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The only woman who completes Oliver’s soul is Felicity Smoak. She is his always.

Oliver Queen is Felicity’s heart, he is her perfect match and she loves him in a million different ways. 

If there’s no one for either of them but each other, then there’s no one else for me either.

Olicity is my OTP. OTP means ONE True Ship. I’m loyal to my OTP. Reblog if you’re loyal too. 

Sooo, did I love the new DB Super Episode?
So much so that I decided to scrap a little something.Quick sketch with emotion, tho!  
It’s true, I don’t draw that much anymore due to my busy schedule, but 18 IS ADORABLE! I definitely can see something like that happen, at the end of the episode!

K18 Ship is still shipping! <3
It makes me…it makes me want to grab my pencil once again! I would love to! NNNGH!

#✪ ͜ʖ✪ yas

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ok seriously though CAPTAIN SWAN is the OTP OF ALL FUCKING OTPS ... They are UNTOUCHABLE ... This is never how i expected this journey would take me but i would not have it any other way ... Like this the OTP that all future OTPs should be measured against ... & Colin and Jen are the actors all other tv actors should be measured against .. & honestly i think they should play every romantic couple on every new tv show from now until the end of time .. GOD SUNDAY CAN'T COME FAST ENOUGH .. I'M DEAD

This enthusiasm is exactly what I’m here for LOL Xx

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Hey can you send me long star wars fanfics? I'm sorry if this is inconvinient but can you please recommend some with stormpilot/obikin/amidala/skysolo?

Okay, honey. First of all, I dont read stormpilot. But here a rec list with obikin fics, and another one. And form this one, I have read all of them because these were recommendations of the obikin queen; my favorites are:

Now, for amidala I guess you mean anidala? Here is a great rec list, I’m still reading some of them. Another one and another one. And this is my favorite list, I have read all of them because the OP is like THE anidala queen; and here are the ones I’m reading right now that were recommended to me by a good friend on mine aka Sophie:

Also, this one is one of my favorites. I think it was the first Vader/Padmé I read? They never met before this, it’s an AU:

And as for skysolo, here is a rec list. My favorites from it:

Another one. Faves:

These are ald as balls, dude. They are treasures.

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Obviously Jon and Dany 😎.

ew / nonono / maybe / ship it / awww / otp / MY HEART


No but seriously I exist to give Jonerys the love and respect they deserve. Have any two people ever been so made for one another? Has any one fandom ever been this hyped to see a ship sail? I don’t think so. 

My sweet little prince and fierce dragon-riding queen are so perfect :’) I literally had a good summer simply because this ship exists hahaha.

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I’m wrecked.

Waiting for the day when the H50 Season 6 finale doesn’t turn me into a sniveling emotional wreck. I’ve now seen this particular episode 3 times in the past 6 months and as SOON as Danny realizes Steve is practically mortally wounded, my eyes turn into goddamn Niagara Falls. I swear these two men are gonna be the figurative death of me someday.

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"You can trust me." Legolas/Gimli. Go.

ah yess my fluffiest of otps always here to comfort me

please bear in mind that i am a fairly casual book fan and am quite liable to make continuity errors when writing lotr fic. also no accents on letters cause i’m way too lazy to use accents in tumblr fic


the last victory

Fourteen days have greatly changed Ithilien. Gone is the stench of death; the great Anduin smells now of fresh growing things and the little wooded isle is lit by many lanterns. A flock of noble Men and women have descended upon it like brightly plumaged birds, and their melodious voices fill the warm spring air. Gimli lies on soft grass, back against a tree, and listens to the rushing of the water. It is marvelous indeed, he thinks, that a Dwarf should feel so comfortable in such a place, so far from his home. Here he is, admiring the beauty of trees and grass like an Elf.

“Ho, Gimli,” a voice softly calls, as though summoned by his thoughts.

Legolas Greenleaf steps from the shadows. He is dressed more simply than Gimli had expected, in soft gray offset only by the green brooch at his throat, more an anonymous Elven scout than the princeling of the Green Wood. Then again, Gimli considers, he himself has elected to attend a formal occasion without wearing the braids and ornaments of the House of Durin for the first time since he left his father’s halls for Rivendell. Perhaps they are simply both relaxing, finally able to focus on enjoying the moment.

