otp: radio science

Cecil going back to WZZZ, the local number station, with a USB.

Cecil downloading Fey onto his USB and uploading her onto his laptop.

Cecil joking around with her during the weather.

Cecil taking her everywhere with him and whispering quietly to her whenever possible.

Carlos getting jealous until he overhears one of their conversations and finds out they’re just talking about how absolutely perfect he is.

Radio Science Shimeji edition! 

They kiss and crawl and jump and fall, not to mention they’re fun little desktop companions. (Though these little bastards multiply quickly.)

  • To open please DOWNLOAD HERE
  • The file is RAR so you must have WINRAR to extract
  • Once extracted click CLICK ME, not Shimeji
  • Right click the icon for the option, in order, add another shimeji, move to cursor, delete all shimeji but one, call back windows, and finally close program. 

Please like and reblog if you download or simply like them! c: 

Original set thanks to Yuki Yamada

(I’ll probably go back and fix them up one day)

Positive Cecilos Fic Drive

So, because of a recent gross disgusting fic that was posted on AO3, I’ve decided to write some positive Cecilos drabbles to attempt to at least flush it off the first page. Also, gosh darn it this fandom needs some positive stuff and I aim to provide at least a little. I invite anyone and everyone who has the skill and/or the will to write to contribute to the cause. We can all contribute to make this fandom a safer and happier place to be, so let’s go for it! If you’d like to contribute, just tag your fic with Positive Cecilos Fic Drive and post it on AO3 if you have an account there. If you don’t have an AO3, you can still post the fic on tumblr with the same tag. Happy Writing! (✿◠‿◠)

I am literally nearly in tears over wtnv fanart. Like how the fuck can a single fandom that sprang up from bum fuck nowhere just create these amazing fucking masterpieces based on SPEECH

and then I’m over here like