otp: please don't go

“I hoped there’d be stars.”

So, it really bothers me that Twelve died alone in “The Doctor Falls”. It bothers me that the first thing he felt was rejected by Clara.
So both of those things are combined here: the drawing is The Doctor Falls, but the quote is from Deep Breath (when Twelve is translating the dinosaur in his sleep).

I love Twelve, I really do. I’m excited for Thirteen, but Twelve made me LOVE Doctor Who again. I hope he gets a happier finale at Christmas.

Drawn on my shiny new Galaxy Note 8 in Autodesk Sketchbook and Medibang Paint.

im so scared. so incredibly scared. I looked through when-they-go-low’s page and I saw all the awful things she said about her. and she was bringing up news articles that talked shit about lili. and I realized just how many people hate her and attack her and she doesn’t fucking deserve it.

I knew I shouldn’t have been through her dumb ass page, but I did. and what if lili saw it, what if she did something to herself that she couldn’t take back? I couldn’t forgive myself and she’s s real human being, ok? she’s talked about her mental illnesses and people who fat shame her. and she’s still dealing with it plus the people who just hate her, her every fucking move and her entire being.

I don’t know what I would do with out her. see I’ve never met her, but if I couldn’t see her every day on my instagram and on here and anywhere.

let me tell you a story. in the fall of last year, my depression was horrible, my anxiety too. a lot of my friends turned on me and my life was basically shit. I cried a lot. I then discovered this new show, riverdale. I thought I would casually watch it here and there, another side show. but I watched it and I fell in love with the characters and the acting and the plot. and I looked up these characters, and I found lili reinhart. I didn’t know her and I’ve never seen her in any films, but she just felt familiar and welcoming. and so I started falling in love with the actors and I didn’t know lili, so I didn’t really care about her. I got to know her and the kind of person that she is and I realized that she was broken, just like me. she had suffered from depression and anxiety and fat shaming. and I looked up to her cause she was so fucking strong. and amazing. and I was happy and I found people here on tumblr. and it changed my life. because every fucking day was a good day. if something shitty happened to someone everyone will come to their rescue and save them from the shit hole that is depression or anxiety. but there were also bad people here. and they twisted words around and cyber bullied. it scared me but I knew their opinions didn’t matter. and there were people bashing the actors and lili and I realized, they could actually see this. and it scared the living crap out of me. cause they could commit suicide. and it got in my head that celebrities have down this before, a lot of them. what if she does it. my life would never be the fucking same.

I’ve never met these people, ever, but I know them. not everything, but I know the kind of people they are. and it took me awhile to post this to take a breath or to cry. because I love these people. they’re like my family, they’re a part of me. and I just don’t want to lose them, not lili, not anybody.

please I’m telling you right fucking now, if you’re thinking about taking you’re god damn life, I beg you not to. because I can guarantee you, there are so many people who love you. 

please don’t go

Olha pra cima, abra os olhos , abra-os bem, para a primeira lágrima não cair e tu não desmoronar, engole o choro, seja firme e se mantenha. Do contrário, chore debaixo do chuveiro, em meio a chuva, ou põe tua cara no travesseiro, deixa sair de ti aquilo que te inunda. Mas tenta, com todas as forças, não chorar diante de ninguém. Não seja fraco. Ou faça de conta que é forte. 😔
—  flávia.