otp: not if i come for you first


LOIS:  Look, Clark, I know that I got a little thorny when you raised the red flag on A.C.
CLARK:  I was just trying to look out for you.
LOIS:  And I appreciate it.  I’ve just never had someone to help guide me through the shark-infested ocean of romance. … Not that I can’t fend for myself.
CLARK:  You know, I think I was wrong about our friend A.C.


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“I have always felt in extremes, it’s like there’s this electricity in my bloodstream. I just want to scream.” - a jason todd moodboard (s) for @hsinlvegas bc her presents are going to be hella late so i’m giving her this. ily!


On this week’s “Someone forgot to tell Stephen and Emily their characters are broken up”


There’s this song lyric I like. “All the broken hearts in the world still beat.” Mine’s beating, but bruised. Hopefully not for long.


Stephen takes remembering Olicity scenes very seriously.


“They told me that you were the person to come and see.”

                                        “You thought I was leaving too? Not a chance.”

Yeah, well, I guess it is time for a little spruce.
Yeah, it is. But let’s not spruce this particular spot.

Title: Of Date Nights and Gummy Spiders

Pairings: Seidou/Akira

Word Count: 1,188

Warnings: None. Seidou and Akira are fluffy and gross with each other though.

Notes: This is it!! The first Seiaki fic! I’m super hype for it. I wrote this all of yesterday and some of today, and I only went through and edited it once, so I hope it’s okay! 

Dedications: To hidebot, who is the most splendiferous of the splendiferous, and always cheered me on with my seiaki, and shipped it right alongside with me since the beginning. <3

Also to senju-swag, who made the first seiaki fanart yesterday, and is OTP’ing this as hard as I am. We’ll take care of this sip together and convert everyone, Lee.

Summary: Seidou and Akira have a horror movie marathon, and Akira attempts to convince her partner to try some gummy spiders.

[AO3 link here]

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└ Truthfully, no.

I’m just… deliriously over the moon! OTP~~ ❤️💜

Cr: English jweb

anonymous asked:

think abt someone finding ganseys journal and in it is like blue hearts everywhere and it will be a page abt glendower and then in the margin it will be like "some conculisve facts about blue sargent: tries to part her hair to the left but it always turns up a middle part by 4 in the afternoon. 90% of the time i get the yougurt fruit but if its peach bits i have 2 fight for it, always opens the door w her left hand even tho shes right handed?, she has a birthmark on her butt (seen w permission)


okay, but can you imagine them fighting over the peach bits? like “no gansey you can’t have the peach bits, go buy your own richie rich” and he’s all “but :((((((”  and then she agrees to give him a little and feeds him some from her spoon and gansey’s very “o_o more???”

also consider: doodles of her. everywhere. in his journals, in his notebooks, and it’s so precise and carefully done, you can just see how much thought and energy he put into it, how important it was to get her right. akgndjsxhk, im so fucking

also: blue finds it after he dies and spends the whole afternoon crying about the drawings and notes in his journals which are half facts and half just things he loves about her, like “the colorful clips in her hair, the look she gets when i occasionally call her by her real name, the combat boots, the way she can eat an unreal number of pancakes, the way she will not cry at sad movies but gets upset if an animal dies in it, when she calls me on the phone just to talk about nothing, the longing i can feel echo in her when i take her for a drive, the way she hums under her breath when she knits, her sense of humor, the way she stands up for herself and everyone she cares about, the way her left hand is bigger than her right, the way she can’t resist swaying to maroon 5′s sugar but claims to hate the song, the way her voice feels like home” and blue reads it all and just curls up in his shirt after and cries bc he’s not here anymore and she can’t tell him all the things she loves about him… im??? im sorry i didn’t know why i turned this into sad… let’s just imagine he comes back to life after and she hugs him and calls him cheesy for all the things he wrote but doesn’t let him go for a week