otp: not his date


SeKai being domestic again! 

Preference Master List

This is for all of you mobile users I guess. Also most of the IM5 preferences include Dalton. Check this for updates!!

5 Seconds of Summer: 

  1.  How You Meet
  2.  You Take Care Of Him When He’s Sick
  3.  Cry On Your Pillow
  4.  Hiding Places
  5.  He Asks You To Move In
  6.  House Hunting
  7.  Moving In
  8.  Midnight Snacks
  9.  The Words That Were Never Said
  10.  Vacations
  11.  Arguments 
  12.  The Pet/s You Two Get
  13.  Risk It All
  14.  One Night Stands 
  15.  Rough
  16.  Your Relationship Becomes Public 
  17.  Get To Know You
  18.  They Find Out You Had Their Child
  19.  He Makes You Squirt 
  20.  You’re Eating Something That Turns Him On
  21.  The Boys Are Over When You Try To Be Sexy
  22.  You Don’t Know He’s Famous
  23.  Accidental Pillow
  24.  Blowjob
  25.  Art of Moving On
  26.  He Finds Out You’re Ticklish 
  27.  They Find Out You Had Their Child Part 2
  28.  English Love Affair
  29.  They Find Out You Had Their Child Part 3
  30.  He’s A Single Father
  31.  “Was This Just a Fuck?”
  32.  His/Your Child From a Previous Relationship Calls You or Him Mommy/Daddy
  33.  You’re the Concert Photographer 
  34.  Chains
  35.  He Surprises You
  36.  “The Name’s Bond…”
  37.  Threesomes
  38.  Coffee Shops
  39.  Bonnie And Clyde
  40.  Burn
  41.  Distractions
  42.  Dry Humping
  43.  Spring Break
  44.  Eat Out
  45.  Tour Vibes
  46.  The Amazing Race
  47.  Soulmate AU
  48.  Crazy For You
  49.  He Finds Out You’re Being Abused
  50.  Disney World
  51.  Saturday Nights
  52.  Sunday Mornings
  53.  Back To Sleep
  54.  Black Girl Magic
  55.  First Time Dad
  56.  Long Distance
  57.  “Please Just Fuck Me”
  58.  You Catch Him Masturbating
  59.  Bonding
  60.  Quirks
  61.  You’re a Professional Dancer 

5sos x POC!Reader: 

  1. Cookout

Fly Away Hero: 

*Fly Away Hero Imagines (x) since it’s replaced by OGOC

  1.  You Take Care Of Him When He’s Sick
  2.  How You Meet
  3.  You Meet The Band
  4.  Settle Down
  5.  You Tell Him You’re Pregnant 
  6.  He Talks Dirty To You In Public 
  7.  His Favorite Place To Kiss You 
  8.  He Proposes 
  9.  You’re Short
  10.  You Tell Him You’re Pregnant Part 2
  11.  The Pet/s You Two Get
  12.  You Tell Him You’re Pregnant Part 3
  13.  Ride
  14.  Keep Quiet 
  15.  How To Save A Life 
  16.  You Tell Him You’re Pregnant Part 4
  17.  They Find Out You Had Their Child 
  18.  Makeup Sex
  19.  He Takes Care Of You When You’re Sick
  20.  You Tell Him You’re Pregnant Part 5
  21.  Watching Your Favorite Tim Burton Movie
  22.  Strip For Me
  23.  He’s a Tease
  24.  Mad
  25. He Makes Sexual Innuendos Towards You During An Interview
  26.  They Find Out You Had Their Child Part 2
  27.  He Gets Upset That You Don’t Spend Time Together
  28.  They Find Out You Had Their Child Part 3
  29.  He Asks You To Prom

Omaha Squad:

  1. Promise
  2. You Get High Together
  3. A Thunderstorm Is Coming, And You’re Both Stuck In A Cab In L.A. Traffic
  4. Blind Dates
  5. Valentine’s Day
  6. “Don’t Tease Me”
  7.  Cheater
  8.  You Comfort Him
  9.  Fights
  10.  Caught
  11.  Rejections 
  12.  Fallen Angels
  13.  Accidental Break Ins
  14.  Whiskey Dick
  15.  Wisdom Teeth
  16.  New Arrivals 
  17.  Going Downtown
  18.  Midnight
  19.  OTP
  20.  You Don’t Like His Music
  21.  Kink
  22.  Distraction
  23.  Festivals


