otp: pieces solving a puzzle

the rom-com au: During a weekend bender in Vegas, our agents engage in self-destructive, drunken shenanigans that lead to two unplanned pregnancies, a wedding officiated by a Captain America impersonator, and a furious Nick Fury. With their jobs on the line, Skye and Ward are forced to finally get along while learning how to do this parenting thing.

featuring: drunken shenanigans by idiot spies, language, violence, nudity; all the classic things that make an adult rom-com amazing.

pairings: Skyeward, Huntingbird, Fitzsimmons, Clintasha, Philinda with Kate,Trip, Mack, & Fury

read the first FIVE chapters @ Ao3

and while i am at it let’s discuss family

everyone whether we have a good relationship with our family or not have two separate families: the families we’re born with or are brought into through blood or marriage and the ones we make for ourselves

everyone on the team represents different types of familial relationships you have phil, mel, & jemma who had loving families, trip who we assume had one, fitz who had a half of one, ward who had a terrible family, and skye who had no family and they all came together to make a family

that’s right ward AND trip are both part of the family

ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind

just because people lose their way does not mean you give up on them there is no replacing members of the family when they screw up you help them find their way home

and right now ward needs to find his way home

and trip is not a replacement he is a new addition

i’m sick of seeing people try to erase one or the other or both from the family because they’re both part of the family even though one hasn’t been in the family long and the other is lost

and even if you hate one you cannot ignore their importance to the family nor the relationships they made in the family because like or not they are all a part of one another’s stories and have shaped one another

all of the relationships on the show are important and you don’t get to erase them because you don’t like it just like you can’t erase the relationships that have shaped you in life