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Ok so can I talk about my absolute favorite scene in the Jaal romance? Cause it’s this, this moment after a chaotic go-go-go rampage through Meridian, after the Archon has been defeated when adrenaline is pumping and everyone is flying high on their success, there’s Jaal. Ever complimentary and loving, giving Ryder the credit they deserve. 

But then it hits him–and you can see it in his wonderfully animated change of expression–everything that had happened. Almost losing Ryder (again) in the Remnant City, fighting through waves of kett on Meridian, the crazy holy-shit-go-here-go-there-fight-a-shit-ton of remnant battle with architect!Archon and at any point one or both of them could so easily have died and so he has to kiss Ryder right then, right that second, who cares what all is happening around them because they’re both alive.

Guys. I love it so much.

(post 2x20)

New York’s night is cold and damp and you think it couldn’t be more perfect.

His arm is wrapped around your waist, your arm around his shoulders.

(You’ve never known how to show affection like this.)

You leave a tentative kiss in his hair, small and barely there, your muscles twisting under his fingers, and he tilts his head, his cheek pressed against your chest, he’s smiling; he buries his face in your shirt and your steps are messy, they barely bring you forward.

You kiss him again, your nose buried in his hair, because you can.

You whisper: -I’m so fucking happy.

You didn’t think you could be this happy. You didn’t think this happiness was allowed.

He stops, your feet tangling for a second.

He looks up, looks at you like there isn’t a sky full of stars right above your eyes.

He kisses you.

And you take it. That happiness, you take it and you hold it as tight as you can.

You know what I love? The fact that we have no canon proof but we basically ALL accept that the ancient tradition of the captain and first officer of a ship sharing a bathroom is true in the Star Trek universe. Like, Kirk and Spock sharing a bathroom is a goddamn fan fic trope in our fandom and I LOVE IT. I love it soooo much it leads to only good things (and some not so good things) but its SO CUTE.

AND as if Kirk and Spock sharing a bathroom wasn’t enough BONES AND SCOTTY HAVE TO SHARE ONE ACCORDING TO THE SAME TRADITION and that means that we have all agreed on the illegal liquor cabinet too and it’s so BEAUTIFUL because scones is my SECOND otp for Star Trek and ITS SO FUCKING-

This also brings up questions tho like who else shares a bathroom????? Do lower ranking crewmen have to use communal ones like a collage dorm? Do women have to share with women? Who does Nyota share with? Does Jim have some other, more official captains quarters with its own bathroom? Do they still refer to the bathroom as the head?????? I HAVE SO MANY WUESTIONS THAT NEED ANDWERS

( @adjoiningbathrooms when I thought about this the meaning behind your URL smacked me RIGHT in the face I was just like “wait… OH! HOLY SHIT.”)

abydosdork replied to your photoset “I have never seen so many stars. Yeah, can’t really see ‘em like this…”

They way Chels looks at her on the second image though. ❤ ❤ ❤


like this is exactly what she wanted, all she wanted, for raven to understand this part of her and share it with her and now she has. but it’s still not this big smile because she knows that this won’t happen again and gAH chelsea loves her so much ok

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For the drabble thing: Han/Leia + 138

thank and bless you hanka, I thought I’d have to delete everything and cry in a corner!!

anyways, I think this was the first time writing hanleia? (or second? don’t remember lol) it ended up being a modern au lol xD

Spending the rest of her life in prison had never been an option. That was, until she met him.

“If you hadn’t just almost died, I’d be really tempted to kill you right now.” Leia spat as she practically threw a bag of frozen peas into Han’s very swollen face.

He caught it almost effortlessly in his bloody fist, a little wince breaking through his tough-as-nails expression. It might be there to look like he wasn’t in pain, but it only made the idiot look even more ridiculous.

“I can’t believe it. Were you so bored you had to pick a fight with Joseph?” She added, exasperated beyond her limits. Han had a knack for doing that… And other things.

He scoffed, “Joseph… That prick was eyeing you like you were a piece of meat. What was I supposed to do?”

