otp: partners in crime

Partners in crime and how
  • Aries + Capricorn:both are very very smart and relate to the other a lot. they are unstoppable as a team whether it's in sports, games, or arguments. They bounce off of each other's energy.
  • Taurus + Virgo:On the same page 24/7, down for anything the other wants to do. Surprisingly rebellious when together, they make an adventure out of everything.
  • Gemini + Leo:Both get wild when together. They'll do anything to have fun and laugh at EVERYTHING. They're intimidating to outsiders because of how cool they look.
  • Cancer + Libra:Surprisingly terrifying partners in crime. Get on their bad side and you're most likely shunned for life. Neither of them play around and will do anything to keep the peace, even if it's kicking people out of their lives.
  • Scorpio + Aquarius:They just really have no idea what they're doing. from the outside, they look scary and like people you wouldn't want to mess with, but they're actually probably texting each other stories about bread half the time. They're not afraid to act stupid around each other.
  • Sagittarius + Pisces:Sagittarius brings out the wild side of the Pisces. they're probably the annoying kids in class that throw stuff at people and blame it on other people. not terrifying partners in crime, just annoying and wild.

Zayn on the outside kinda looks like the quiet, moody one, but actually he’s really funny…and uh very loud actually.”
"Louis’ the joker of the band, the funny one and also…not a lot of people get to see, but he’s also got a very serious side, a very sensitive side as well and he’s always good to kinda talk to if you ever feel a bit down. He’s always there to listen." 


Tenth Doctor and his stethoscope.