otp: partners in crime


Lance: “You know, Keith, we’re sort of like your generic action movie couple. But, like, in space; saving the universe. Lance and Keith, side by side; partners in crime and all that cool jazz.”
Keith: “But aren’t we the GOOD guys? Why would we be partners in crime?”
Lance: “…”
Keith: “What?”

Love me some literal Keith.

Klance Week Day 5: Partners In Crime


David Tennant catching that puppy on the set of Doctor Who (Partners in Crime)

anonymous asked:

idk why but i would love to know your opinion on zayn's and louis' relationship, the whole thing from the beginning. i just like to read your views on things in this fandom.

(I don’t know why you would either. LOL)

I don’t have much to say about Zayn and Louis’ friendship. The friendship 1D have is what brought me to them, and I simply love their interactions as a group and any combination of 2, 3, or 4! I would say “Zouis” is one of my fave friendships because they’re just little shits together??

They’re partners in crime★! I think it’s impossible to talk about Louis or Zayn without mentioning the other. From the very beginning.

They pranked the other boys that one time with the fake labour and were delighted with Harry’s and Liam’s reaction. (Niall was stoic the whole time. lol)

And I don’t think it has changed. I don’t believe all this story of separation and manufactured twitter drama worth of 12yo boys. All I have to say is that I love their friendship and hope we’ll see them publicly reunited in the near future.