otp: poetic kittens

Thing that are favourite:

-grantaire not taking enjys shit
-grantaire sticking up for his friends
-grantiare sticking up for himself
-grantaire grining evily
-grantaire being great with children
-grantaire making fun of enjolras
-grantaire showing off his artwork
-grantaire being totally content
-flustered courfeyrac and smooth as fuck jehan

you are my mender of broken things - jehan/courfeyrac

  “You know how you do self-defence and all that? Lately I’ve been finding myself wanting to learn- “

 “No you haven’t, you just like the idea of me jumping you – “

 “Did you ever learn to fence? Because holy shit I could get behind that, pun most definitely intended – “ and Jehan sighed at him. “I can’t fence. Plus, you’re so ridiculously similar to Mercutio that I don’t want to let you anywhere near a sword –“

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dragonstonearchive-blog  asked:

jehan/courf fairy tail au (make it as ridiculous as possible)

Prince Courfeyrac was probably the most self absorbed and spoilt prince in all of the lands - he was far to used to getting what he wanted, and was all too aware of his good looks and charm.

Jehan was well known too, but for an entirely different reason than our dearest Prince Courf: he was a bandit, the most famous one that had ever lived - with his long blonde hair flowing in the wind, he was intrepid and unafraid.

Their fates would collide when Jehan chose Prince Courf as his next target; Jehan was desperate for his golden crown - but instead, the fearless thief left the royal castle with a wild grin, and an even greater prize: he had stolen Prince Courf’s heart, and the young Prince always found a way to get what he wanted.