otp: radio science

Cecil going back to WZZZ, the local number station, with a USB.

Cecil downloading Fey onto his USB and uploading her onto his laptop.

Cecil joking around with her during the weather.

Cecil taking her everywhere with him and whispering quietly to her whenever possible.

Carlos getting jealous until he overhears one of their conversations and finds out they’re just talking about how absolutely perfect he is.


I like to think Cecil just smooches him sometimes out of the blue and Carlos always goes all pink and says “Ceeeeecilll” but secretly he loves it  (◡ω◡)


it’s okay, Carlos, it’s hard to make pancakes when you’re distracted by sleepy boyfriends in cute pajamas

(drawn mostly because everything I’ve drawn for like a month has been really sad, and also because I’m forcing myself to doodle kisses until one of them turns out okay)

I like to think that cecil has about 4-6 tentacles (depending on the situation at hand) that anthropomorphize out of the tattoos at a certain spot near the small of his back, and when they aren’t out physically the area is very sensitive to touch carlos totally abuses this fact but the tentacles themselves aren’t slimy. more like…snake skin? yeah. like the skin of a ball python. scaly, but very soft and almost silky. of course, they can secrete a sort of slime if he chooses to make them do so like when he fricks carlos with them but it’s watery and easy to clean off of fabrics and such so he doesn’t have too much of a problem with them uvu