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jeyton appreciation week 2014 | day three: favorite quotes.

“If my hopes could bring you home, you and Jenny would be with me now.”

“You’re too amazing to carry this around, you’re too full of greatness… I love you too much.”

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Sinbad and Ja'far for the ship meme :3

Aaaay you all guys!!! Thank you so much!!! ♥♥
For the Hiryuu x Zeno one, I’m sorry, I don’t know that much about them. I think they are adorable tho!!!!


  • Rate the Ship -  
    Awful | Ew | No pics pls | I’m not comfortable | Alright | I like it! | Got Pics? | Let’s do it! | Why is this not getting more attention?! | The OTP to rule all other OTPs | QUEEN SHIP  
  • How long will they last? - forever (I still have some hope) or till death do them part *cries*
  • How quickly did/will they fall in love? - For Ja’far it happened faster. He fell for Sin the moment he realized he genuinely was willing to trust him and accept him even tho he tried to murder him several times. For Sin it happened as Ja’far began to grow and change into the man he could rely on completely, the one who was always by his side and well he also became really attractive ;3
  • How was their first kiss? -I have 2 HCs but I’m gonna share just one:
    After Sindria’s destruction Sinbad had a mental break down. He stayed locked in his room, getting drunk, trying to not be concious of anything. Everyone was still in shock about the whole thing so they didn’t give it much thought aside of being worried.
    Ja’far tried to look after everything as usual, he would check Sinbad’s room several times a day to be sure he was ok. He would also wait till Sin passed out so he could put him on his bed. He’d also tidy up the room since Sinbad made a mess of it while drunk.
    Sinbad noticed all this, all the effort Ja’far was puting and how patient he was being with him, despite the fact he was probably disappoiting him.
    One day Ja’far came into his room when he was still half-concious. So he could witness how Ja’far carried him to his bed, removed his shoes and jacket, loosened his hair and tucked him in bed. Ja’far looked really sad and worried. Sinbad looked at him and felt guilty. He started crying (since he was on edge and drunk). Ja’far saw him crying and also started tearing up. To see Sin suffering like that was too much after all. He tried to calm Sin down and held his hand.
    Ja’far held his hand all night and fell asleep in a chair next to his bed.
    The next morning Sinbad finally wakes up with determination of at least trying to solve things. He decides they are going back to Rashid.
    When Ja’far wakes up, he sees Sin standing, clean and looking ready. He instantly feels better. Sin tells him he’s gonna tell the others about their next move. Ja’far answers with a smile.
    But then Sin approaches him slowly and looks at him silently. Ja’far just looks back and says: Sin? 
    And to Ja’far’s shock, Sinbad leans and kisses him softly.
    Then he whispers: thank you. And leaves the room calmly. 
    Ja’far stays there frozen and blushing for a few minutes.
    And that’s one of them. Even tho Sin kisses him there they don’t start anything until several years later. They just had that kiss. Sinbad just wanted to show gratitude and instinctively did that, but then he felt he shouldn’t have because Ja’far was still a child. He eventually forgot about it until years later, while Ja’far remembered it every year the date came.


  • Who proposed?Sinbad of course. Ja’far didn’t thought he would at all tho, he was not waiting for it and wasn’t even wishing for it.
  • Who is the best man/men? - Masrur and probably Drakon.
  • Who is the braid’s maid(s)? - Yamu, Pisti and Pipirika ofc
  • Who did the most planning? - Both of them did. At first none of them, and the girls were taking care of it, but they were doing things in a way sinja didn’t like. So Sinbad started to take care of things, especially in aesthetic related matters and decoration, while Ja’far focused more on planning and organizing all matters. Sinbad also helped him with everything a little. That’s why they are best team ♥.
  • Who stressed the most?- Ja’far. Not in a bridezilla way but the day of the wedding things always start changing from how they were originally planned and that stresses him always.
  • -How fancy was the ceremony? -
    Back of a pickup truck | 2 | 3 | 4 | Normal Church Wedding | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Kate and William wish they were this big.
  • Who was specifically not invited to the wedding? - Judar, but he showed up anyway.


