otp: not with legs like yours

Imagine your OTP #2
  • Person A: I wanna do bad things to you.
  • Person B: Like what ;)
  • Person A: Break your legs
  • Person A: Choke you to death
  • Person A: Push you off a building
  • Person B: Kinky
  • Person A: ...
  • Person A: I'm gonna kill you, you little shi-
Height Difference AUs

1. “I’m in a bookshop and I really need that book can you get it for me??? Wait you’ve read that book? let’s have an in depth conversation about it.”

2. “You were trying to reach for a box of cereal and a whole shelf’s-worth of cereal boxes fell on you here let me help”

3. “We’re both baristas and sometimes I have trouble reaching for things and I show up to work one day to find a personalized stool with hearts and my name on it i hATE YOU but also thanks”

4. “You are very tall and I am very short so you run into me all the time and honestly this is getting ridiculous”

5. I’m in art class and I just opened a cupboard to find a tiny person (you) squished inside and you just looked at and said “shh i’m hiding”

6. “We’re on the bus and I’m really not trying to take up your space I’m sorry I just have rlly rlly long legs” 

7. We’re at a concert and I can’t see a thing let me sit on your shoulders, maybe?” 

8. “You’re afraid that you’ll lose me in big crowds so you always hold my hand but now you just hold my hand when there’s only, like, five people around and I’m getting vry suspicious” 

Cute OTP One Liners:

1.“I said I’m hungry, not horny. But now that you mention it…”

2.“Date night? Skate night? Same thing.”

3.“Did you or did you not just call me a weenie?”

4.“Kick me in the ding-dong, see what happens.”

5.“Why does this receipt say you ordered 60 chicken mcnuggets?”

6.“Your car reeks like Taco Bell and tears.”


8.“Did it grow two legs and move on its own?”

9.“Thank god you’re not a parent.”

10.“Seriously though…did your mom drop you on your head when you were a baby?”

11.“It’s Mario Kart…chill out.”

12.“I said I bought a dog…I wasn’t asking if you wanted hot dogs.”

13.“You could take me out tonight…or we could sit in our underwear and watch vines?”

14.“Awww, you eat your gummy bears by color!”

15.“Rainbow order…always.”

16.“If I had a choice to kiss you…or to breathe…well, I’d breathe.”

17.“The power’s out. We have two options. Have sex, or I got ‘Back to the Future’ on my laptop.”

18.“You stubbed your toe, you’re not dying.”

19.“Why won’t you let me see your yearbook?!”

20.“Can you explain why there are cheeto crumbs ON EVERY PIECE OF FURNITURE?!”

21.“You contact ripped? I guess it’s glasses for you, nerd!”

22.“You ever wish you had a tragic life story so you could get on one of them singing shows?”

23.“Yes, I watch you sleep. No, not in a weird way!”

24.“Don’t you dare say another word.”

25.“Come near me and I swear, I will kill you.”

New Rules ( i )

PART: one | two | three | end |

SONG:  new rules - dua lipa


Summary: “ One, don’t pick up the phone

You know he’s only calling ‘cause he’s drunk and alone. ”

Genre: angst, smut, bad boy! jimin

Length: 1.4k

A/N: also some of the backstory is based off a lovely anon who shared this cute cliche story with me.

anyway i hope you guys enjoy this and please show some support because posting is h a r ddddd

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“You’re doing it again,” Jimin pushed himself off your body, and you blinked at him trying to understand what he was saying. Just as you were starting to become worried, he dipped his lips back to capture yours and happily, you moaned against the plump surface. He was topless, although you don’t remember him taking it off, however, you were happy to trace your hands down the well-sculpted chest you were so familiar with.

“Y/N, stop it.” Your eyes snapped open looking at Jimin, but he was smirking down at you as his arms rested on either side of your body, and you let yourself become lost in the way his lips mouthed on your neck until he began to shake your body, hands on your shoulders as he shook, “Wake up! Wake up!”

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  • Person A: Hey, are you okay??
  • Person B: Yeah, why??
  • Person A: Cuz for one that's like your 8th coffee/redbull mix. Number two you're stirring your drink with broken doll leg...
  • Person B: *Shaking* I have reached ultimate power! I can hear colours and see sounds~

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otp prompts where the girl is taller than the guy? maybe, in high school! thank you! ; ;

1)  He leaned up on his toes to kiss her, relishing the slight feeling of safety he always got when her arms wrapped around him and drew him close. She really was amazing.

2)  “If you like the heels, you should get them.”
“I can’t wear heels, I’m too tall.”
He blinked. “But you like them, and your legs look great in them.”
“You really don’t mind?” All of her boyfriends before had minded, with some idea that girls should petite things that they could tuck under their arm. He flashed her that smile of his, and looked like he’d kiss her right there in the shop if they weren’t around people.
“Shockingly, no, I don’t mind that my girlfriend is gorgeous. It’s a hardship. But, you know, I bear it.”

3) She loved the fact that he was still protective. Most people looked at her and figured she could protect herself just fine (she could, that wasn’t the point) and that she wasn’t the type of person to be looked after. Could smack any prick to the ground without hesitation. He fussed. Couldn’t quite offer up his jacket when it was cold and compensated with a ridiculous but really quite lovely blanket in the back of his car that he could offer her, and hot flagons of tea. He also rather loved wearing her hoodies, oversized. Pulled out chairs. Held open doors. Looked about ready to cut anyone who wanted to comment on ‘don’t you need a box to kiss each other?’ It was nice to feel protected for once. 


