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Russian spies hacked the DNC, GOP committees, Clinton and Trump networks

Spies for the Russian government infiltrated the Democratic National Committee’s computer network, as well as everal GOP political action committees and computer networks for Trump and Clinton campaigns. CrowdStrike, a cyber firm hired by the DNC to fix the problem, revealed what the Russians stole.

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“Deadline” is reporting that Joel is in early talks to join Jennifer Lawrence in “Red Sparrow,” an adaptation of Jason Matthews’ Russian espionage novel. There is no word yet regarding which role Joel is being considered for.

“The book is set in contemporary Russia, and state intelligence officer Dominika Egorova struggles to survive in the cast-iron bureaucracy of post-Soviet intelligence. Drafted against her will to become a ‘Sparrow,’ a trained seductress in the service, Dominika is assigned to operate against Nathaniel Nash, a first-tour CIA officer who handles the agency’s most sensitive penetration of Russian intelligence. The two young intelligence officers collide in a charged atmosphere of trade craft, deception, and inevitably, a sexual attraction that threatens their careers and the security of America’s valuable mole in Moscow.”

“Dominika winds up seeking revenge against her soulless masters, and living a fatal double life after she is recruited by the CIA to ferret out a high-level traitor in Washington. She also hunts down a Russian illegal buried deep in the U.S. military and, against all odds, to return to Moscow as the new-generation penetration of Russia’s intelligence service.”

The ‘80s are long gone — but the FBI just arrested an alleged Russian spy in NYC

According to the criminal complaint, three men — Evgeny Buryakov, Igor Sporyshev and Victor Podobnyy — have been charged in connection with Buryakov’s service as a covert agent working on behalf of Russia. Buryakov was arrested in the Bronx, but the other two men, who have since left the country, have not been arrested.

What the men were doing

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A basketball play… with Russian spies!?

I just had a crazy dream.

The election happened, and I forgot to vote. Mitt Romney won, and devastation ensued. The world as we know it was basically ending, and I acquired really scandalous information that could totally get Romney put in prison. But, I was being watched very closely by a Russian agent working for Romney. I tried so hard to leak the information, but everywhere I turned, the Russian was there. Oh, and Obama came and started serving in the Bistro at Clark and I tried to secretly scheme with him.

Moral of the story, go vote, kids. Otherwise you’ll have Russian spies on your back.

An Ex-Russian Spy on the Accuracy of ‘The Americans’ - Speakeasy - WSJ

“The Americans,” the popular FX series that depicts the lives of Soviet spies working undercover in the U.S. during the Cold War, “looks pretty much like reality,” according to a member of the Russian spy ring nabbed in the U.S. in 2010.

Andrei Bezrukov, a Russian ‘illegal’ who lived in the U.S. under the alias Donald Heathfield, says he and his wife, also a member of the spy ring, didn’t expect the creators of the American series to delve so deeply into the personal lives of the characters.