otp: penance



‘With a thought she reaches out and takes control of her…’friend’….and telepathically forces him to emit a sonic scream that will stop her once and for all’.  

So, if any mouthbreathers say ‘Emma has always been a bad guy’, just show this sequence. 

From the double-sized Generation X # 25 by Lobdell and Bachalo. 

Until Next Time

Hey, guys. So I’m giving up social media for Lent this year. It’s very much needed. It’ll be difficult, but not impossible (as Lenten penances should be).

I won’t be on here, but if you message me with prayer requests or anything then I’ll definitely answer.

I’m expecting application (to Carmel) papers to come in any day now. Please pray that my parents will handle it well and come to accept it if it’s the Lord’s will for me!

There’s also something major in my life that’s really painful so I’d very much appreciate your prayers.

I hope you guys have a blessed and fruitful Lent! Cling to the Lord always. Be assued of my prayers!!
See you on Easter!


Speak of this to no one.

Hummingbird “meets” Penance in New Warriors #5 (Vol. 5)
by Chris Yost, Nick Roche and Ruth Redmond