Dating Peter Parker would include:

- first of all, you two would have been best friends for years before he managed to ask you out

- before that EVERYONE knew he had a huge crush on you

- him being to embarrassed to admit it

- cuddles happening 10x more often than before

- during school you would always lay on him as much as possible

- almost getting scolded when your caught laying in between his legs or vice versa

- holding hands @ all times

- automatically becoming the schools otp

- because you’re his best friend you knew he was spidey

- but now being fine with asking for a swing around the city

- he would always to you to new places he finds whilst being his alter-ego

- wOrD sPrEaDiNg lIke wIlD fIrE that you know Spider-Man once someone caught him dropping you off at school

- ya boi parker being hella protective

- even though he already was before

- hearing girls talk about Spider-Man makes you super cocky because HE’S ALL YOURS

- let’s just think that through

- spider boy is yours

- yours


- Aunt May shipping it so hard

- sleepovers

- jk that was already a thing

- not gonna lie people thought you were dating before you actually were because y'all acted like a couple

- cleaning up his boo-boos when he gets hurt

- kisses the scars on his body

- you love to squish his cheeks and peck his lips continuosly

- playing with his hair is a must

- always styling his hair for school

- which is easy because you practically live at his house

- May forcing you to leave the door open

- You might have broken that rule once or twice before ;)

- over all loving eachother so much it’s honestly the cutest

- Peter is the cutest

- Tony shipping y'all but at first not wanting to admit it

- “just watching you both is giving me type two diabetes”


OTP Prompt 120

Person A wakes up in the middle of the night, Person B no where to be seen.

They go to the living room, and see Person B working out, 1 AM glaring on the VCR clock.

“Are you freaking serious?” Person A gripes, sitting down beside them. “This is why youre always ripped– despite never going to the gym with me?”

“I don’t wanna go to a dumb gym. I’d get embarrassed. Go back to sleep.”

“Hell no. If you never go to a gym and your bod’s that hot, I’m joining you.”

“But you like goin-”

“The GAINS, B. The GAIN TRAIN has been in our living room the whole time. Choo choo, motherf**kers.”

Person B spends the rest of the hour trying to get Person A back in bed– they keep falling asleep while they do sit-ups.

Woman - Spencer Reid

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hello sweet cupcakes.  this one is inspired by Woman by Daddy Harry Styles and i love him more than i will ever love myself :) 


word count: 2,607

You drove Spencer Reid absolutely mad. Everything about you was so alluring, but yet most of your free time in work was spent laughing with, touching, and cutting up with one of the I.T. men, Mark. It was so frustrating to Spencer to try to court you but it had little to no effect. He was under the impression that he was a friend and nothing more.  

You worked in the same FBI building as Spencer and you basically did any and all legal paperwork that needed to be done for the Behavioral Analysis Unit to be sure that there was not any legal conflicts.  You were sort of like their own persona attorney in the building, and you were a treasured employee.  Spencer admired the knowledge you had on the legal field and he was always so interested in what you had to say.  You adored this about him, how he could sit there and listen to you speak for a limitless amount of time.  

Little did Spencer know, you were equally infatuated with him as he was with you.  Every little quirk he had, all his lame jokes and obsession with reading and Halloween, you adored it.  Spencer was the bane of your existence as he was not even aware.  Perhaps it was that you were simply horrible at giving signs, or that Spencer was mildly oblivious of any signs of affection.  Either way, it always discouraged you from him.  

On this particular day, as you pouted in you private office, you wanted nothing more than to listen to Spencer’s voice as he spoke about something you did not know a thing about.   Your head rested against the large oak desk in your office as soft music played from your desktop.  Today, you wanted nothing more than to cuddle up in your bed, with your cat, and binge watch The Office.  Instead, you sat in your office, reading Agent Hotchner’s report on his most recent case, looking for any sort of trouble or dispute between the team and members of the local police department that called them in.  

A small knock on your door jolted you from your minor nap, and you quickly made yourself look busy as you called out, “Come in!”  

Slowly, the door of your office opened to reveal an eccentric looking Penelope Garcia and a bored Emily Prentiss.  “Can I help you?”  You asked with a faint smile.  

Penelope walked into the room and sat in front of your desk in one of the two chairs.  “Yes, actually.” 

Emily followed in suit, seemingly to be more awake now.  “About a fun topic.”  She insisted with a smirk on her lips.  

You folded your hands in front of you and narrowed you eyes.  “And what would that be, ladies?”  You asked, trying to be formal with your friends.  They saw right through your false demeanor and treated you just the same.  

“Spencer Reid.”  Emily said, raising an eyebrow. 

You furrowed your eyebrows.  “Why?  Is everything all right?”  You questioned quickly and found yourself to be leaning forward at the mentioning of his name.  Whenever they left on missions, and you got a call, you immediately worried that someone would be hurt, especially Spencer.  He was your kryptonite.  

Penelope crossed her arms full of bangles.  “If by all right, you mean a totally pitiful mess, then yes, he is all right.”  She muttered and glared at you.  You knew she was not truly mad, but just bothering you for fun.  

“Pardon?”  You asked, shocked at her words.  

Emily chuckled softly.  “What we are trying to say is that it is time for you to stop acting as if you do not have the biggest crush on Spencer.”  She reasoned and crossed one leg over the other. 