She stopped pacing, hands on her hips, glare aimed directly at him, “Let me handle it, for example.” Han looked away and repositioned the peas. “What made you go berserk on a boxer anyway?” It’s not that Han wasn’t a good fighter, but he was smart enough to pick his battles. Picking one with Joseph, a professional boxer, was the dumbest move he’d made in the last month.

Han’s eyes settled on a spot on the carpet, “He was talking to you.”

“Yeah,” she deadpanned, “I noticed that.”

He took a deep breath, wincing in the process, “Right after he’d been bragging about being your high-school sweetheart.”

She sighed and shook her head, “And how exactly does that warrant for a fist fight? You do know I don’t care for him anymore? Or are you that much of an idiot sometimes?” Han shot her a dirty look. The bruises and dried blood added a comical effect, as if he was a kid pouting for being caught in a brawl. “And you do remember how we broke up on prom night, right?”

“Then why talk with him?”

“It was a reunion. I couldn’t spend the whole night not talking to him.” Silence followed as Han slowly removed his shoes and threw away his already undone tie. “Han…”

“What?” the word was barely a whisper.

“Why did you pick a fight with him?”

He seemed to be chewing on his words, trying to figure out how to say whatever it was that had him so worked up, then, with a defeated groan he looked up at her, “He was bragging about dating you and how he was your first and…” a few curses flew out of his mouth.

Leia sighed and sat next to him, “Yeah, well, he was never really a gentleman, so I’m not surprised with that.”

“And there was something else…”

She knitted her brows confused, “What?”

“He said, like it was some kind of victory, that he had someone else on the side while you two were together.” Han’s voice broke. There was fatigue and regret and raw anger. Like he still wanted to murder Joseph, like he would have given the world to not have to tell her those things he’d heard.

“Well…” she took his hand and placed a kiss on a bloody knuckle, “Can’t say I’m surprised… Thank you, for being an idiot and trying to defend my honour, Han.” Gently she turned his face to her, “But please, next time… Don’t pick a fight with a boxer, hot shot. I don’t really want to have to bring you back to life so I can kill you for getting yourself killed, okay?”

She leaned for a kiss, Han closing his eyes in anticipation. Their noses touched briefly and then she got up in a flash. Han fell face first where she’d just been sitting. A muffled pained groan followed suit.

“And because of tonight’s idiocy, you’re going to sleep your pain off right here. No bed tonight. No kiss-it-betters.” She paused, already turning away from her husband, “If you behave and don’t try to weasel your way into bed, I might consider kissing it all better in the morning.” She arched a brow in that perfect and deadly way of hers when Han finally looked at her, “Remember that, okay?” He shot her a dirty look and she knew he wouldn’t try anything. An all too innocent smile curved her lips, “Goodnight, Han. I love you.”

A mumbled I know found its way to her just as she was closing their bedroom door. Her smile grew mischievous, no matter what, her flyboy just couldn’t resist saying it. Even if he was in pain, even if he was being denied cuddles and kisses. Yes, she’d kiss it all better in the morning. After all, Han wasn’t the only one that couldn’t go too long without his special someone. Something she would never admit out loud. At least, not without some persuasion first.

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cs au ; Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom & Ares, the God of War.

Baby when we’re touching in the dark, can you feel it?
I can hear the pounding of my heart, can you feel it?
When you take my body to the stars, I believe it
Boy this love is supernatural, can you feel it?

      She told him he should stay away—-there was no possible way they could continue this little game of theirs, in her opinion. No way for them to pursue this—whatever it was—without eventually getting caught and facing the wrath of Zeus himself.

            Yet every night he would walk back to the place where they swore it was the end, and she would be there, waiting, needing, craving.

      She would look at him with that silver gaze, that conflicted, broken stare and his very being ached for her, all the while hating her all the same—-could she not see what she was doing to him? The frustration of being told that she could not be with him, of being told that she refused to let herself love him? She had to know how much pain she was causing him—-causing them by fighting it.

