otp: said i had a dirty mouth

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15. trying to distract the other with sex while they’re “busy” Shakarian. Please. It's perfect.

This is from the sex prompt meme a bit ago. One day, my inbox will not be full of unwritten prompts. But this is not that day.


Garrus woke with a start. His hand automatically reached for Shepard’s side of the bed and he relaxed once he felt the smoothness of her thigh under his palm.

He blinked, and in his sleep stupor, wondered why Shepard was bathed in an orange light. Comprehension dawned and he sighed. “Shepard, you really need to get some rest,” he said, his voice still gravely from sleep.

“I’m not working,” Shepard responded at once. Garrus heard a mirth not often observed in Shepard’s voice. “This is me having fun.”

“Fun.” Garrus repeated the word as if it was a foreign concept. “Sleep is fun.”

“This is more fun,” Shepard said, her lips curling upwards into a sly grin.

Garrus titled his head and tried to get a look at what graced the screen of her omni-tool. A chirp, one that sounded particularly like one from a turian child, could be heard. Dread pooled in his stomach as Garrus checked his nightstand and his sudden fear was realized.

His omni-tool wasn’t there.

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Maybe I’m just not getting peoples sarcasm - I can be kind of thick sometimes - but, I feel like everyone is racking their brain over this “said I had a dirty mouth, but she kissed me like she meant it" 

My theory: I took it as a play on "her daddy’s a dentist”, like she would be conscious and commenting on the oral hygiene, but really she was saying he was being naughty and so if she was worried about oral hygiene she wouldn’t have kissed him, but she kissing him really passionately anyway.

I just felt the need to get that out there.