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I have decided I most definitely would like a Season 2 of A Year in the Life, except I just want it to be 6 hours of Luke and Lorelai being domestic

Reasons Luke & Lorelai are the ultimate OTP. 


There is a lot of debate amongst Gilmore Girls fans about whether or not Luke Danes or Christopher Hayden is Lorelai’s one true love. On one hand, Christopher and Lorelai have a history (aka Rory) and have a great time together. On the other hand, Luke has been there for Lorelai through almost everything since Rory was a kid.

I have always thought it was pretty obvious that Luke has had the upper hand. Lorelai and Christopher have good chemistry and everything, but the sparks between her and Luke are undeniable and last seven painful seasons (plus the 4+ years we don’t see on the show).

I feel like the epitome of Christopher’s relationship with Lorelai is when he inherits that huge sum of money from his grandfather and offers to buy Lorelai whatever she wants (a castle, a Bentley, a new house). He goes one step further when he convinces her to let him whisk her away on a romantic trip to Paris, rents out an entire restaurant, and then persuades her to get married.

Similarly, Max Medina (Maaaax Medina) sends Lorelai 1,000 yellow daisies when he proposes to her.

To an outside viewer, these seem like perfect grand romantic gestures - how could anyone say no?

Lorelai is a sucker for grand romantic gestures. She has been starved for affection her whole life, so any time someone goes out of their way to validate her value to them, of course she is overcome with emotion. But here’s the thing: those things aren’t her. Lorelai left the life of money and extravagance to live her own life totally separate from that. When she did this, she put herself in a place where she was unable to provide the people she loved with over the top expressions of adoration, so she did a lot of little things to show everyone how she felt. She passed this on to Rory, who did things like spell out “Happy Birthday Lorelai” in mallomars. Of course, in Stars Hollow, when you’re as beloved as the Gilmore Girls, it’s likely that you’ll get a little extravagance anyway. But the Hollow does it simple - just a party in the square with food, dancing, games, drinks, maybe some silly handmade decorations. Everyone in town pitches in to throw a celebration - a million little things for one big thing.

So let’s talk about Luke Danes - and we won’t even get into how Luke loves and cares for Rory no strings attached + was her father figure growing up.

Luke has been one of Lorelai’s closest friends in Stars Hollow for a majority of her time there. He has the coffee and he feeds her and her kid. We all know that Luke has been in love with Lorelai pretty much since the day he met her, and still he performed all these selfless acts with no ulterior motives.

Luke fixes the crap shack without being asked.

Luke doesn’t make the girls pay for all their meals.

Luke makes Rory a coffee cake and gives her balloons for her birthday.

Luke makes Lorelai a Santa Burger.

Luke lets Lorelai borrow his car to move Rory into Yale.

Luke helps Lorelai move Rory into Yale.

Luke attends Rory’s high school graduation.

Luke gives Lorelai (lovely) jewelry that’s handmade by his sister.

Luke takes Lorelai to his sister’s wedding for their first date.

Luke takes Lorelai to his second family’s restaurant for their second date (first official date I guess).

Luke asks Lorelai what music she wants him to buy for the apartment so she has something to listen to when she stays over.

Luke buys a TV for his bedroom for Lorelai even though he knows they’ll disturb his REM sleep.

Luke buys Lorelai flowers for the inn’s test run.

Luke comes to Lorelai’s rescue both times Richard is in the hospital.

Some bigger gestures by Luke include:

Luke builds Lorelai a chuppah by hand.

Luke builds Lorelai an ice rink.

Luke lending Lorelai $30k to open the inn.

As far as these big gestures go, Luke’s motives behind them are selfless. Luke builds her a chuppah because he felt bad about what he said to her about marriage, and he wanted her to have a beautiful wedding. Luke built Lorelai an ice rink because he hated that she had such a shitty experience with snow, and knew she’d had a bad night because of how she acted at the diner; he is trying to cheer her up and repair her precious relationship with her beloved flurries. Luke loans $30k for the inn so that Lorelai can achieve her dream; loaning her the money was his way of saying that he believed in her and knew she had what it takes to make her goal a reality.

The difference between Luke’s actions and all of the other men in Lorelai’s life is that Lorelai can easily reciprocate. The small gestures are more meaningful to her because she can return the favor (even though Luke doesn’t expect her to). This is something that Lorelai is incredibly stubborn about; she doesn’t like people to do her favors that she can’t repay. It makes her feel like a charity case and like she is incapable of taking care of herself. Just like how she wanted to write out specific terms and repayments for Luke’s loan, Lorelai wants to be able to return the love and kindness others show to her. It creates a great balance and helps her make sure that her relationships don’t feel one-sided.

Luke knows this about Lorelai - it’s how he convinces her to take his loan for the inn and almost convinces her to take a loan for the termite repairs (among other things). He knows how to selflessly offer himself to her without making her feel overwhelmed, helpless, or invaluable. He somehow manages to do all of these things for her while also continuing to build her up and validating her worth to him and others.

This is why they’re so perfectly matched. They both want to give each other the world but they know that the other is simply too stubborn to accept, so they give one other small but wonderful pieces of it without expectations. Except the two of them always reciprocate :)

I’m in Zona’s heaven

Let’s just start with the very first interaction they have at the beginning of the series.

Zoro came down just to talk to HER. He was teaching her the way of a man and that’s just so manly and charming. She should have fallen for him, damn it! This isn’t the first time by the way… he has done this so many times.

Uhm… Franky entrusted Nami to keep Zoro’s swords.

He  could  just ask Luffy to do so, but then he CHOSE Nami for that task… something fishy~~.

All right! Those swords are heavy… we know but then… you can carry them around just like that…

And duh! keeping those swords with you most of the time… * meeee squealllls*

Zoro should have seen this. His gal is badass too.

O.o… I’m impressed. Nami-gal is really sumthing.

RUN! RUN to him…

If Usopp was there to catch Sanji, then I assumed she did the same to Zoro after undid the shackle. Zoro must have fallen down to his knees and she caught him. That must be the case. But damn! the scene was cut off for this to happen,

look at that drowsy face… Nami’s worried…

Ouh yes, Nami! Your man is back!
[ She looks happy. Does she love that face? That face when he’s about to go crazy… in bed. Muahahaha]

Uh… nothing… just… since Nami knew those two will most likely fight, she butted in.

No matter how Zoro hates to be ordered around, he still listens to her… (p/s: he’s looking at her, miahahaha)

And this, 

Does that mean, Nami was checking him out?

YES! SHE DID. Look at how far they sat from each other yet she could notice the mushroom in Zoro’s haramaki. MUSHROOM IN ZORO’S HARAMAKI!!! ~The chemistry~

This gal did check out Zoro’s lower part… So good to know. Ah~ I’m dead.. x_x


Park Seo Joon In every episode | One Warm Word [#5/20]


This is exactly how i imagine Yeolie and Byeon Byeon when reading fanfics~ 

 ^ㅅ^ Don’t you think they are perfect for each other?  

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“He’s not perfect. You aren’t either, and the two of you will never be perfect. But if he can make you laugh at least once, causes you to think twice, and if he admits to being human and making mistakes, hold onto him and give him the most you can. He isn’t going to quote poetry, he’s not thinking about you every moment, but he will give you a part of him that he knows you could break. Don’t hurt him, don’t change him, and don’t expect for more than he can give. Don’t analyze. Smile when he makes you happy, yell when he makes you mad, and miss him when he’s not there. Love hard when there is love to be had. Because perfect guys don’t exist, but there’s always one guy that is perfect for you.” – Bob Marley
—  Imperfectly perfect for each other.