                Their very souls called to each other and still she fought against it.

           Against him.

                        He refused to believe that this was how they would spend the remainder of their existence. He would make her see that their was no other way for them to be, unless it was with each other. No matter if she argued, or or fought—-

                                    He’d be damned if he let her slip right through his fingers.

Secondly, this one is one of my favorites that I’ve done lately. Decided to do a little drabble to go with it.

The stars were in rare form tonight. True, they were always beautiful here at Northampton. It was nothing like New York City where pollution and fog, not to mention the buildings, always seemed to be constantly obstructing the star’s glorious light. She treasured times like these – with the hell they’ve all been through, it was nice to let go of that constant weight, Even if it was only for a little while.

Tensing up after feeling a presence behind her, April looked over her shoulder to see Raphael standing at the door. A moment later, he realized of her presence as well and saw him instantly going to retreat.

Before she would allow that to happen, she spoke, “Hey.”

Caught and now having a conversation started, there was no way he was going to be able to leave now.

“Hey.” he responded just a moment later.

“Plenty of room for two.”


He didn’t plan on this at all. Listening to Mikey snore through the paper thin walls had been the reason he was up this late in the first place. Looking back over at April, he knew he’d been skirting around in his new-found attraction to her for awhile now and truth be told, it was getting difficult to not outright grab her face and just kiss her at times.

It was all her fault! With all her hugging and touching. Wrapping her arm around his shoulders that one time – it was driving him to the brink of insanity! It was the main reason he tried his damnedest not to be alone with her if he could help it. But that was just it – that’s all he could think about! Rehearsing all the things he would say if he could just get one freakin’ moment alone with her – to finally confess how he felt even knowing she would never look his way again. It made him feel weak and pathetic to even fathom her feeling anything but friendship toward him. The way he preached to Donnie over and over again that it’ll never happen – and here he was thinking he even had a SHOT!?

“K.” he said before walking out the screen door to sit next to her on the porch.

He really was an idiot.

The first few moments were awkward. Raph felt his palms sweating and wondered if she could hear how his heart was pounding against his plastron. He took a deep breath so he could begin to compose himself but froze when she felt her body press against his side.

His eyes widened as she felt her get comfortable as she leaned against him and muttered, “Sorry. It’s just a little chilly. You don’t mind, do you?”

He flicked his eyes to her for only a moment, taking in her face. The moonlight against her porcelain skin making her soft brown freckles appear as constellations against her cheeks. Her gorgeous blue eyes ignited with the ethereal glow as she looked unflinching into his own chartreuse gaze.

“No. S Okay.” he muttered back even as if every warning sign went off in his head. He quickly tore his gaze from her back into the night sky and looking at the stars with her pressed against him – he dared believe maybe it wasn’t so impossible. Stealing a quick glance at her, he decided to go against what so long he thought impossible. He lifted his arm and wrapped it around her shoulders. He waited for her to flinch, to yell, to look at him like he completely lost his mind – but instead something miraculous happened. She shifted, her legs curling to the side of her body as she leaned her body and head heavily against his.

Raph swallowed against the feel of her soft body pressed to his. Not wanting to break this moment of sheer bliss, he just leaned his head over slightly to press against hers. He closed his eyes at the feeling for just a moment. He didn’t know what on earth shifted the universe in his favor, but right now, it didn’t matter. All he knew was that he was going to enjoy every second of it.

masterlist of PTX otp/ship tags

Under the cut, you’ll find #174 possible tags for your ship. All of these are inspired/taken directly from Pentatonix original songs. Some sad, some happy, some weird. Fits for OTPs/BROTPs/NOTPs. Likes and reblogs are appreciated if you found this helpful! ♥

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                              i feel wrong
                    i’m so human and flawed

       i’ll break down even though
                        i’m still strong

       and time…
             will make fools of us all
                       build us up and then laugh when we fall

            you pull me through
                   when I’m alone in the dark
                                  and the fear is my truth