otp: precious little darling

ok but guys. drunk!eddie kissing strangers (not on the lips necessarily? but like. on the cheek. on the forehead. etc). drunk!eddie kissing BARRY and talking about how good of a CSI he is. drunk!eddie leaning all over barry and saying “i love you, man,” over and over again while barry is like ‘oh my god i can’t believe this is happening why me


It’s somewhere in New Orleans, or somewhere in between here and New Orleans. I don’t remember. The last few days have been a bit of a blur, and they all rolled into one. I mean, it still feels like it’s Tuesday to me today. But look, I’m gonna retrace my steps and I’m gonna find the real Championship, and I promise I’ll bring it to Money in the Bank this Sunday. I promise I’ll find it, and I’m gonna walk into Money in the Bank with it, and I’m gonna walk out with it.