otp: russian winter


Overwatch Aesthetic - Modern Zarya/Mei

Making this really made me miss winter lmao

also I’m sure most of you know but the Zarya is Stefania Ferrario, and I want her to punch me in the face.

Keep sending asks of ships/characters/au’s! 

modern widowtracer {x} modern mchanzo {x} pharmercy in highschool {x

modern roadhog and junkrat {x} modern d.va {x} modern genyatta {x}  

modern mercy76 {x} modern symmetra {x} modern pharah/symmetra {x

modern mercymaker {x} modern reaper76 {x} modern pharah {x}

modern lúcio {x} modern widowmaker {x}

A Zaryamei Uber AU

-Behold, Mei-ling Zhou, the humble grad student working on her PhD in climatology!

-Boy, her life is stressful.

-Life is never easy for a Chinese student living in America.

-Her adviser had to let go of a bunch of students and shrink the lab.

-There are even less grants available this year and they’re even more competitive.

-Her last paycheck got delayed by a funding freeze and she’s been living off her savings.

-Her own work keeps getting delayed by helping other climate groups archive their data.

-Nobody even knows if the rules on publication are gonna change one week or the next.

-Every day, the news is a constant existential assault on her field, her integrity, and her sanity.

-The planet is now in a death spiral of ecological collapse and all her work might be meaningless if no one wants to act.

-And her cat, Snowball, needs surgery.

-So a chubby nerd whose head is stress symphony finds herself driving an Uber instead of sleeping.

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