otp: rizzles

Reblog if reading fanfic is all you ever seem to do + you legit have so many fucking tabs open bc theres so many fucking good stories.

I mean… I feel like it’s not just me. And I want these stories to be true so my otps can just be happy together. The way it should be. 

Fandoms Fic/Fic Chapters read in the last 24 hours

Supercorp (Kara/Lena, Supergirl)

Trimberly (Kimberly/Trini, Power Rangers 2017)

Fuffy (Buffy/Faith, Buffy)

Faberry (Rechel/Quinn, Glee)

Skimmons (Skye-Daisy/Jemma, Agents Of Shield)

Clexa (Clarke/Lexa, The 100)

Fleurmione (Hermione/Fleur, Harry Potter)

Swan Queen (Emma/Regina, Once Upon a Time)

Bechloe (Beca/Chloe, Pitch Perfect)

Jori (Tori/Jade, Victorius)

Jemily (JJ/Emily, Criminal Minds)

Rizzles (Jane/Maura, Rizzoli & Isles)

…i have a problem XD

The worst feeling is when you’re totally obsessed with something & none of your friends like/ know/ or care about such things that you end up crying alone.

How I feel about all my OTP’s