Your mouth fell open, surprised.  You had nothing at all to say, because the words would not form for you.  “Do not act like you do not know what we are talking about!  Spencer does not realize that Mark is gay and he thinks that you are head over heels for Mark instead of him!”  Penelope cried.  “It is time for my OTP to be together and if you do not accept that, I will make it happen myself.”  She threatened and pointed her finger at you.  

Uncontrollable laughter spilled from your mouth.  You could not believe the words she said!  “He really doesn’t know that Mark is gay?”  You laughed loudly, covering your face.  “The poor thing, he makes my heart so happy.”  You admitted.  You face was flushed and the two girls looked at you confused.  

“What is so funny?”  Emily asked and narrowed her eyes at you.  Obviously, she did not understand your humor.  

You straightened yourself out and sighed.  Your laughing had ceased and you had a poker straight look on your face.  “I am laughing because there is not a snowball’s chance in hell that the sweet Dr. Reid has any sort of romantic feelings for me.” You muttered and shuffled through your papers, looking for nothing in particular.  

Penelope rolled her eyes at you through her large colorful glasses. She did not speak, but instead, allowed Emily to.  “I do not understand how you got your degree and went to law school but be so foolish all the same, (Y/N).”  She said, exasperated,  and threw her hands up.  

“But, you do admit you have feelings for him?”  Penelope questioned.  

You blushed, and ducked down, looking at your papers.  “I never said that.”  You muttered and played with the corner of the document you were researching.  You didn’t actually admit it, had you?  Your worst kept secret, you finally spoke aloud?  

Emily perked up, smiling.  “You do!”  She accused and stood.  

You stood as well, walking around your desk and standing close to the two of the,  “No, no!  You will not interfere with my relationships and love life.  Remember I am your superior and all it takes is one paper to slip through the cracks and one of you could be interviewed by the board.  Especially you, Miss Garcia.”  You threatened with a blush on your face.  You never really threatened anyone because you were more peace loving than aggressive, but the situation require it in this point.  

Penelope smiled wicked.  “Not a thing will be done, my pretty face.”  She said and whisked herself from the room quickly with Emily in tow.  

Emily looked at you and mouthed a quick “I’m sorry,” as Penelope dragged her away.  

You sighed heavily and sat down at your desk again with your head in your hands.  


A week and a half has passed since your talk with Penelope and Emily and nothing suspicious has happened.  You were grateful for this, but it also took a mental toll on you.  The team had left for a big case in Atlanta and were due back any minute now, and you were rushing to finish the paperwork for them to sign and return to you to file.  Usually, you had it finished hours before they were due back and had it on their desks with more than enough time.  

This was not the case today.  

You had only Derek Morgan’s left to do, and it made you feel sick to your stomach as you rushed to finish the documents with the information Agent Hotchner had provided for you.  You finished typing away furiously, and printed the paper quickly and saved it to your database.  You paper clipped it and stood from your desk to deliver the papers to all of the team’s desks before they returned.  

After all the papers were placed on their respectful desks, you returned to your office and collapsed in your chair, immediately kicking off the black heels you wore to make yourself look taller.  You slipped your pink slipped on instead that kept their place under your desk and put your head into your hands.   

It felt like hours had passed as you breezed through work, trying to get as much done before you planned to head home at around seven o’clock that night.  Another light knock at the door interrupted you.  “Come in,”  you called and set your pen down and leaned back in your comfortable chair.  

Spencer Reid entered, not wanting to look at you.  He held the paperwork in your hand and you were alarmed.  Normally, you didn’t expect the paperwork to be finished until the next day at the soonest.  “You’ve finished reading it already?”  You asked in shock. 

Spencer nodded.  “I have, but there is one mistake that makes an entire paragraph inaccurate.”  He said stiffly as he stood at the doorway.  

“Well, come in, then.  And please shut the door, it is absolutely freezing out there.  I do not know how you handle it.”  You laughed and motioned for him to sit down in the chair in front of your desk.  

Slowly, Spencer did as he was told and sat stiffly in your chair.  “Section Six, Paragraph three you have the victim’s name incorrect.”  He said quickly and stared down at the paper.  You spun your chair around quickly to your second desk against the wall, where your computer with two screens sat.  

“Oh, I see.  Funny, I only got that incorrect on your documents.  My apologies, Spence.”  You said softly and fixed it quickly and pressing print.  You spun back around, looking at him.  He stared at your certificates on the wall, examining everything but you.  “Is there something wrong?  You are acting like I killed a puppy.”  You muttered sadly and grabbed the documents when they finished printing.  You paper clipped them and tossed them to Spencer. 

Spencer finally glanced at you with a sad look on his face.  “Why have you not told me that you and Mark were seeing one another?”  He questioned and narrowed his eyes at you jealously.  

“Pardon?”  You asked, rolling you eyes.  “Honestly, Spencer, I thought you were more intelligent than this.  Mark is gay, and I am not interested in him.  I am interested in someone else in the office.”  You tell him bitterly and crossed you arms as you leaned back in your chair.  

Alarmed, Spencer looked up.  “Who is it?”  He asked. 

“Why do you care to know?”  You retorted quickly, raising an eyebrow.

For a long time, Spencer was silent as he sat there in your office, looking for the correct words to say.  You waited patiently, picking at your nails, trying to seem uninterested and not as if you were going to throw up at any minute, which was quite the possibility.  

Spencer looked at you finally, and opened his mouth to speak.  “I would like to know who interests you because I know quite well someone in the office is very interested in you as well.”  He said dumbly and sounded nothing at all like the Spencer you knew. 

