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Prompt: What's the relationship between Fujimaki and Masaomi like? I feel like they're both highly intelligent, dangerous and good at reading people, so I'd be really interested in the dynamic between them! (I absolutely love your writing so much, and MasaYou is totally my OTP now :D)

“Masa-chan, I told you, you can’t just go in there and act like you usually do—”

“—I’m not sure I like your implication there, Youji, I usually behave just fine around people.”

“He’s not people, he’s a four-star general, OK? And if you want to adopt Seijuurou, you’re going to have to get him to like you.”

“I still have no idea what you’re talking about, people love me,” Masaomi says. “You’re making a big deal out of nothing. Do you know what a general is?”

“Probably better than you know what a general is.”

“A general is a politician,” Masaomi replies. “You don’t get to be a general without being able to play the political game. And no one knows that game better than me. Generals get where they are because they know how the world works—you schmooze, you make connections, you know the right people—”

“Yes, please, do continue explaining how military ranks work to me, Masa-chan, I’ve always been astoundingly ignorant about the subject—”

“Clearly, or you wouldn’t still be just a sergeant,” Masaomi says.

“You know what? Don’t listen to me. You go in there and you do your thing, Masa-chan,” Youji says. It is decidedly tempting to just let Masaomi hang himself with this conversation, but against all odds Seijuurou actually seems to want to live with this guy, and Youji does feel obligated to try and make sure the kids end up where they want to be.

“Youji, don’t tell me you’re actually afraid of this man,” Masaomi says incredulously.

“He’s a general,” Youji says.

“Ugh, you used to be cool,” Masaomi says.

It would be very hard to explain just what it is exactly about General Fujimaki that makes Youji nervous. Youji really isn’t the kind of person who would typically be intimidated by authority, but Fujimaki wasn’t the typical authority figures that Youji had rebelled against in his past. He’s not sure he could explain it properly, but he does feel like it would be a mistake for Masaomi to underestimate the general. He opens his mouth to try and explain that, at least for Seijuurou’s sake, but then the door to Fujimaki’s office opens up.

“Oh, Kasamatsu-kun, Akashi-kun, it is nice to see you both.” Fujimaki smiles kindly at both of them.

Masaomi blinks in silence for a second—it has probably been a very long time since anyone used the “kun” ending when addressing him, and then smiles. “General Fujimaki, it is truly an honor to meet with you. Could I please have a moment of your time?”

“Certainly, Akashi-kun, I’d be happy to speak with you.”

The two step into Fujimaki’s office and close the door. Youji thinks that’s the politest he’s ever heard Masaomi be—he’s never heard Masaomi use respectful keigo, he didn’t even know Masaomi knew how.

So. All things considered, Masaomi must have gotten the picture.


When Masaomi comes back out again, Youji is waiting at the door. “Well?” he asks urgently.

“I want that man to be my father,” Masaomi replies.

“Masaomi,” Youji says.

“I’m serious. Do you think he’d agree to enter my family? He’d make a badass General Akashi.”

“I’m not sure you can just randomly pick your own family members like that.”

“Why not? I’m choosing a son, I can keep going with this. Ooh, I really like that idea, I could pick out an entirely new family line. Do you want to be my brother or my cynical uncle? I think General Fujimaki should also be your father, you’ve always needed a new family.”

“I’m leaving you now,” Youji says, walking away.

“Youji, don’t walk away, I have ideas for further Akashi family members, this is brilliant. We could rule the world!”

A/N: Thank you for the question, anon-friend! I was initially thinking that they probably hadn’t met yet, until I realized that all things considered they probably did when Masaomi was adopting Akashi. I know I didn’t actually show those two together, but I decided I’d have more fun with it this way. =D I also think those two would make a frightening combination. Thanks again!

I watched the episode of Twilight Zone that Logan’s season 7 gift for Rory is from, and it’s just…depressing now that we know how their relationship turns out. It’s not about an astronaut and a young woman in love staying together despite all the obstacles, it’s about a man who spends 40 years alone in space waiting for the love of his life, only to come back and find that she’s still young and beautiful with her whole life ahead of her. It’s about a man who lets the love of his life go so that she can find happiness without him. 

It’s about Logan, basically.


oh, I think I’m into you, how much do you want it too? (x)


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Sterek don't quite get why their friends think they're dating just because they're roommates who share the same bed and give each other goodbye kisses) psst they end up dating

Anonymous: Sterek fratbros au where the whole fraternity has a pool going to see how long it takes them to realize that they’re dating

I kind of accidentally put these together. Enjoy!


“Pretty sure we’d know if we were dating,” Stiles says slowly, trying to explain such a simple concept to his best friend, who is just downright ditzy sometimes. Really. Stiles and Derek dating? What kind of shit do you have to be smoking to see that? “Like I’m really super sure both of us would be aware that we’re dating.”

“You say that, but you guys act like you’re dating,” Scott tells him frustratedly like he’s tried explaining this a hundred times yet this is the first Stiles has ever heard so obviously he hasn’t explained this a hundred times.

“And it’s really the freaking the rest of us out,” Jackson oh so unhelpfully adds. “It’s disgusting.”

“Your homophobia is so endearing, Jackson,” Stiles sneers at him. Jackson’s best friend is gay, so Stiles didn’t think his and Derek’s bisexuality would ever be an issue when he pledged.

Jackson’s face screws up and all Stiles can find to describe is that he looks even more prissy than usual. “I don’t care who or what you fuck, Stilinski, but you and Derek are just gross together. I really expected more out of Hale’s taste in partners.”

Stiles rolls his eyes. “Even if I was dating Derek, his taste would be excellent. I’m a fucking delight.”

Jackson and Danny both snort at that. Stiles has the worst friends. Why does he even hang out with them?

Then Derek walks in the room and Stiles feels like he’s been saved by the lord…that he doesn’t believe in. Whatever.

“Derek!” Stiles cries in joy. “Finally. Question, dude. Are we dating?”

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“Are you still hungry? What’re we eating?”
“I could go for pizza.”


“give the stranger sanctuary, keep people fed. you’re gonna have to learn to live with the love .” - carol to daryl | 4x01

When you meet the right person, you know it.
You can't stop thinking about them.
They are your best friend, and your soulmate.
You can't wait to spend the rest of your life with them.
No one and nothing else can compare.
—How I Met Your Mother.