otp: practically married

Andrew: “I hate you. Every inch of you.”

Andrew: *promises he’ll protect Neil*
Andrew: *literally agrees on anything Neil asks him to do*
Andrew: *gives Neil car, room and heart keys*
Andrew: *lets Neil drive his car*
Andrew: *buys Neil clothes*
Andrew: *kisses Neil*
Andrew: *lets Neil touch him*
Andrew: *asks Neil to stay*
Andrew: *blows Neil*
Andrew: *wraps plastic bags on Neil’s injuries so he won’t hurt them in the shower*
Andrew: *showers with Neil*
Andrew: *chokes Kevin for Neil*
Andrew: *fights a fed just to see Neil*
Andrew: *threatens Abby because she wanted to touch Neil*
Andrew: *helps Neil through his panic attack*
Andrew: *stops taking crackers dust because Neil said so*
Andrew: *chooses Neil over his brother*
Andrew: *answers Neil’s questions about his past*
Andrew: *breaks Riko’s arm for Neil*
Andrew: *lets Neil pull him in*

Andrew: “There is no ‘This’. This is nothing.”


Practically Married (Web Series)

Episode 1: “Gift of Giving”


Practically Married

Here’s an episode of this (romcom!) web series I worked on with some funny friends. I had the pleasure of shooting and directing it. Check it out!


hayley: it is weird being back here
elijah: not unpleasant i hope? (elijah!flirt)
hayley: not entirely (coy flick of the eyes i.e. hayley!flirt)
elijah: are you entirely sure you shouldn’t be here with us? (see: elijah actually asking, with me, not with us)
hayley: why elijah? (see: hayley actually asking, do you care about me, tell me the truth. give me a reason to come back) [elijah’s continued silence just pisses her off] because you don’t think its safe in big bad wolf country? [he wants to say, NO DAMMIT BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, but can’t] i’m not gonna sit in a rocking chair and knit booties. or haven’t you figured that out yet? [he wants to say THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT but can’t and now she’s even more pissed off] enter jackson!who who wins a dance by default.

this is what happens when married couples cannot communicate