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Roleplay Request: Something with Lister and Rimmer

Red Dwarf fan request. I’m willing to play either of the two, but I think I would lean toward Rimmer. These are an OTP of mine and I would really love to play out something starting from the beginning of the series. My headcannon is that Rimmer has been in love with Lister for years before the beginning of the series (as it’s implied that they had been bunkmates for awhile) and that’s part of why Holly chose to bring him back to keep Lister sane- he knew that Rimmer would be dedicated to that job. We can go our own direction with the series and introduce hard light later, but I just really love the tragic nature of a love story over the barrier of death, with Rimmer as a soft-light hologram. 

I’m particularly interested in hitting those little moments that show who Rimmer really is (such as when he is drunk at the beginning of Thanks For The Memory) and those vulnerable moments. I’d like to play it out as a more dramatic version of the tale, with less comedy (though I’ll happily include some of the comedic monsters). I also definitely want to include a prolonged adventure on the Psi-Moon. 

Whether or not Rimmer leaves to become Ace later on is open to discussion. Hit me up with your ideas if you’re interested in doing this. I do like my adult-only content, so no one under 18 thanks.

You can see my full list of requests here.


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