You rolled your eyes and stood, walking to the jacket hook on the wall and pulling your petticoat down.  You slipped in onto your shoulders and grabbed your purse, standing at the door.  Spencer watched you curiously, not sure on how to react.  

“Well, are you coming?”  You finally asked and smiled widely.  

Not sure what you were referring to, Spencer stood.  “Where?”  He asked and tossed the incorrect copy of papers into the bin by the door. 

You smiled coyly.  “To dinner.  There’s this great Indian place that is open 24 hours that this reallt great guy told me about.”  You offered, but smirked at your own reference of Spencer in it.  

He looked surprised, but opened the door for you and motioned for you to leave first.  “Just let me grab my jacket.”  He told you with a large smile and a blush on his face.  


As you sipped your cocktail, you watched Spencer’s mouth move with every word he spoke.  There was no doubt that you two were attracted to one another, but neither of you wanted to speak of it first.  He was babbling on about a recent article that came out about global warming and its effects.  You were not really listening, and did not really care too much, but you loved to hear him speak.  His words flowed so well and the way his lips moved so indicatively, you enjoyed it.  

“I am talking too much, aren’t I?”  Spencer finally asked as he looked down at his hands with a blush on his cheeks.  

You smiled brightly and shook your head.  “No, of course not.”  You said and swirled the stirrer around your drink.  

Spencer blushed further and shifted uncomfortably.  “I tend to not realize when I babble on.”  He told you and tucked his long hair behind his ear.  “I suppose at some points in time, I am rather loquacious.”  He said with a chuckle.  

You hummed and nodded.  “It is fine.  I enjoy hearing you speak.”  You admitted to him and glanced up through your eyelashes.  Spencer raised an eyebrow and smiled, watching your every move.  “As you were saying in my office earlier, about the colleague that had interests in me.  Do you mind filling me in as to who that is?”  You asked and watched his face change colors right before you.  You laughed gently at this. 

Your date shifted and avoided eye contact.  “I think you know the answer as well as I do, (Y/N).”   He said softly and licked his lips.  

Watching him squirm was just edging you on.  “Perhaps I do.  I would like to hear it from you, for confirmation, of course.”  You told him and bit you bottom lip slowly.  

Spencer frowned and swallowed hard.  He was silent for a moment.  “The thought of you and Mark being together made me feel so jealous.  I had never been jealous before and I did not know how to handle it.   I wish you could see, the shape I was in when I saw him touching your skin.”  Spencer said lowly and sighed.  “I wanted to be him.”  He said softly and looked away.  

You smiled softly and nodded.  “Mark has been trying to give me pointers as to how to tell you that I like you.”  You said so gently that Spencer almost didn’t hear you. 

“You do?”  He asked, hopeful.  

You nodded and blushed, smiling down to your cocktail.  “Quite a bit, actually.”  

Spencer smiled brightly and reached his hand across the table, taking yours, and rubbing his thumb across the top of your hand.  “It would be an absolute pleasure to take you on an official date.”  Spencer told you as the waitress dropped the check off.  Both you and Spencer reached for it. 

You snatched it quickly, just before Spencer could, and smirked.  “What?  Like you just said, this isn’t an official date.”  You told  him and quickly paid and left a tip before standing.  Spencer stood with you, shaking his head, and walked with you towards the exit.  

A large smile was on your face as he began to walk you  to your car.  “So, you will call me?”  You asked him hopefully as you finally got to your car.  

With a nod, Spencer smiled.  “Of course.”  He said gently.  

You smiled in return, before standing on your toes and giving him a quick kiss on the lips.  “Goodnight, Spencer.”  You said as you climbed into your car and started it up.  You waved once more, before leaving Spencer with a goofy smile on his face.  

“Goodnight.”  He murmured before putting his hands in his pockets and walking down the sidewalk to his car.  He was never as at ease until now. 

interstellarmonkeys  asked:

hey I really like your fics, can you do 45 for kagehina if you are still doing those? Thank you very much

hello hello~! Thank you so much for your request. I’m very sorry that this is so late but I hope you enjoy it anyway~

45. pretending to hate each other au for kagehina

Tobio jumps to wakefulness, flailing his arms and legs out to take out any would be attackers. He doesn’t get very far because he’s forced to grab hold of the person carrying him or fall to his death.

“Oh my god,” Tobio says, shutting his eyes again and burying his face in the Little Giant’s fluffy orange hair.

“Alright there, Tobio?” the Little Giant, aka Hinata Shouyou, says. His voice is teasing but under it is a layer of concern that warms Tobio’s heart.

“What happened?” Tobio croaks, keeping his eyes shut tight so that he doesn’t have to see the rapidly approaching city. He knows he’s safe, the Little Giant would never let anything bad happen to him because that would ruin his superhero image and Shouyou would never let anything bad happen to him because the apartment would get lonely, but it doesn’t stop the lurch in his stomach from being terrifying.

“You were captured by Duplicate,” the Little Giant says. “I checked, he doesn’t know about us. It was just a wrong place, wrong time kind of situation.”

“But you saved me,” Tobio says, breathing in the alien sunshine smell the Little Giant gives off when he uses his powers. He’s going to need to take a shower when he gets home or everyone will know who he is.

“Of course,” the Little Giant says. “The Little Giant saves everyone. Me, though, I’ll always save you.”

Tobio presses his face further into the fluffy orange hair. His memories of his time with Duplicate are coming back and they’re chilling. Tobio was going to be cut up and used as materials. His eyes are stinging. “Shouyou.”

“None of that,” the Little Giant says. “We’re almost to the ground.”

