otp: scientific curiosity

Scientific Curiosity

It wasn’t often that Imatta took walks. Her favored place was still among her rather impressive collection of old books, as musty and crowded others thought such a place was. But of course, her lusus had pushed her outside to get some fresh air. The old ram could be such a bother about the outdoors at times.

But, Imatta did as she was told, being sure she had a few books in her sylladex ahead of time, though. If she was going to be forced to walk among the trees and such, she might as well have some entertainment.

It’s a little while longer before Imatta comes upon a lake within the forest, the area looking quiet peaceful, thankfully. A good place to read. She settles down against a tree trunk, and plucks out a rather interesting tome she had just started that evening.

On the subject of religious education stymieing a child's scientific inquiry

By about the age of 11, children develop something known as Hypothetico-deductive reasoning, as part of early cognitive development. Basically, children make a hypothesis about something, they predict what will happen, usually based on past experiences of theirs, and then they’ll test out how accurate they were in their predictions by seeing what happens. 

Obviously, this lacks the rigours of true scientific inquiry, but the curiosity and the procedure is much the same; they make guesses about something, then test to see if they were right, based on the evidence of what they observe.

It has been said before that religion gives the answer to the question before they even ask the question: <insert deity or holy object of worship here> did it, he/she/it can do everything at once all the time no matter what. Indoctrinating a child in religion, telling them that the god or deity their parent’s believe in can do anything, means that there is the danger that in their hypothetico-deductive reasoning they arrive at the conclusion of ‘God’, perhaps if there is a problem with their reasoning, or they get stuck. Once they fall back on that, and receive further indoctrination, they’ll fall into a vicious circle of using god or religion as the answer, when it is not.