otp: safety first

If you wanna be a hoe, be a hoe. But be a safe hoe! Wear protection! Get tested! If you about to go get some, make sure a friend knows where you’re at and you have a way to protect yourself in case they go too far. Safety first, kids.

Welcome Home (Smut Warning🍑🍌😉)

Nico bent over to put his lasagna into the oven and stifled a moan. Straightening up, he wiggled his hips, feeling the butt plug rubbing against his prostate, and adjusted himself in his jeans with his hand, moaning aloud at the stimulation. His hand absently started stroking his cock through the denim, his hips rocking in time. He caught himself right at the edge, snatching his hand away before he came in his jeans. He gripped the counter top till his knuckles turned white, biting his lip hard to distract himself. If Will didn’t get home soon, he was going to embarrass himself.

Speak of the devil, Nico heard the front door open and shut, followed by the telltale sound of keys and a book bag being dropped. Footsteps sounded a second later, coming closer to the kitchen, before Nico heard Will call out his name.

“I-In here!” Nico called back, trying to keep his voice even. He didn’t turn his head when he heard Will come up behind him. He felt the warmth radiating from Will right before Will wrapped his arms around Nico. Will pressed against Nico’s back, his hips lining up with Nico’s ass, and Nico barely held back his gasp as the movement shifted the plug inside him. Will didn’t notice and kissed a line up the back of Nico’s neck.

“Hi, babe. What’s for dinner?”

“L-lasagna. Ah!”

“Nico? Are you ok?”


“You sure?” Will grabbed Nico’s shoulders and turned him around. One look at Nico, taking in his dilated eyes, red face, harsh breathing and the obvious bulge in his jeans, had Will quirking an eyebrow and smirking at him. Nico swallowed and nodded. “You look like you’ve been fucked but didn’t get to cum. What’ve you been doing all alone here by yourself?”

In a fit of bravery, Nico said, “Why don’t you find out?”

Will grinned mischievously. His hands still on Nico’s shoulders, he turned Nico back around and bent him over the counter. Nico followed his silent command without question, leaning his chest against the counter. Nico reached down and unbuttoned his jeans as Will started tugging them down his hips. They only made it down to his knees before Will pulled Nico’s briefs down and choked on his spit.

“Gods, Nico, you HAVE been busy,” Will whispered. Nico moaned in response, moving his hips. Will grabbed the end of the plug and teased Nico with it, pulling it out slightly and shoving it back in hard. Nico rocked back against the plug, his moans growing louder with every breath. After a couple of minutes, he couldn’t wait any longer and started begging.

“Will! Oh! Please, please, please, do something!”

Will smirked and slapped Nico’s ass, earning a sharp cry from him. The sound went straight to Will’s cock, just as all the moaning had, and Will finally tugged his scrub bottoms down and released his own cock. Without warning, Will pulled the plug completely out. Nico whimpered at the loss but another slap to his ass silenced him.


“In my pocket, please, Will, hurry!”

Will chuckled. He quickly fished the condom out of Nico’s jeans and tore the wrapper open. Will slipped the condom onto his cock and abruptly dropped the plug to the floor and lined his cock up with Nico’s hole. He took a moment to admire the sight of Nico’s hole, stretched out and wet from the plug, before he thrust into Nico, bottoming out with one stroke. Nico screamed softly at the intrusion and his cock throbbed at the sudden sensation of being full again. Will set a harsh pace, pounding into Nico mercilessly while gripping Nico’s hips hard.

Nico stroked his cock in time with Will’s thrusts. He leaned his forehead on the counter top, whimpering and crying out. He had already edged himself a few times waiting for Will and knew he wouldn’t last. He could feel Will wouldn’t last either, judging by the way Will’s fingers were digging into his skin and the lewd comments that kept spilling from Will’s mouth.

“Nico, Gods, babe, you’re too fucking tight!”

“You like that, baby? You like that cock in your ass?”

“Fuck, Nico, how can you still be this tight after all the times we’ve fucked?”

Each comment made Nico blush and wrenched a choked moan from him in reply. He had never thought he would like dirty talk but Will made it so hot that he found he could cum just listening to it.

Will kept talking as his thrusts sped up and his fingers shifted from Nico’s hips to his ass, holding his cheeks spread apart so Will could watch his cock pounding into Nico. Nico’s secret pleasure was listening to Will dirty talk, and Will’s secret pleasure was watching him fuck Nico. It was something he never tired of.