Tobio grits his teeth and remembers their arrangement, the strategy they have to make sure that no one realizes that Tobio’s boyfriend Shouyou and the Little Giant are the same person. He doesn’t want to do it. Right now he wants nothing more than to stay in Shouyou’s safe arms just a little longer, to feel safe and loved and to tell Shouyou how worth the danger he is. This isn’t Shouyou, though, this is the Little Giant. He’s as impenetrable as the sun, like his father before him, and he doesn’t need Tobio the boyfriend right now. The Little Giant needs Tobio the skeptical reporter and so that’s who he’s got to be.

He pulls his face out of the Little Giant’s hair and watches as they fall the last hundred feet to the sidewalk. There are other reporters already here. The Little Giant puts on the breaks and the landing is soft, especially by Little Giant standards. Tobio unclasps his hands from around the Little Giant’s neck and disentangles himself as fast as possible, practically jumping out of the Little Giant’s arms instead of staying curled up in them like he wants to.

Tobio whirls on the Little Giant and the anger is easy to dig up. He doesn’t want to play this game right now. He’s stressed and he just nearly died. He doesn’t want the Little Giant, he want’s Shouyou and the Little Giant is just in his way.

“None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for you,” Tobio spits.

The Little Giant looks taken aback, his face going soft like Shouyou’s does when he’s surprised, and Tobio realizes that his eyes are still stinging with tears. 

“Kageyama-san,” the Little Giant starts, unsure, and Tobio wipes angrily at his eyes, trying to get rid of the fearful tears that are starting to spill over.

“The villains are here because of you,” Tobio says, not letting the Little Giant get a word in edgewise. “We didn’t have a problem with super-villains until you came along.”

“Kageyama-san, please calm down,” a police officer says, putting a hand on Tobio’s shoulder. “I’m sure you just had a very traumatic experience but it doesn’t do you any good to blame it on the Little Giant.”

“It’s fine, officer,” the Little Giant says while Tobio seethes at being told to calm down by someone who doesn’t understand what Tobio is dealing with. “He’s always like this.”

“Someone has to be critical,” Tobio snaps.

“Please make sure he gets a full medial check-up,” the Little Giant says. “I want to make sure he’s extremely healthy. I’d hate to have anyone accuse me of trying to get rid of him. I’ll pay for it, of course.”

Tobio’s jaw clenches. The Little Giant turns and flies away without a backwards glance and Tobio screams up after him, “How are you gonna pay for that, asshole? No one actually pays you for this hero crap. You’re just putting more strain on society.”

The Little Giant ignores him and the officer tries to pull him away. “Come on, you heard the hero.”

“No,” Tobio snaps, trying to shake off the officer’s grip. He doesn’t need a medical checkup, he needs to go home where no one will be watching him and he can process his day in peace.

“None of that, now,” the officer reprimands. “The Little Giant ordered you a full medical work-up and that’s what you’re going to get.”

“That bastard,” Tobio can’t help but grumble. “He thinks he knows what’s best for everyone.”

“Well, he is a superhuman entity,” the officer comments.

Tobio lets the officer pull him towards the ambulance. “No,” Tobio says to himself, the fight draining out of his shoulders. “He’s just a man.”

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Writing Prompt #231

Being on duty was little more than standing outside the castle like a glorified gargoyle. No one was foolish enough to try to fight their way inside, so the job was rather boring a majority of the time. Letting his eyes wander, one guard spotted a man limping into an alleyway across the street. Normally, he would have ignored it, but he needed an excuse to stretch his legs. Investigating a “potential threat” would give him at least a few minutes.

30 day OTP Challenge Day Thirteen: Eating Ice cream

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Note: Fluff! Loki is such a good boyfriend!

Word: 1150 

You let out a loud groan clinging to your lower stomach before letting out a whimper at the jolting pain that coursed through your body. “K-Kill me.” You whined before flopping face first into you bed before letting out a sob like sound. You felt feverish, but you weren’t sick as you curled up with a pillow in between your legs when you buried your face into the bed. You had been there all morning, Loki allowed you to rest thinking you were sick. It was cute, because he didn’t fully understand what was happening, but did get you whatever you needed when you needed it.

Loki was in the gym room with the others when he pulled Natasha aside. “I require your assistance.” He said as she nods before they told the others they would be back. They walked out and went to the communal living room when she looked back at him. “What’s up?” She asked taking a drink from her water. “There is something wrong with (Y/N) and I’m worried. She’s been in pain, and very ill all morning.” He said as she nods. “Is she sick?” She asked. “I don’t think so. She said she was dying.” He frowned when Natasha started to laugh.

“Oh.” She said covering her mouth. “Oh? What does ‘Oh.’ mean? Is she actually dying?” He asked with wide eyes when Natasha shook her head smiling. “No Loki, this is a natural occurrence for a woman. Happens every month.” She explained as he nods. “Listen, just get her some ice cream, pick a stupid cheesy romance movie, get her a heating pad, and just cuddle her for the rest of the day. Okay?” She asked placing a hand onto his shoulder as he nods. “Alright, thank you.” He said as she smiles. “Good luck.” She said as he raises an eyebrow.

“Why would I need luck?” He asked tilting his head. “Well during these few days (Y/N) tends to get a little… emotional.” She said shrugging. “She’ll go from being happy to sobbing in an instant.” She said as his eyes widened. “Every mortal woman does this?” He asked as she nods. “Suddenly I have a new appreciate for this woman.” He said as she laughs softly. “If only Bruce was like you.” She said before going back down to the gym with the others as Loki goes down to the apartment. His heart broken hearing your sobs of pain when he walked it.

