otp: pants are optional

What being an exchange student means.

Being a high school exchange student means:

  • That you made the best and worst decision to leave home for the year.
  • Giving people a reason to love your home country.
  • That your current life floats in a different bubble, and you become worried that it will pop.
  • Becoming a part of a family despite differences of culture.
  • That you cant walk to the bathroom without any pants on because there’s a risk that a member of your host family will see you.
  • You arrive in a place filled with people that have no prior judgements of you.
  • Learning a new culture is your job.
  • Schooling becomes something different.
  • You’re a teenager in a foreign country.
  • You learn new swear words that you can get away with saying back in your home country.
  • Acting crazy in public because you know that the general population will not ever see you again.
  • Making your own decisions.
  • Eating “weird” foods.
  • Making friends from every corner on the planet.
  • Developing a different sense of pride for your home and host country.
  • Deciding how to live your life.