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i still can't get over his gentleman behavior helping key descend the stairs and now "tying shoelaces" this must get under onkey things category "Onew with his Princes"

I’m very emo about onkey now T^T
So, here are 400 pics to describe how sweet and absolutely adorable these two are, lol. Key is totally jinki’s softest prince :3


171128 Kibum liked this picture on instagram. (© pics xueqi3107)

He later unliked it and left a comment under his post (from the season’s greetings shoot)

trans: “I was looking at random photos that were in the search section of Instagram & accidentally clicked and accidentally liked the photo ㅋㅋㅋ woah I thought something happened, I don’t usually press like on other people’s accounts right…? Haha“
© omggminho

What Your Favorite Shinee Ship Says About You
  • Jongyu: You're an old soul with a flair for music and song. You love singing in the car and often find yourself taking center stage. This gives you a rush but also makes you incredibly anxious. Your biggest weakness is that you let criticism get the best of you. You would be happier if you would just let yourself be yourself.
  • Onkey: You're the strong and silent type. Your friends often look to you as a pillar of guidance and comfort, but this sometimes overwhelms you. Your biggest weakness is that you struggle to make time for yourself. You would be happier if you leaned on others even half as much as they lean on you.
  • Onho: You are friendly and charismatic, and people are naturally drawn to your warm heart. You take direction well, but sometimes you let people walk all over you. Your biggest weakness is the fact that you value yourself based on how others see you. You would be happier if you stopped being so skeptical of the love others give you.
  • Ontae: You are an affectionate person who craves validation. You pretend you don't need it, but you love positive attention and praise. Your biggest weakness is that you seem to deem yourself unworthy of the love that you crave. You would be happier if you embraced your needs and were more forthcoming about them.
  • Jongkey: You're a free spirited person full of opposites, but that's what people like about you! You approach life with unmatched ambition and intensity. Your biggest weakness is the anger you feel towards yourself when faced with a setback. You would be happier if you were less judgmental of yourself.
  • Jongho: You're the funniest person in the room and everyone knows it. People can always count on you to bring up the mood, and no one lays on the skinship thicker than you. People love your affectionate heart. Your biggest weakness is that you are so fixated on self improvement that you grow frustrated with yourself when you stagnate. You would be happier if you made more time for yourself.
  • Jongtae: You're richly creative and full of subversive, brand new ideas. You challenge the norms of society, for which people admire you from afar for. You like giving love more than you like receiving it. Your biggest weakness is your refusal to accept the praise other people give you. You'd be happier if you would allow yourself to take pride in your work.
  • Minkey: You're an empathetic, charismatic person. Your close friendships mean more to you than anything, and you tend to share your heart with only these people. Your greatest weakness is that you tend to carry the weight of all the world on your shoulders. You would be a lot happier if you were less critical of yourself.
  • Taekey: You are full of bright and brilliant ideas begging to be expressed. You are charming and witty, and your work ethic is truly admirable. Your greatest weakness is that you are often so invested in your daydreams that your head is in the clouds. You would be happier if you allowed yourself to take the path you truly desire instead of following a pre-set destiny.
  • 2min: You are a protective person with a nurturing heart. You love to have fun, but often prioritize others over yourself. The people around you may unwittingly take advantage of that. Your greatest weakness is your inability to stand up for yourself when you need to. You would be happier if you made yourself a priority.