He got a heating pad from the medical bay and ice cream from their freezer as he grabbed a random romance movie. He peeked into the room seeing you wrapped like a little burrito as you whimpered into the bedding. His lower lip was caught between his teeth when he walked in placing the painkillers down with a glass of water. He held a small tub of your favorite ice cream with one of your favorite romance movies when he pushed the covers back a little. You whined before looking up to see Loki’s worried gaze on you as he bent down in front of you.

He ran his fingers through your sweaty hair as you leaned into his touch. “Here love.” He said helping you sit up with your legs off the bed. You whimpered at the pain leaning against his chest when he sighed before giving you the pills and a glass of water. You smiled softly before taking them as he set the glass down when you eyed the ice cream and movie. “Awe… Baby.” You teared up looking up to him as he smiles softly kissing your forehead. “Come,” He whispers before making you lay back down onto the  bed. “Let me take care of you, my darling.” He smiled gently.

You nod when he gently rubbed your lower stomach as you moaned softly at the feeling when you bit your lip at the slight relief. “I got you some ice cream, and we’ll watch this movie.” He said nodding. “B-But you hate that movie.” You said frowning. “Eh, it’s utter boring, but for you I shall how you say ‘Tough it out’” He said as you whimpered puckering out your bottom lip. He leaned down kissing you softly when you wrapped your arms around his neck before hugging him. “I love you so much.” You whispered against his neck as he chuckles in delight.

Suddenly he pulled your hair back before putting it into a hair tie as he gets your ice cream opening it up for you. “And I love you so much.” He said fluffing the pillows before helping you sit up when he grabbed the heating pad placing it where you wanted it. You took the spoon and ice cream and immediately started to eat it when he popped in the movie pressing play. He sat down on the bed beside you as you leaned against him before sighing in happiness. You offered out a bite to him as he took it before you both laughed because you got it on his nose.

“Rude.” He comments playfully as you grin before licking it off his nose when he kisses you passionately not really paying attention to the movie playing in the background. “Thank you.” You said snuggling into his neck as he kissed the top of your head. “No need my love. I just want you to feel better.” He said running his fingers through the strands of hair that came loose from your ponytail. He smiles pushing them behind your ear before caressing your cheek gently as you leaned into the touch making a smile of your own spread across your lips.

“You are the sweetest boyfriend ever. They all thought it was gross and ignored me while I was on my period.” You said softly while eating ice cream as a scowl appeared on your features. “That, my darling, is because you were dating little boys. I don’t mind, it is a natural occurrence in the female body.” He said as you looked at him. “You know a lot.” You comment. “I may or may not have asked Natalie for some help.” He said when you smiled softly. “Well at least you asked.” You said rubbing your nose against his before yawning as you snuggled into his chest.

“Tired?” He asked when you nod softly. “I’ve been in pain all night so I didn’t sleep that well.” You said as he frowns. “Oh my darling you should have awakened me. I would have done something.” He whispered gently. “I know, but I felt bad.. You were sleeping so peacefully.” You said looking down when he pulled you into his lap as he placed your ice cream down. “Sleep love, I’m not going anywhere.” He whispered when you snuggled against him before your eyelids felt heavy as you mumbled something before you dozed off in his arms.

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Requested: Ace Jugheadxreader fic where the gang all think they’re a thing because they’re so cutsie.

Pairings: Jugheadxreader

Warning: Will offend people who think asexuality isn’t real, you can clear right off now thanks, yours sincerely- someone who isn’t real apparently.

A/N: Aww she a cute fic. This is not how all aces are together (obvi). Jugheadxreader in this are not sex repulsed aces. Educate yourselves huns


“Juggy if you don’t stop tickling me we’re going to have serious issues” you laughed at the big raven haired goof alongside you.

“Aww come on ynn-ie you’re so much fun to tease” he continued to attempt to tickle you

“Would you two just get a room already oh my god!” Veronica rolled her eyes and archie added, “Yeah we’re trying to eat here and ye’re basically having sex on the diner table”

The both of you looked at each other and then burst into laughter. Pops was mostly empty, just a few stragglers and your small group of friends.

Jughead kept a hand on your thigh and you leaned on him, happy as ever and blind to what your friends were seeing, you two continued to mess around.

The gang exchanged looks all the way through dinner as Jug and you shared chips((or fries…but its chips…end of discussion)) totally oblivious to your surroundings.

“WOULD YOU TWO JUST TELL US YOU’RE TOGETHER ALREADY!!!” archie finally snapped and practically came over the table to you two giving you both a fright. The group all looked on bewildered at Archie.

“What? We were all thinking it and saying it to each other…i just finally had the guts to say it to them”

“So now it’s out there, yeah what is going on between you two” Ronnie  grinned

Jughead and you exchanged looks before simultaneously laughing out “Nothing”

“Are you kidding? You two are always cuddly and YN wears your hoodies all the time Jug and you two are always off together, so someone better start talking” Archie was over beating around the bush.

“Yeah we’re friends Archie…friends do those things”

“You literally have one hand in hers and the other on her thigh!” jughead glanced down and then back at you. “Huh, didn’t even notice “ he laughed moving his hand from your thigh to reach his drink, his other still intertwined in yours.

“Hahaha neither did I” you grabbed a chip ((fry…but they’re chips))

“You got rings for each other for fuck sake!” Ronnies tone mimicked the increasing frustration of the entire group.

