otp: science boyfriends

I have a weird idea for an OTP prompt

Person A feels like dancing and asks Person B to dance with them. However, Person B doesn’t want to as they are busy with something. Person A leaves, but later comes back with a stereo.

Person A presses play and “Get Down on It” by Kool & the Gang starts playing. As the song plays, they dance around Person B and lip sync the words. Person B at first gets annoyed and tries to concentrate, but eventually, the beat gets to them and as they second half of the song starts to play they join in with Person A.

Person A stops dancing for a second and notices of how phenomenal Person B’s moves while the latter smirks in delight. Person A goes back to dancing with Person B and together, they both have fun dancing through the song.

After the song ends, as Person A is about to take the stereo away to let Person B finish what they were doing, the latter stops them saying, “Maybe one more song?” and person A smiles in delight.

Alright.... look at this!

I almost had a heart attack. I had to contain it because my boyfriend and brother are right near me.

So, I’m watching an interview with RDJ and MR and the entire time, they’re sitting like this.

And  I notice Robert’s arm is behind Mark. Now the fangirl in me was like “How cute would it be if he was rubbing Mark’s back softly during the interview?” and I brushed it off as Fangirl Syndrome.

Then, Mark imitates his daughter getting scared and then I saw this.

He totally was… you adorable bastards!


i have this headcanon that they have a rly hard turning “sciencing mode” off around each other (at least at first) so this kind of shit happens a lot

also wow i havent drawn these guys in forever

I’m crying today in bio lab me and my friend were looking at these little organisms under a microscope and there were two near each other and they kept almost meeting and she was like “they’re gonna meet they’re gonna meet!” and every time they didn’t she was so disappointed and if that’s not me with my otp, I don’t know what to say