otp: reunion will come

I just read all the novels of No.6

I just…

Their lips overlapped. It was a searing, but gentle, passionate kiss.
“Was that a… goodbye kiss?”
“A vow.” Nezumi smiled. “Reunion will come, Shion.”

and then…

Time ambles along.

Everything changes.

But I’ll never forget.

Shion got up, and stood by the window. He threw it wide open.

Come on in, Nezumi―just like you did that night.

Only a breeze, thick with the scent of young leaves, blew at him in return.

He kept waiting.

“Nezumi… why won’t you come home? I want to see you.” 

1.- Come Home - One Republic ft. Sara Bareilles //  2.- All I Want - Kodaline //  3.- Goodbyes - 3 doors down //  4.- When you’re gone  - Avril Lavigne //  5.- Until The Last Falling Star - Matthew Perryman Jones //  6.- Talking to the moon - Bruno Mars //  7.- When I look to the sky - Train //  8.- Vanilla Twilight - Owl City //  9.- Come Back When You Can -Barcelona


Headcanon: A year after Nezumi’s return, he goes and buys Shion a present. He cooks Macbeth soup and cherry pie (after asking Karan to help him with it) for dinner. He sets the table while waiting for Shion to come home from work.

Shion’s face immediately lights up at the sight. They talk and laugh while they eat. Once they’ve finished eating, Nezumi asks Shion to close his eyes and to count to ten. Shion plays along, and when he opens his eyes, Nezumi is holding up his left hand. On his ring finger is a silver band. A ring.

A blushing and confused Shion looks at Nezumi. “W-what? This—?” Nezumi laughs at him. He raises his other hand and shows that he too has the same ring.

“It’s a vow.” Nezumi whispers. Shion panics. A vow? A vow for what? Reunion? Is he planning to leave again? Nezumi seems to understand what is going through Shion’s mind and sighs.

“No, you idiot.” Nezumi brings their intertwined hands to his lips and kisses Shion’s knuckles. He softly whispers against Shion’s skin, “Reunion had already come. It’s a vow for it to stay that way.”