otp: reunited and it feels so good


My Top Kogan Moments Of 2016

#10-Kendall Comes Up With A New Ship Name

It’s that time of year again when I look back and see everything these two have been up to together.  2016 was a banner year!  I’d say it’s the most exciting Kogan year since the golden days of 2012.  Our boys gave us so much :)  

I’m going to start with this, but it could easily be higher up on the list-it was that exciting!  Kendall, all giddy over getting to tour with Love…er, I mean LOGAN again, takes to social media like a fangirl and comes up with a new name to incorporate Logan into the band name.  And while he’s at it, he just happens to choose a photo of Logan totally eyefucking him to share with us all.  

They need to get back to this, to remember the magic and the fun they had on that little mini-tour.  But for now, it’s enough that it happened at all.


The mutant was struggling to get back into a routine now that she was back for what would be her penultimate term at the academy. A notion that had her feeling uneasy if she thought about it for too long. She’d longed for the academy when she was away but now that she was back she was having a hard time settling in.

After a quick shower, Lux was midway through drying off her hair when her dorm door opened and took her by surprise. Relaxing upon seeing the familiar face, yet it was one she’d not seen for months. “Krys? Y’alright?” The Brooklyn born girl questioned, curious eyes landing on the blonde.

Do you have any idea how hard Levy worked to gather intell for this mission, an’ we get here and the fighting’s over with?! I’m breaking someone’s damn legs! FUCK!!!! *Chops down half the forest with his giant blade*

*Punches the air* I feel a bit better now, whew, glad I don’t get too worked up over cartoons ~.~