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S U R P R I S E B I T C H ! ! !

soooooo this is probably my first tumblr post in at least 9 months haha (i just checked my last few posts and one of them was from when my friend announced her pregnancy, she just had twins! they are adorbz) for those of you who are still here/forgot to unfollow me, salutations friends!! i missed u. please enjoy the following explanation for my absence at your leisure, or not, up to you (i forget how to do read mores on mobile so if you’re not interested now is when u scroll 👌)
for the last year i had a pretty gruesome job doing moderation for an anonymous app. (basically going through lots of gory/gross images, reporting child molesters to the police, et cetera) it was pretty exhausting psychologically, and gave me a real strong aversion to computers whenever i wasn’t at work (still not using one yet, lmao). i have no real rationale behind it, but there it is lol. anywhoooo i was recently laid off from said job! (recently as in 3 weeks ago) this has caused me to be super mondo depressed in an entirely new sort of way, but i am trying to reassemble my life kind of and remember things that used to make me happy before. this was one of those things! so im back in a sense, i will be posting and answering messages again. 😋 if youve read this far, i love you, and hmu with your favorite blogs that have popped up in the last year or so! i need some fresh dash. extra love points for meme pages or cute animals. also i love this gif keyboard thing a+ upgrade tumblr

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She’s still maintained this incredible purity, and it’s her light that basically shines on the darkness in Flynn, and makes him see himself, and see the world, and be like ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve been living my life for myself this whole time, but look at this amazing beacon, this amazing love, and I can’t believe that I’m even feeling or saying these things. At last I see the light.’ Literally!
—  Zachary Levi, talking about Flynn and his love for Rapunzel, and the impact she has on his life, at Nerd HQ

“I’d rather spill my BLACK ink,
BLACK links into inter dimensional realms/
It’s pitch BLACK, I meditate and dwell,
BLACK spells I use to build my wealth,
BLACK cement, I fell-
BLACK invents itself/
That’s why I rejuvenate,
BLACK’s a color a lot of people hate,
BLACK energies they underestimate,
BLACK chi/
Yo watch me walk through a BLACK sea,
I’m BLACK inside like gastly - 28 ”

I can’t believe kol used dark magic to trap his sister, risked the life of his other sister (who trapped davina in hell in the first place), ignored the impending extinction of his brother, and manipulated his seven year old niece into doing an arduous and dangerous spell all to save davina L M A O honestly I’m thriving


Liam paused, looking at the woman in front of him. He took a small breath, shifting slightly as he looked at Allison. “So….” he said, shifting slightly. “I uh, I’m…I’m Liam.” he said, looking at her; leaning against the wall. He’d wanted to meet her; she’d been a big part of the pack’s past and, now their future. It seemed important that they meet. “So, how exactly are you back? I didn’t, really hear all the details.” he paused. “I uh, sorry…probably not the first question I should ask…” 


Kimi Qiao - Resurrected

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I posted this ages ago. Then I did this massive blog clean-up and deleted it. But I backed everything up before the clean-up. So I was looking back at the photo folder from the back-up, and I found this, and I remembered the caption. This was back when I was doing “Daily Chucks Status Updates” after I had to toss my beloved black Chucks and get new ones. I captioned this one something to the effect of “Daily Chucks Status Update: now with 50% more leg”. Oh, nostalgia.