otp: please don't go

When you find someone besides me, I hope she doesn’t write too many little paragraphs about you and in fact, I hope she doesn’t write at all. Because you don’t want to have to deal with another girl like me again. And if she writes I’m sure it’ll be all about your blue eyes and how good your arms feel around her waist and I promise you she’ll think too much and get too attached just like I did and I hope for your sake she’s nothing like me because you deserve better and I’m only lucky you didn’t realize that sooner.
—  (via revivee)

For those of you who live in Texas, whatever you do, DO NOT GO TO HOUSTON PRIDE. There have been threats of another shooting and I want all of you to stay safe. I don’t give a shit how much you wanted to go, just don’t go. Your safety matters way way way way more than whether you have fun or not.
I want you guys to spread this. PLEASE reblog it so that everyone knows not to go!!


Joel Adams - Please Don’t Go (Afterfab Remix)

Happy would-be Mercy Street Sunday if weren’t for the Oscars!

Only one week before my trash son is possibly sent to California forever and you all have to console me!

Good luck to those who filled out their own Oscar ballots!

…if my son gets sent away someone’s going to have to write a fic about him running into Jed’s wife (soon to be ex-wife??) Eliza while he’s in California.