otp: remembered


trc aesthetics/moodboards/whatever (4/?) - Noah Czerny

She had seen a lot of living humans in her time, and she’d seen a lot of spirits in her time, but she hadn’t ever seen something like this. A soul this decayed shouldn’t have been - well, it shouldn’t have been anything. It should have been a remnant of a ghost, a mindless, repetitive haunting. A hundred-year-old scent in a hallway. A shiver standing next to a certain window. 
But somehow, she was looking at a shambles of a soul, and in it, there was still a dead kid. 


From the end of last year, a look at the Carrie Fisher Memorial and Jazz Funeral Procession in New Orleans, LA.

The Remembered

He remembers her,
A burst of light,
Dancing before him,

Underneath neon lights,
Who smelled of cheap vodka,
And warm vanilla.

She was a broken puzzle in his arms,
A book he memorized in the dark of night,
While her lips blazed a path of red down his back.

He knew her,
This earth bound goddess
Who was meant to travel stars,
And discover ancient cities on the ocean floor.

He knew her,
He knew her.
He knows her,
Watching as her body went up in flames,
And her soul rode on the white winged horse.

I want to be someone who has the ability to make people feel good about themselves. Comfortable in their own skin. If people have nothing else to say about me, I hope they can say that I helped them discover who they truly are, even if simply by being a positive force in their life.
—  1.17.14

“Lately I have been thinking about what life essentially is. I have been having thoughts like if no one remembers me there is no difference from me just not existing. What would be the difference between me not being remembered in my time and place and me not existing there? So I’m going to live a life in which people remember me.”
“How will you do that?”
“When I’m with my friends I say, ‘let’s make sure we remember the things we do together.’ So…I’m a senior in high school, but today my friends and I cut our evening study session and came out here to hang out!”

“최근에 인생은 본질적으로 무엇인지 생각해 봤어요. 누구도 나를 기억해주지 않는다고 하면 사실 나는 존재하지 않는 것하고 마찬가지 아닌가 하는 생각이 들더라구요. 제가 있는 시간과 장소에서 제가 없었던 것하고 다름 없잖아요. 그래서 누군가가 절 기억해줄 수 있는 삶을 살려고 해요.”
“친구들하고 ‘우리가 함께 있었다는 것을 꼭 기억하자’ 라고 되새겨요. 그래서…..고3 인데 오늘은 친구들하고 같이 야자 빼먹고 놀러나왔어요!”