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IchiRuki: The Change In Their Feelings

  This is somethin’ I’ve been thinkin’ about for awhile. Or more specifically, 2 things that are related in a way.

  In the scene where Ichigo and Rukia part ways after the winter war, there’s this one panel

  It’s when Ichigo and Rukia walk up to each other. There’s a small space between their feet, implying that they are standing close to each other. Really close judgein’ from the gap.

  Yet on the next page, they’re standing like this

  Farther away than what the panel before had shown.

  Now, it could be argued that Kubo just ran out of space and wanted to show the they had walked up to each other. But by now, we should all know that he doesn’t do things by accident, or because he runs out of time. There’s always a reason for it. One of the things that makes him a perfect troll/mind fuck author. But I digress.



  There’s a huge difference, one that can’t be by accident. I ran this by my friend and she started freakin’ out sayin’ it was an off-screen kiss between them but even if I’m a major IR shipper, I highly doubt that. (She didn’t like that I didn’t agree but oh well.)

  In my opinion, Kubo could be trying to imply somethin’, but not a kiss as lot would hope.

  Ichigo and Rukia aren’t much for physical contact or physically showing affection, whether it’s romantic affection or friendship. If anything was off-screen, I think it might be more of a hug, or to be more accurate, an almost hug. Or somethin' along those lines.

  It looks as though though they wanted to do something,( whether it was a hug or kiss, or whatever) but both stopped and took a step away, putting that distance between them.

  And that’s exactly what they do on screen. As Rukia fades away, her arms are crossed, and Ichigo’s hands are in his pockets. Both are similar forms of body language that put up a guard, a defence.

  A distance and a defence.

  They take that one step towards each other, but then take that same step away puttting a distance and defence between them.

Because losing each other hurts enough that it’s required.

It hurts enough that they put up a defence.

It hurts enough to put a distance between them, while still standing near the other.

  It can be argued that in an interview, Kubo had once said that:

“There is no other relationship like them in other works where despite both standing in a very close position with each other it is not romance.”

  But then he said for Fade to Black to focus on:

“The relationship between Ichigo and Rukia. Their change in their own feelings” 

  The movie was to show Ichigo and Rukia’s bond, and as Kubo said the change in how they felt.

  I think this moment in the manga, the canon moment, is to do the same thing.

  To show the bond between them, their attatchment to each other, and their change in their own feelings.

Let's take a moment and analyze something, shippers...

As you can see, Rukia is in the water to heal, after a long, vicious battle, and Ichigo, just realizing that she was in the water, sees her *ahem* Peachy butt *le grins*. Now, you can see that he is shocked to see her, and her Peachy butt, and in the second panel, you can see he is clearly BLUSHING. Yes, BLUSHING.

But when Ichigo lifts Orihime over his shoulder, nothing happens as it shows below:

Only Orihime was feeling embarrassed, while Ichigo is like ‘Whuh?’

So to all those IchiHime shippers that say he liked her butt when he lifted her:

Maybe we’ve lived a thousand lives before this one and in each of them we’ve found each other. And maybe each time, we’ve been forced apart for the same reasons. That means that this goodbye is both a goodbye for the past ten thousand years and a prelude to what will come.

-Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

Why I think ichiruki has a chance of becoming Canon

First of all I’m an ichiruki shipper that believes that Bleach is going to end up with nothing being canon

  • The fact that Their destiny themed relationship is similar to destined lovers ( Red string of fate) in japan.
  • We all can agree Bleach is written by a Japanese man and is somewhat centered in with Japanese culture in it, Ichiruki being the most popular pairing  by the Japanese says a lot to me ( they see it as romantic too)
  • The fact that some people think there is something going on between them two (Ichigo’s school friends and sometimes Ichigo’s family)
  • They understand each other. sexual tension,
  • The fact that Kubo emphasizes their bond a lot and that it is somewhat a part of the plot ( their deep connection).
  • Their are many more but it’s gonna take forever to name them all

Keep in mind this just my opinion and that no one knows if bleach is going to finish of with any pairings.

I finished reading strawberrykingpeachqueen IR headcanons, I read this one


1.  Rukia stays in Karakura with Ichigo and the two get their own house to move into together


Oh my God…can you imagine?

Ichigo getting his own apartment. Rukia gets assigned to take care of Karakura Town again. She needs somewhere to sleep and finds out Ichigo just got his own apartment, so she sneaks into his closet to sleep. When Ichigo comes back from work he hears noises in his closet so he goes to check and Rukia suddenly opens the door, scaring the shit out of him (like the first time he found her… ;w;) They argue. He lets her stay (she knows how to get her way…lol) But not in the closet….If You Know What I Mean….

(and yes, only my baby Yongguk can show how I feel right now…)