmares from the night before, but that didn’t mean they weren’t there. They always were, lurking, waiting to take her off guard. It was usually that same little kid, always out of reach, but there were other faces sometimes too. Even sleep wasn’t safe, but that was what made coffee that much more brilliant.

To her relief, Garrus chuckled and shook her head. “You were pissed as hell, Shepard. Something about Reapers and your space hamster.”

Vague memories drifted back into her head. “They made a husk out of him! Those bastards.” Slamming her fist into her palm, she took her final sip of cup one before pouring another, watching the sludge fall to the bottom. Delicious.

“So did you get those Reapers in the end?” Always invested in her stories, even when they were half-baked dreams, Garrus leaned forward and placed a hand on her knee under the table, running his hand up and down the cloth of her pants.

“Oh, I got them, and I got my revenge. I mean, I don’t remember what that was, but I’m pretty sure I got it,” she continued, looking up at the ceiling in an effort to try to recall the exact details. The harder she tried, the more they seemed to slip away. “You know, my therapist once told me that I have this obsession with seeking revenge… We’ll see about that.”

A moment of silence descended over their morning contemplations before Garrus broke off into laughter until he couldn’t breathe, wheezing slightly and mandibles flaring outward, twitching even after he had managed to gather himself back together. “You saw a therapist, Shepard? You? Ms. Emotional Openness of a Krogan?”

“Laugh it up, Vakarian. I was a kid.” A teenager, actually. “We moved around a lot, and my parents were worried about my stability.”

“Your stability? No, never.”

Grumbling, Shepard threatened to throw her coffee at Garrus, making him push his chair back hastily and jump up, sending a smile spreading across her face, deep into her different colored eyes. “Guess I never changed.” That same therapist would have something to say about it, but they had left his station behind when she was fifteen and she never saw another one again. Probably for the best.

“Coffee burns, Shepard! Burns are bad.” Still standing a safe distance away, Garrus edged closer to her, reaching for his own mug and taking a cautious sip, shuffling slowly until he was by her again.

“Thank you, Doctor Vakarian. I had no idea.” Her second cup was drained and gone, which meant it was time for the day to start. She stood with a sigh, body unfolding itself slowly. As she did so, Garrus pulled her close, resting his head on top of hers, brushing a kiss right on the crown of red hair at the top.

“Glad I’m not on the bad side of your revenge,” he murmured into her hair, and she couldn’t help but find herself agreeing.

Written in the stars

In another day of firsts, Pathfinder Ryder has officially named a twin constellation in the Eriksson system. Visible at all times from Ryder-1, formally Habitat-7, the entwined constellation of Archangel and The Shepard has been dedicated to the Hero of the Citadel Commander Shepard and their Turian companion Garrus Vakarian. The motivation for the name is yet unclear however the Salarian and Asari representation had made their displeasure known. More on this at 10, this has been a HNS broadcast.

ME1 and ME2 Garrus: Has immeasurable respect for you, lets you be his moral compass. Agrees to become closer to you because he respects you more than anyone in the entire galaxy and you have brought out the best in him

ME3 Garrus: Makes fun of your dancing. Literally will not shut up about the fact that he’s your boyfriend. His ego hangs on one shot of a sniper rifle.

  • Garrus: Inappropriate dick jokes running faster than Udina and the truth. Gives you over-modded sniper rifles as tokens of affection. Ongoing contest with Tiny Girlfriend™ to see who can cause the most carnage.
  • Jaal: Sweetness of Breath, Darling One, Temptress of My Heart. Your skin is so sOFT, introducing prime space waifu to the mOTHER, fuck-you-by-a-waterfall, thirsting like a dying man in a desert, literal alien tomcat in search of intergalactic pussy, Ryder cOme b,ACk I am pLANNING oUR WEDDINg lETs FUCK aGAIN EVERY DAY AlL dAY my TruE mOTHER waNTS GRANDKIDS-


basically I had an urge to draw shepard in a floofy white shirt and a waistcoat with a sword, and it devolved into a ridiculous mashup auโ€ฆI swear I intended to draw more than just shep being gratuitously attractive + shakarian smoochies (I have character design ideas for everyone) but my focus was waning so I wanted to post this before it got relegated to the back of the WIP folder.


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I like to think Garrus and Shepard would have a super insanely healthy relationship where they completely subvert all the tropes that make relationships have needless drama

like if Shepard accidently overhears Garrus say something out of context that sounds insulting, instead of staying quiet and getting mad over it they just go up to Garrus and ask what it was about and he assures them it wasn’t meant to be that way.

or if Garrus walks in on Shepard doing something questionable, instead of freaking out he just asks what’s up and there’s a perfectly innocent and logical explanation and Garrus believes it because they trust each other

they’ll see other couples fighting and doing weird passive aggressive stuff or someone will be like ‘Yeah I can’t trust my partner at all :/” and they’ll just be like ????? can’t relate