otp: reigisa

  • Person A: *Slams open dorm room and throws backpack down*
  • Person B: *studying* "bad day?"
  • Person B: *looks up* "you kissed me before you left."
  • Person A: "THAT WAS A PECK, I DIDNT GET TO DO THIS" *Picks up B and kisses them*
Criminal OTP/AU

-“We both broke into the same person’s house and now we are watching Supernatural on their TV IS THIS A DATE?!”

-“Our cells are across from each other and I got something in my eye and now you think I winked at you WOW THIS IS AWKWARD”

-“We are both robbing a bookstore AND YOU LIKE HARRY POTTER TOO!”

-“Our hands brushed when we were both taking down our wanted posters and now I’m blushing”

-“The guards ship us”

-”We both got arrested and now we are riding in the Police car together and now we are flirting wow this is strange”

      Bonus-”Now the policeman is laughing at us… DO WE HAVE A SHIPPER?”


me: i hate everyone and everything. religion, politics, emotions, society… all overrated.

also me: hallelujah. jfc. my OTPs are TOO CUTE RN. praise the jESUS. i want to thank japAN fOR makING thiS aLL possiBLE ASDFGHJKL

OTP on Snapchat

Person A sends a decent selfie of themselves smiling lovingly, captioned “I love you”

Person B sends an up-close picture of their closed eyes smiling face from a low angle captioned “I love you too”

Person A’s heart melts at the snap they received because it is their Significant Other and they are beautiful no matter what

Imagine Your Otp #69

Person B wakes up in the middle of the night to Person A launching themselves over Person B and on to the floor.

After a few seconds of confusion, Person B leans over and asks Person A what’s wrong.

Turns out Person A is terrified of spiders and their nightmares are really realistic.

When the unexpected happens
  • Me: oh man, I really want my otp to be real, like if they were real I would be the happiest person alive~
  • Otp: (hypothetically) *becomes canon*
  • Me: ...
  • Me: *looks at phone for the hundredth time*
  • Me: What THE HECK just happened?