Feeling his orgasm close but not wanting to leave Nico behind, Will leaned over Nico’s body. He bent his head to Nico’s ears and whispered, “Cum for me, babe,” into his ear. That was all it took for Nico to scream and start cumming. He dropped his head down on the counter and stroked himself through his orgasm. Nico’s scream sent Will over and the edge and Will pushed his cock all the way into Nico and left it there, dropping his forehead between Nico’s shoulder blades.

They waited several minutes for their breathing to return to normal. Only then did they straighten up. Will pulled his softening cock out of Nico, hissing at the stimulation on his over sensitive cock. Nico turned around and leaned back against the counter. Will eagerly stepped closer to him. They reached for each other, arms wrapping around each other, and they kissed tenderly, lips moving against each others easily and in sync.

Nico pulled back and whispered “Welcome home,” before he resumed kissing Will. Will chuckled against his lips and pulled him closer.

In the week Shaw was with Root:

  • Root lived with Shaw in the Machine assigned place, Shaw didn’t make a big deal about it, since in her head, that’s what she’s been doing. The only difference is, how different the apartment is from the one in her head but Shaw doesn’t mind.
  • Shaw also discovered that Root had interior decorating ideas of a 90s teenager. Jewel tones and purple shag rag. Shaw nixed the suggestions the moment she heard them.
  • Also, Root wore old man blue pajamas in their first night together and Shaw doubled over laughing. Root was slightly offended about this and Shaw could have sworn Root muttered: “Harry liked my pajamas.”
  • Root hugged Shaw. A lot. Shaw didn’t fight her… most of the time. It’s just really different when someone’s touching you in simulation and in reality. They never got the smell quite right.
  • Shaw was never a touchy person but nine months without… it’s still a long time.
  • Bear stayed with Shaw during the day time and she shadowed Root wherever she went, Root didn’t seem to mind.
  • Shaw stayed away from the Subway. She still can’t take the chance but that doesn’t stop Shaw from lurking in one of the exits.
  • Shaw passed by the eighth precinct but didn’t stop, it was still around and watched John play detective through a camera.

“How are you still a detective?” Shaw demanded as she watch him bungle another case.

Fusco let out a hearty laugh. “That’s what I’ve been saying.”

  • Whenever Harold saw her, he always said: “Welcome back, Miss Shaw.”

He seemed to think she needed the assurance that she was welcome, it could get annoying, but Shaw has yet to bring it up.

  • Carl Elias was living in the safe house now, WTF.
  • Root can cook now.
  • She’s even sappier than Shaw could ever imagine, and boy does she like to ramble. Just the act of making coffee required a five minute monologue about coffee. Shaw doesn’t really mind Root’s rambling, it was comforting in its way, but there’s a line. And the line was coffee.

“Root, I swear to God, just give me the damned coffee.”

  •  Shaw really liked having Bear around.
  • Root talked about her adventures while she was away. ‘Away’ was how they described Shaw’s nine months of hell. And Shaw couldn’t believe half the shit she’s heard. “The Machine was in a briefcase? Harold sang Twisted Sister? Why the fuck were you on a horse??”
  • Yes, she and Root have been having lots of sex. How is this your business?

“Are you– are you jealous of the simulation?” Shaw demanded one evening, after.


Shaw squinted her eyes at Root, “You are.”

And there it was, the pout: “She got to be with you for nine months.”

“You’re jealous of a simulation,” Shaw said, out loud. She knew there should’ve been things she shouldn’t have told Root. Only Root would be jealous of a VR simulation.

She still got to be with you.”

“Oh, for god’s sake.” Shaw turned to Root, “then why don’t you make up for it.”

Root pulled Shaw closer and kissed her, and Shaw had to blink twice, Root smiled at her wickedly, “Oh, I intend to.”


POI 3x19 - Most Likely To / 5x05 - ShotSeeker

I really love they made it canon that Shaw likes hearing Root ramble.

Maybe even the nerdy self narrative thing she did in Sotto Voce.

It makes me wonder when Shaw realized she liked hearing Root ramble? Maybe in the Alaskan adventure.

But I think Root’s ramblings took even more significance after she returned from Samaritan? She realized the element that was missing from sim!Root.

And there were a lot of details missing there, like, for example how could Shaw forget how annoying Root can be, or how recklessly unpredictable she was. But also, how much she rambled.

Sure, sim!Root was talky but real!Root just liked to talk.

Maybe during the whole week they had together Root lapsed to rambling and would break off and realize Shaw was quiet.

Shaw would frown, “What?”

Root would apologize for rambling but Shaw probably shrugged, and say, “I like hearing you talk.”

I bet Root beamed at Shaw and started talking about physics.