otp: penjae

Peniel teaches Sungjae to say
PenJae (BTOB)

Peniel teaches Sungjae to say “That chocolate is very sweet” in English

Peniel: That chocolate is very sweet.
Sungjae: Ohh, I’ll try… That’s chocolate is very sweet.
Peniel: No, not “that’s”, “that”.
Sungjae: ~That~ That chocolat, that chocolat is…
Peniel: Very sweet.
Sungjae: Bery sweet.
Peniel: Very. Very. V-very.
Sungjae: V-v-v-very.
Peniel: Very sweet~
Sungjae: *tries again* That chocolate is bery sweet.
Peniel: No, not like “bery”. Very.
Sungjae: Very? That chocolate is verrry~ th- sweet! *laughs*