otp: peter x olivia


let’s go back to the start — the day i started shipping peter and olivia

PETER: It means, be a better man than your father. Walter was already gone. It was like a code between my mother and me. It meant keep your people close. Take care of the people you care about.

OLIVIA: Well, you’re good at that. 

Well, being honest, I started shipping them in season 1, by the end of the Pilot. But that’s not important to me because I also shipped lots of other ships on lots of shows. What’s important to me is the scene where I was like “wow, this is is, there’s no going back shipping this”, where I knew they were THE otp. This whole episode shows how much Peter cares for Olivia and that he’s probably in love with her, but this scene, the way they talk, the way Peter so easily trusts her to tell her about what it meant, I don’t know it just got to me. This scene gave me peace, honestly. It felt like two souls that had been separated are finally right where they belong, and I just knew no other ship would mean the same.