  • Who is on top? - Both of them can be, but Sinbad likes to be on top most. Ja’far doesn’t mind to be in any position.
  • Who is the one to instigate things? - Mostly Sin, but both of them do it.
  • How healthy is their sex life?
    Barely touch themselves let alone each other | 2 | 3 | 4 | Once a couple weeks, nothing overboard | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | They are humping each other on the couch right now
  • How kinky are they? -
    Straight missionary with the lights off | 2 | 3 | 4 | Might try some butt stuff and toys | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Don’t go into the sex dungeon without a horse’s head- Sinja is vanilla with some small variations to me tbh. But vanilla af ♥. Might try some butt stuff this thing says, butts are always included dsihvoiho!!!!
  • How long do they normally last? - depends on how busy they are. If they have the night free they last several hours with repeats and all. But if they are hella busy it goes as quick as possible.
  • Do they make sure each person gets an equal amount of orgasms? - they do! Especially Sin wants to make sure. The first times were hard tho, because Ja’far didn’t have much sexual experience.
  • How rough are they in bed? -
    Softer than a butterfly on the back of a bunny | 2 | 3 | 4 | The bed’s shaking and squeaking every time | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Their dirty talk is so vulgar it’d make Dwayne Johnson blush. Also, the wall’s so weak it could collapse the next time they do it.- I’m laughing at these descriptions wtf.
  • How much cuddling/snuggling do they do? -
    No touching after sex | 2 | 3 | 4 | A little spooning at night, or on the couch, but not in public | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | They snuggle and kiss more often than a teen couple on their fifth date to a pillow factory.


  • How many children will they have naturally? -  one or two maybe
  • How many children will they adopt? -  They have adopted 5 beautiful children. In AUs, 3 cute babies ♥
  • Who gets stuck with the most diapers? - Both of them. They share the work equally. 
  • Who is the stricter parent? - Ja’far, while Sinbad spoils too much, and then he convinces Ja’far to also spoil.
  • Who stops the kid(s) from doing dangerous stunts after school? - Ja’far
  • Who remembers to pack the lunch(es)? - Ja’far
  • Who is the more loved parent? - Both of them are
  • Who is more likely to attend the PTA meetings? - Both of them, depends on how busy they are at work. If one can’t go the other one covers.
  • Who cried the most at graduation? - Ja’far
  • Who is more likely to bail the child(ren) out of trouble with the law? -this question is weird.


  • Who does the most cooking? - Ja’far cooks better than Sin, but both of them cook well. Who does it most depends on how busy is the other.
  • Who is the most picky in their food choice? - Sinbad
  • Who does the grocery shopping? - Both again
  • How often do they bake desserts? - they have their moments. Sometimes it’s several times a week, but then they worry about having an unhealthy diet and stop.
  • Are they more of a meat lover or a salad eater? - Both I think, they eat it all. Tho maybe they do like meat more.
  • Who is more likely to surprise the other(s) with an anniversary dinner? - Sinbad. Then Ja’far would do it next year as a thank you. But Sinbad is the one who comes up with surprises and romantic gifts the most.
  • Who is more likely to suggest going out? - Sinbad
  • Who is more likely to burn the house down accidently while cooking? - ….Sinbad

[credit: @sinbad-ai]


  • Who cleans the room? - both do
  • Who is really against chores? - none of them are
  • Who cleans up after the pets? - both
  • Who is more likely to sweep everything under the rug? - Sinbad, Ja’far when he’s stressed.
  • Who stresses the most when guests are coming over? - Ja’far
  • Who found a dollar between the couch cushions while cleaning? - Sinbad


  • Who takes the longer showers/baths? - Sinbad
  • Who takes the dog out for a walk? - Both
  • How often do they decorate the room/house for the holidays? - Sinbad does, every holiday. Ja’far helps too, but it’s Sin who has the initiative.
  • What are their goals for the relationship? - Stay a stable couple, live together, adopt children maybe.
  • Who is most likely to sleep till noon? - Sinbad, but they rarely sleep that much. They both are used to waking up early. Ja’far just sometimes lets Sin sleep more when he sees him tired. He turns off his alarm clock. Ja’far wakes up without having to set an alarm.
  • Who plays the most pranks? - Sin and then Ja’far gets his revenge.

Anyway thank you guys!! This was fun ♥ some questions were weird tho. 
You can send more!!! It could be another ship you know I can write a lot about ♥