otp: pieces solving a puzzle

the rom-com au: During a weekend bender in Vegas, our agents engage in self-destructive, drunken shenanigans that lead to two unplanned pregnancies, a wedding officiated by a Captain America impersonator, and a furious Nick Fury. With their jobs on the line, Skye and Ward are forced to finally get along while learning how to do this parenting thing.

featuring: drunken shenanigans by idiot spies, language, violence, nudity; all the classic things that make an adult rom-com amazing.

pairings: Skyeward, Huntingbird, Fitzsimmons, Clintasha, Philinda with Kate,Trip, Mack, & Fury

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let’s focus instead on the ot6 back together

on how with one look skyeward was back on

how ward dropped the bullshit and was coulson’s man again

how coulson trusted him enough to turn himself in and leave him with the team

how fitzsimmons were overriding one another without realizing it

how much of a mom melinda was

how much phil coulson’s entire spirit broke when he lost his baby girl yet again

how they’re all going to come together because skye needs them

skye who is the one none of them counted on but who is the heart of the team

i say again let’s focus on that instead of crying about ward did this or this person is mad at ward like chill fandom they’re all reunited and just let it feel good

the one thing coulson, may, & ward all have in common is that they all put skye first, they all love her more than anything, they would all die for her at the drop of a hat so yeah of course they’re working together & while fitzsimmons may not love her on that level because that’s how they feel about each other it’s still pretty damn close so don’t hate on the team for doing what they have to to get her back & to keep her safe because she was taken against her will, they know nothing about where she is or the people she’s with & they just want her home & safe & building trust & family bonding over life & death amirite


Daisy Johnson + What it means to be a hero

The only words that stuck with me were something Sister McKenna said, from the Bible, I think. She said: “God is love.” It’s simple and it’s a little sappy, but that’s the version I like.

Love is the foundation of Daisy’s philosophy; Love is what drives her mission as a hero.

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