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"Don't be an ass." Marinette and Chloe

“Don’t be an ass,” Marinette muttered, looking over the roof ledge.

“Excuse me!” Chloe stomped over to join her. “Did you seriously just call me an ass?!”

“Not necessarily. I said not to be an ass.”

“She totally called you an ass,” Pollen sniffed, little arms crossed.

“Chloe is being a bit ridiculous,” Tikki argued. “It’s her fault we’re even in this situation.”

Chloe threw her hands up. “How is this my fault? High and mighty Ladybug over here is the one who demanded we run away from the scary akuma!”

“We were about to transform back. We couldn’t just hang around. Chat and Vixen can hold things down until we figure out how to get off this roof without our powers.” Marinette slung a leg over the ledge and pressed her foot lightly against the rickety fire escape. It swayed unsteadily. She held in a breath and pulled her foot back up. “Besides, you’re the one who threw my purse off the roof. The purse that had cookies for Tikki to recharge with.”

“Yeah!” Tikki added angrily.

“There was a spider on it! I would have burned it if I could.” Chloe looked at her nails. “Honestly it should be burned. That purse is hideous.”

Marinette rolled her eyes. “Whatever, Chloe. Just help me find some way to get down from here.”

“Don’t you want to wait for your precious kitty to save you?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It just seems like you and Chat are your own team and Vixen and I are a separate team,” Chloe said.

“Chat and I have been working together for a long time but that doesn’t mean we aren’t all on the same team.”

“We’re second string, admit it.”

“No,” Marinette said stubbornly, looking down at the fire escape again.

“Fine, don’t admit it. Won’t make it any less true,” Chloe huffed.

Marinette sighed and sat down on the rooftop. “Look. Yes, Chat and I are close, but that’s come with time. I mean, we don’t know each other’s identities. That’s something you have up on him.”


Marinette nodded.

“It isn’t like you would have told me if you had a choice.”

“True, but still relevant.”

“Whatever. Fine, we’re all on the same team,” Chloe said in a mocking voice.

“Don’t be an ass.”

I’m always taking prompts and I’ll get to them when I can. Feel free to send a pairing and a quote or scenario. :)

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Since you are Chlonette's goddess, have you somes headcanons between Tikki and Chloe ? In optic where Chloe know that Marinette is Ladybug and they're spend more and more time together.

i feel like tikki’s already a mom friend/kwami to marinette, but that it would get amplified times 100 with chloe bc she’s got the tact of a fucking four year old

  • chloe: “jesus christ alya’s outfit looks disgusting today”
    • tikki: *pinches her on the ear* “apologize”
    • chloe: “whaa it’s tru– OW!”
    • tikki: “apologize”
  • im pretty sure pollen and tikki play good cop/bad cop with chloe all the time too
    • pollen: “look chloe i know that this is hard for you and i appreciate that you’re putting in an effort to try and improve your behavior”
    • tikki: “but if this is what you call effort im incredibly disappointed, you tried to push nathanael down the stairs”
  • marinette doesn’t even say anything, she just leaves tikki to it because it’s ridiculously funny to see chloe and tikki yelling at each other about whether or not it’s okay to vague someone on instagram if they “don’t know it’s me come on everyone does it” “it doesn’t matter chloe that’s mean we talked about this”
  • and it’s hard to argue with a god who’s thousands of years old that guilt trips you with a manifesto about what it means to be a miraculous hero
  • plus while tikki and chloe are having their weekly sit down trying to correct chloe’s questionable morals it gives marinette and pollen more time to hang out
    • marinette: “would you like to sit on the balcony and drink some tea with me?”
    • pollen: “oh yes! could you put some honey in mine?”
if Marinette has the bee miraculous...
  • Pollen loves bee puns. Marinette can never escape the puns. 
  • Pollen’s favorite is “Bee yourself” and “Beelieve it”
  • Through Pollen, Marinette has really gotten into gardening, her balcony is now covered in flowers. One of their favorite past times is flower shopping together. 
  • Pollen is a huge supporter of Marinette being responsible and working with others, through her, Marinette interacts with her classmates more and has stepped up responsibly. 
  • Unfortunately Marinette sometimes winds up tackling too much and exhausts herself. 
  • Marinette’s sleep schedule is really out of whack. 
  • She can be so tired, she’ll fall asleep randomly. 
  • Pollen struggles to remember that she needs to make sure Marinette gets a break, but there is a reason the phrase ‘busy as a bee’ exists. 
  • After getting the bee miraculous, Marinette has become really fond of having honey in her tea. 
  • When excited, Marinette and Pollen wiggle together.
  • Pollen refers to it as a waggle, she thinks Marinette has the cutest waggle. 
  • Along with pushing her to work with others, Pollen pushes for Marinette to step up as a leader, she’s so proud to see her little honeybee step up to be a queen. 
  • Pollen gets excited to see Marinette be productive and creating; it’s a solid bee trait. 
  • When Marinette gets overexcited, especially with her crush, Pollen is able to calm her down.
  • Pollen is a bit torn on Adrienette, while she does support Marinette pursuing her own happiness; this little god thrives off efficiency and Marinette crush on Adrien can make her fumble a lot and this frustrates Pollen a bit. 
  • To work around it, Pollen pushes to remind Marinette that Adrien is just a boy and not someone she should fumble around; if getting frustrated, may jab that if he makes Marinette such a mess, she shouldn’t pursue him. 
  • Pollen struggles a bit to stay hidden (though not as bad as Tikki), especially when she gets going, she gets tunnel vision as is more focused on getting her point to Marinette across. 
  • Marinette has become very chill with bees. Her friends had a few scares finding a bee crawling on Marinette but she doesn’t mind so much. 
  • Marinette has become the guardian of the bees and is a huge supporter of helping bees every chance she has. 
  • Marinette becomes unconsciously drawn to flowers. Adrien and Alya learned of this and will make use of it to draw the bee hero to them, Alya for an interview, Adrien/Chat to offer her gifts and to receive hugs.
  • Chloe firmly believes that she was the inspiration for the bee hero and it just makes her think that she and bee!Marinette are truly best friends.
  • Marinette isn’t amused with the idea at all.