“You mean this one” you pulled a chain from around your neck, the black ring dangling.

“Oh yeah that ring” Jughead raised his left hand, middle finger decorated with the beautiful hermite.

“Yeah see! You’re even wearing them now! You two are totally a couple!”

“Couple of Aces” you grinned and all but Jughead looked confused, he, well he looked smug.

“Ehhh what…” Veronicas face twisted in confusion.

“Ace…it’s the umbrella term…we’re asexual”

“Oh like plants” betty’s innocent smile prevented Jughead and you from snapping at this response ((seriously guys, don’t say that to Aces, we don’t like it, its not funny and it’s in no way original, trust me we all had a meeting, be more creative because no thanks petals))

“No, not like plants” you tried your best not to sound annoyed, jugheads hand returning to your leg, squeezing it.

“So you two..aren’t sleeping together…or dating or dating anyone…ever”

“ No we’re not together, never were.” Jughead politely answered Ronnies slightly rude question.

“We just like being around each other..why does that seem weird to you guys, you all like being around each other, thats not weird. If i was doing the same thing with Ronnie or Kevin you wouldnt even question if we were together” you smiled but your tone was still pointed.

“Im so sad, you guys were my OTP, you two were endgame” you both laughed at Betty.

“Sorry Bets”

Kevin came running in the door with gossip from school and the conversation moved on from your relationship status, both thankful for it.

When it was time for you to leave Jughead offered to walk you home, you happily obliging. When ye had left the table hand in hand the group gathered their thoughts on your situation.

“Wait ynn and jughead?” Kevin was laughing hard after the group caught him up “they’re ace” he continued laughing.

“KEVIN YOU KNEW AND DIDN’T TELL US!” Ronnie hit Kevin into the chest.

“Okay firstly, OWWW, secondly, it’s not my job, responsibility or right to tell you other people’s sexuality, it’s not our business and it doesn’t even matter” they all sat back and nodded, taking in the wisdom.

“Oh Hetros, you are such  special little strawberries now aren’t ye?” kevin laughed.


Much love Xx

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Payback - J.A.

a/n - i’ve been too mean to jack so here’s some fluff

word count - 1008

requested - yes

description - prompt #889 from @otp–prompts

warning - uhhh not knowing about a video of you


 You were an an extrovert. You liked to put yourself put out there, so there wasn’t much that you hid from people. But there was one thing. You were a dancer, and you were damn good but you thought it was embarrassing. Because it wasn’t like you could break dance, or do hip-hop. No, you were a ballerina. You had grown up on it because your parents had forced you too, and it became normal to you. At first you hated it, your legs were sore all the time, how could you like it? But once you realized that it was a good technique to cool off and relax, you started using it more often. You only danced in the private of your room and you always used headphones so that no one would wonder why you were playing classical music. You also tended to lock the door so that nosy people-Jack-couldn’t get in. But a couple of days ago, you thought you were home alone so you didn’t bother to lock it. However that was also the day Jack came home early to surprise you.

You had just plugged in your earphones and you were doing warm-ups when Jack quietly shut the front door and crept upstairs. He hadn’t been spending much time with you lately so he wanted to do something nice for you. You hadn’t minded though, as it gave you time to practice your dance, and it really showed. By the time you were done stretching, Jack had made it to the door of your room. You had let the music just flow through your body, not really thinking about what to do. Your favorite thing was when you could do multiple pirouettes in one try, but for some reason you could only do it with your eyes closed. So you shut your eyes and trusted your legs to do the work. Jack had gotten his phone out and was filming long before you started turning, but when you did, he was in awe. He didn’t know you could dance, much less that you were a beautiful one. He made the video short and sweet, not wanting to risk you seeing him film you. So he clicked the stop button and raced down the stairs to sit on the couch to watch it. He played it on a loop, not realizing that you had finished cooling down and had walked downstairs.

“Hey babe. I didn’t realize you were home, when did you get here?”

He frantically shut off his phone and shoved it in his pocket, as he stood up to hug you. He explained that he had just gotten home and was really tired so he was resting on the couch. You didn’t quite believe him, but he had never lied to you before, so why would he start. You made your way to the kitchen and sat with him and had a long conversation, the first in a long while.

The next couple of days had Jack really stressed. There was so much going on with the band, and it wasn’t that he didn’t like it, it was just that he was tired. He rarely got sleep these days and it made him very irritable. He wasn’t the one to look up calming things, so he resorted to what he had on his phone. More specifically the video of you dancing. Whenever he got angry or overwhelmed, he whipped out his phone. And for some reason, watching you calmed him down. It was like you had him in this spell that he couldn’t resist. It was like you had a power over him, and he would let you abuse it in a heartbeat. Whatever he wanted to call it, it worked.

He started to be less careful when hiding it from you. He would watch it on the couch in the living room when you were in the bathroom, just because you were so entrancing. Unfortunately for him, you caught him watching it.

“Where did you get that?”

“Oh-uh…..a couple…days ago. I came home early because I wanted to surprise you, so I went to your room. But you were dancing and you looked so peaceful and I didn’t want to bother you. I’m sorry, I’ll delete it if you want me to.”

Reluctantly you let him keep it, understanding how calming the other person could be. But you made him promise not to show anyone else, and that he better watch his back.

