otp: protecting my investment

Braeden and Draeden are starting to feel really really permanent. AND I LOVE IT.

There’s just this… sense like she’s here to stay, you know? It’s not like last season when she showed up only for those few moments of glory and was gone right after. It’s different this time.

All these new moments: her on that motorcycle, interacting with Scott, being hired by the Hales, taking no shit from Peter, absolutely holding every piece of attention at Derek’s disposal, followed by lots and lots of flirting, and giving him survival tips for those with human levels of strength when facing supernatural, followed by all that sexual tension finally bursting, and now with them fighting together like a well oiled machine… it feels… it feels like something I’m gonna re-watch years from now with a silly grin on my face fully knowing that they were and always will be endgame.

Braeden and Derek are starting to feel like PARTNERS. And I think it’s something that’s been missing from Derek’s life since Laura died (and even then she as his Alpha was that one step in front of him, protecting him). And then he got and lost a pack of his own. But there he was the Alpha, there was a distance (partially due to the fact but mostly through his own fault)… and he was really bad at it.

He can barely look after himself, he’s not made for that kind of responsibility. But partners look after each other, and THAT with a bit of a practice, I think Derek can do.

And Braeden… Braeden’s awesome, completely brilliant. And she seems just as capable of getting herself into trouble (though unlike Derek she’s also better at getting herself out of it too). And they seem to have similar moral codes, I mean whatever she’s ‘said’ (JOKED, IT WAS A JOKE), it’s obvious that all her jobs have fallen on the right side of the line - Save Isaac; Save Derek (yay) and Peter (darn it); Catch Kate Argent and return her to the Calaveras; Retrieve the Hale money; Help Derek get back the part of himself Kate stole - all her jobs… they’re all basically doing a good thing… she just also gets paid for it (which makes her smarter than everyone else in town).

So they’re gonna be good partners. And not just in bed or just in their Pack versus Evil fights. They seem to be pretty well matched emotionally too. Both of them have shown their vulnerabilities to each other as well as their badassery, which is ALWAYS a good thing.

So yeah. I feel like this mercenary and this OTP are here to stay.

  • give me derek refusing to let braeden stay alone
  • give me braeden saying she can take care of herself
  • give me ust draeden banter
  • give me braeden agreeing to go home with derek
  • give me derek playing doting nurse
  • give me braeden playing cranky patient
  • give me someone making a bet
  • give me derek teasing “you can’t handle my terms”
  • give me braeden saying “make me”



Derek holding Braeden while he listened to the rain was adorable

Derek entwining his hand with Braeden’s was cute

Derek staying awake to make sure Braeden was safe was swoon worthy


Braeden letting Derek hold her while they held hands and listened to the rain when she wasn’t asleep to begin with


No? Then why does Braeden open her eyes as the alarm sounds before Derek has a chance to say her name? Hmm.