otp: prom king and queen


girl meets world au - prom (part 3/3)

girl meets boy meets prom - zay & smackle have never been together. even though, according to riley, they fight like an old married couple and “have total heart eyes for each other.” when zay asks smackle to prom, everyone is shocked and riley is too smug. (when they win prom king & queen, they are shocked and riley is still too smug.)

Just so everyone knows there are some good people still left in the world. The prom king this year at my school was Mr. Chris Mason. Chris has a severe case of autism. The prom queen, Miss Chelsie Williamson, has a cancerous brain tumor. They are two of the most genuinely nice people I can think of. They weren’t chosen out of pity. They were chosen by how brilliantly kind and amazing they are. If you ever feel like all the good is gone in the world, just look close enough and you may find it again.

connor and michaela brotp, don’t fight me on it. like the bro is strong with this one. like they’re roommates strong. like it’s 9 in the morning he’s walking around in his underwear trying to find breakfast and she’s studying her ass off because dude what is sleep. the brotp that makes connor her BEST MAN at her wedding because she can fucking do that.