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Elizabeth & Jack (When Calls The Heart)


Scarlet couldn’t help it—she burst into laughter. “Oh—I’m sorry. That was mean. I know I shouldn’t tease you about this.”
Still grinning, she made to retract her hand, but he was suddenly gripping it, refusing to relinquish the touch. “You just look so scared, like I’m going to disappear at any minute. We’re stuck on a spaceship, Wolf. I’m not going anywhere.”
His lips twitched, his nervousness beginning to ease away, though his hand stayed tense over hers. 
“Alpha female,” he murmured. “I sort of like that.”
Beaming, Scarlet gave a mild shrug. “It could grow on me.”


— you can love him, but you can’t keep him (x)


LWD & SKOP Challenge — Day 5: Connor and Rose’s Day

And deeply, he says, “Here’s a secret, darling.”
I listen, poised for anything with him.
“I’ve always loved winning, but I would lengthen the time it takes us to reach the end, just to spend one more second with you.”


Arizona had just picked Sofia up from school and she was excited to share the news with her daughter. Earlier that day, she gave Callie two tickets to New York: two tickets that would assure Sofia having two happy moms, assure Callie that all Arizona had wanted for the both of them to be happy. Even if that meant sending her child across the country.
“Hi, mommy!” Sofia snuggled against her mother, the day she had at school still fresh on her mind.
Arizona held her close, her manicured fingers softly stroking her daughter’s silky hair, so much like her birth mother’s.
Callie was stunned at Arizona’s gesture, words failing her as the blonde went on about what they both needed, what Sofia needed. However, Arizona was much more stunned when Callie spoke and told her about how she wanted to stay in Seattle, how she really wanted to start over with Arizona.
She wanted the chance with Arizona that the both of them failed to truly have before. She wanted communication and play dates and hand holding and shy glances in the OR and bickering and arguing over which set of new earrings to get for their daughter and lunch dates at work and laughter and everything in between.
They talked for quite some time, both of them realizing that what they each wanted in their future finally lined up. They wanted happiness and companionship and a baby or two and love and everything in between.
Sofia bounced on her heels. “Hey, baby girl! How was school?”
“Good!” She pulled away from her mother and smiled, her deep set dimples popping. Brushing a stray brown hair from her daughter’s face, Arizona smiled softly and took her hand to walk her down the street. Callie didn’t live too far from their school district, just a few blocks down so pick ups and drop offs would be that much more convenient.
Sofia, though, knew the route they were taking and became confused. She knew by now that her mothers didn’t live together and she couldn’t remember the last time one of them picked her up after school to drop her off at the other’s.
“Are we going to mama’s?”
“Yep.” Arizona said. They walked for a few more minutes, Sofia so excited to be with both of her moms that she momentarily forgot where they were.
“Are we home yet?”
They turned corner and sure enough, there stood Callie’s home, THEIR home.
“Yes, we’re home.” Arizona beamed. She kept her tears at bay, her chest tight as she knocked on the door and waited with just as much excitement as Sofia for Callie to answer.
“Mama!” Sofia beamed when she saw Callie on the other side. It had been longer than usual since she saw her and she was so happy to see her. With a quick hug, Sofia ran past Callie and sped off to her room.
Arizona a couldn’t help but pull Callie into a hug. She had to cherish this moment, make sure it was real before it somehow shattered or bent too far and broke. “We’re really doing this?” Arizona squeaked. She shut her eyes and felt Callie’s hands roam up her back to the tips of her hair.
“This is the right thing to do. You’re sure about this?” Her voice got quieter, weaker. She felt extremely vulnerable and anything Callie would say might break her. “I just want you to be happy. Sofia deserves two happy moms.” She repeated from earlier.
“I promise.” She said. The statement was a serious one between the two, and this was one promise Callie knew she wasn’t going to break no matter what.


or with a nasty scar…


the only people who believe in me in this town
are henry and you

116/365 Days of Outlaw Queen

OTP: Because that's who Maya is.

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Brainstorming about my ships :

Mikitaϟ Nikita et Mickael, Nikita

Salexϟ Alex et Sean, Nikita

Hawkeye Squared ϟ Kate Bishop & Clint Barton (BrOTP), Hawkeye

Barbara Morse & Clint Barton, Marvel

Max & AlecDark Angel

- Rose Tyler & The doctor (Ten), Doctor Who

and Rose Tyler & Tentoo , as “only one heart" (of course !)

Brienne of Tarth & Jaime Lannister,Game of thrones

- Chlollie ϟ Chloe Sullivan & Oliver Queen, Smallville

- Delena ϟ Elena Gilbert & Damon Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries

Naley ϟ Haley James & Nathan Scott, One tree hill

BrOTP ϟ Robin Scherbatsky & Barney Stinson, How I met your mother

Skate ϟ  Kate Austen & Sawyer, Lost 

Gail Peck & Dov Epstein, Rookie Blue

Dexter & Debra MorganDexter (bromance)

John Connor & Cameron PhilipsTerminator TSCC

Sarah Connor & Kyle Reese, Terminator

Peggy Carter & Steve Rogers, Captain America

- Pepperoni ϟ Virginia Pepper Pott & Tony Stark, Avengers, Iron Man

Katniss Everdeen et Pita, The hunger games

- Crowen ϟ Cristine Yang & Owen Hunt, Grey’s Anatomy

- Japril ϟ April Kepner & Jackson Avery, Grey’s Anatomy

- Sarah Walker & Chuck Bartowski, Chuck

- Tigra & Hank Pym, Marvel, ML

- Kate Bishop & Elijah Bradley, Marvel, ML

- Densi ϟ Kensi Blye & Marty Deeks, NCIS Los Angeles

- Annie Edison & Jeff Winger, Community

- Dean Winchester & Max Guevera, in some awesome AU between Supernatural and Dark Angel. YES !

- Shenko ϟ Femshep & Kaidan Alenko, Mass Effect

- Maleigh ϟ Mako Mori & Raleigh Becket, Pacific Rim

- Olicity ϟ Felicity Smoak & Oliver Queen, Arrow