You were right, he should’ve watched his back. Because not even three days later you got him back. He was in the shower and he was singing one of his favorite songs, but he was singing really loud. He did indeed sound like an angel, so you decided to get a video of your own. You didn’t want to invade his privacy so you just filmed the floor, but made sure that you could hear his singing. You opened the door when he stopped singing for a second. You were worried he had heard you, but then he started singing again. Although this time it was a different song. You quickly realized that it was the first verse of, ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love.’ That sneaky little-he knew you were in there. You let him finish the song, as annoyed as you were. You left the bathroom before he could get out of the bathroom, but you hadn’t stopped the video. No sooner had you left, he walked into your shared bedroom to get a shirt.

“I really do love you, you know. I understand that I haven’t said it before, but I just thought that you should know.”

“I-I, I love you too, Jack.”

He smiled at you and sat down next to you, “Babe, you haven’t stopped the video yet.”

Slightly embarrassed, you turned it off, and sat your phone on the side table. You snuggled into his side, happy with what had just happened. You did indeed look at the video when you were stressed.

Thor, Precious Hair and Sleepiness

COC Day 13: Domestic day. A little fic (0.7k) in which Simon and Baz watch a movie, and Simon falls asleep, prompting Baz to carry him to bed. Just a bit of domestic snowbaz fluff. (Thanks to @otp-prompts-for-you for the inspiration). Enjoy!


  We’re sitting on the couch watching a Thor movie, because Snow is a massive geek at heart. In my time with him I’ve discovered that he absolutely loves Marvel movies, and that the cutest thing is watching him when the action sequences come on. He devotes his attention entirely to what’s happening on screen, eyes filling with wonder, and making little commentary sounds like, ‘woah.’

We have our legs tangled around each other’s, my arms around Simon as we lie together on the couch. “You should grow your hair out long,” I mutter absentmindedly to Snow, as we watch Thor fighting with his hammer on screen.

“Are you telling me that you want me to look more like Chris Hemsworth’s Thor,” he keeps his head still but moves his eyes to look at me, doing that thing where he wrinkles one eyebrow.

“No,” I reply, moving my hand to stroke his cheek, “I just think you’d look great with long hair.”

“That comment is most definitely motivated by watching Chris Hemsworth, and I’ve got to say, Baz, I’m a little jealous.” I laugh a little, and he smiles jovially. “But, seriously, we can’t both have long-ish hair. It’d be too matchy.” I gasp overdramatically at this.

“You don’t want to match with me?!” He wrinkles his nose up.

“It’s weird when couples do that.”

“True,” I admit, “maybe I could cut my hair off to compensate.” A look of pure horror crosses his face in a flash.


“Wow,” I reply, “I had no idea you were so attached to my hair.”

“You know I love your hair,” he says, and I do- he’s always grasping the chance to touch it. “I love doing this.” He turns around to face me properly and puts his lips on mine. I return the kiss, and he tangles his hands in my hair, stroking them through it as we kiss.

“Duly noted,” I say when we break. “Remind me never to cut off my hair.” He gives me another short kiss.

“I’ll try to,” he smiles fondly. “Now,” he says in a more serious tone, “we need to go back a bit. We’ve missed this whole scene due to you being such a distraction.”

Near the end of the movie, Snow’s eyes fall shut as he drifts off to sleep, though not without opposition from him. I kept seeing him drift off gently and then jolt his eyes open again, trying his hardest to stay awake for the end of one of his favourite movies. I couldn’t help but chuckle at how adorable he was being, putting up such an effort to keep his eyes open when he was clearly fighting a losing battle.

He’s snoring softly by the time the movie finishes, and I try to move gently as I turn the TV off and curl my arms around his legs and torso to pick him up. He shifts his head a little once I’ve lifted him, and goes from snoring to just breathing rather loudly. I slowly walk down the hallway and into our room, not turning the lights on so as not to wake him up. He looks so peaceful when he sleeps, his mouth open, eyelashes fluttering slightly when he breathes. I don’t want to break that. I lower him onto my side of the bed as I fold over the blankets on his side, then pick him up again, placing him down on his side and putting the blankets back over him so that he’s warm. I tip-toe around the room to get changed, fragments of moonlight filtering in through the gap in the curtain the only light. When I quietly get into bed, Simon shuffles over a little, putting his arms around me and pulling me closer.

“I love you, you know?” He sighs.

“I know, I love you too,” I say. “I thought you were asleep.” I intertwine his fingers in mine.

He nuzzles into the back of my neck and lifts up a hand to run it through my hair. “I didn’t want you to stop carrying me.”

do you ever look at artwork showing people cuddling or something and the only thing you can think about is how awkward the pose is
b o i
dat legs gonna be dead in five minutes if you keep it at that angle

Imagine your height difference OTP. Person A (the short one) is walking down a crowded street and someone behind them says “Hey, can you move your short-ass legs any faster?” Person A is about to unleash fury upon this person until Person B suddenly remarks “MAYBE I WILL MOVE MY SHORT-ASS LEGS A LITTLE FASTER.” The rude person is absolutely confused, Person A is hysterical laughing, and Person B continues to rant about how fast their “short-ass legs” are moving.

I’m in love with the detail in some tellings of the Ides where Brutus was mistakenly stabbed in the leg during the frenzy.  It means he went home, bleeding, walking on a leg in pain, to Porcia.

Porcia’s healing still, from the voluntary wound given to her own leg, and they’re made parallel.  When Brutus fell to his knees and begged the gods to make him worthy of Porcia, they answered him on the ides; they have both bled for this cause now, on the same leg, even.  

And just as Brutus fretted and tended to her injury, I like to think that this time, she tended to his.