otp: science bros

*Bruce arriving back on earth at Stark Tower*

Bruce: Tony, you’ll never believe where I’ve been! I went to two different planets Sakaar and Asgard! On Sakaar they worshiped Hulk like a god and I lived in the house of this guy called the Grand Master, he was some ‘Elder of the universe’, I don’t really know the details, but everyone loved me! But then Thor showed up and I learnt to fly an alien spaceship and flew it through a collapsing neutron star called ‘the Devils Anus’ and it took us to Asgard. Then I jumped out of the ship and landed on my face and everyone thought I was dead but I transformed into the Big Guy and fought this giant wolf thing. We didn’t get to spend long on Asgard though because it was destroyed by a huge fiery demon man, who I punched in the face by the way! So much happened, I have so many PHD’s to start writing! What have you been doing!?

Tony: Oh, you know… stuff. 

Peter: So, if Ultron created Vision; and Tony & Bruce created Ultron…

Peter: does that mean Mr.Stark is Vision’s grandpa?

Vision: uM I’m not sure about-




Tony is 100% the type to burrow (read: steal) clothes from people.

He has an old, well-worn MIT hoodie that used to belong to Rhodey and wears it during the winter. Rhodey stopped making comments about it years ago.

Tony has a pair of mittens that used to belong to Pepper and after 10+ times of trying to get them back, she just lets it go. She comments on how nice his mittens are whenever they’re together and he wears them. It becomes a sort of inside joke.

After losing his favorite hoodie to Natasha one to many times, Tony takes her favorite black slippers. Natasha makes no comment when she sees him wear them from time to time.

Tony takes one of Bruce’s lab coats and likes to wear when he’s about to preform “mad science things” and Bruce just smiles softly in the background.

Tony once used Thor’s cape as a blanket after he comes up from his workshop after several hours of working. He still has it, but keeps it in his bedroom.

Clint says nothing when Tony walks into the kitchen one early morning wearing light purple sleeping shirt. When asked about the shirt later, Clint shrugs and says “He looks good in purple.”

Tony likes to steal Steve’s shirts because they are freaking huge and he has the excuse of not wearing pants. They also smell like home and Tony likes that.

Just…Tony Things.

  • *Thor shoving Tony's clothes into Bruce's arms*
  • Thor: Get dressed.
  • Bruce: These are Tony's clothes. Is Tony here?
  • Thor: No Tony's not here.
  • Bruce: Where is he?
  • Thor: On Earth, not here.
  • Bruce: When is he getting here?
  • Thor: *sigh* He's not coming!
  • Bruce: Why not?
  • Thor: BRUCE, YOU AND I ARE HAVING OUR OWN ADVENTURE! Now get dressed and lets steal a spaceship.