  1.  How You Meet
  2.  First Date 
  3.  His Thoughts When He First Saw You 
  4.  He Gets Jealous 
  5.  Another Band Member Likes You
  6.  He Hears You Sing
  7.  The Youtuber/s You Two Love
  8.  He Talks About Your Weight
  9.  He Pushes You to Have Sex and 1 of the Boys Comfort You
  10.  He Thinks You Like Another Band Member 
  11.  You’re Making Out and His Parents Walk In
  12.  He Meets Your Brother
  13.  You’re Making Out and Your Brother Walks in With Friends
  14.  He Gets Protective 
  15.  He Whispers Dirty Things To You In Public
  16.  He Brings Up the Idea of Starting a Family
  17.  Your Water Breaks and He Helps You
  18.  He Sees the Baby for the First Time
  19.  He Calls You Ugly 
  20.  He Asks You To Prom
  21.  You’re Doing Dirty Things and the Boys Walk In
  22.  How They React To Baby Shopping
  23.  He Hates You At First
  24.  You Go To The Zoo
  25.  They Call Out Your Imperfections 
  26.  He Secretly Likes You And The Boys Convince Him To Ask You Out 
  27.  You’re Friends With Benefits 
  28.  You’re Friends & Make Out At A Party 
  29.  You Play Truth Or Dare
  30.  You’re Friends & See Him Naked
  31.  You’re Best Friends That Flirt 
  32.  He’s Your Best Friend’s Brother
  33.  He Tries To Impress You
  34.  You Overhear Him Confess His Love For You
  35.  You’re Best Friends With 1 Of The Boys And Meet The Others
  36.  Still Into You
  37.  He Let’s You Know He Wants You
  38.  You Meet While Playing Spin The Bottle/ 7 Minutes In Heaven
  39.  You Take Care Of Him When He’s Sick
  40.  He Gets Touchy
  41.  Meeting After Breakup
  42.  You Have Sex For The First Time
  43.  They’re In A Gang, And You Like A Member 
  44.  He Talks Dirty To You With The Guys Around & He Picks Out A Naughty Outfit For You
  45.  His Favorite Place To Kiss You
  46.  They’re In A Gang, And You Like A Member Part 2
  47.  Angry Makeup Sex
  48.  They’re In A Gang, And You Like A Member Part 3
  49.  The Pet/s You Two Get
  50.  Disney Dudez Romantic Modern Moment 
  51.  They Have Kinks
  52.  They’re In A Gang, And You Like A Member Part 4
  53.  They’re In A Gang, And You Like A Member Part 5
  54.  He Loses Your Child In The Store
  55.  They Find Out You Had Their Child
  56.  Silent Quickie
  57.  The Act Like Fuckboys 
  58.  They’re In A Gang, And You Like A Member Part 6
  59.  You’re Leaving Him
  60.  He Gets Shipped With A Member From Fifth Harmony
  61.  Birthday Sex
  62.  You Passed Away and He Tries to Cope With Your Death
  63. They’re In A Gang, And You Like A Member Part 7
  64. They Find Out You Had Their Child Part 2
  65.  They Propose to You
  66.  They Find Out You Had Their Child Part 3
  67.  They’re In A Gang, And You Like A Member Part 8
  68.  You’re a Virgin, and Have Sex for the First Time
  69.  Shower Run Ins
  70.  The Birds and the Bees
  71.  He Finds Out You’re Pregnant
  72.  They’re In A Gang, And You Like A Member Part 9
  73.  They’re In A Gang, And You Like A Member Part 10
  74.  You Spend the Night for the First Time
  75.  You’re Leaving Him Part 2
  76.  Greasers & Socs
  77.  Amnesia
  78.  Wet
  79.  The Guys Help Feed Your Child
  80.  Cooking Vibes
  81.  Thinking Out Loud
  82.  Morning Wood
  83.  He Comes Home From War
  84.  Love Confessions 
  85.  Possible Parents
  86.  Your Dad Is a Gang Leader
  87.  They’re In A Gang, And You Like A Member Part 11
  88.  Silent Treatment 
  89.  Fingers
  90.  You Wear His Clothes
  91.  Jealousy 




I can’t believe these dorks can still get embarrassed on their first date. But then again they are dorks and I’m a big puddle of fluff.


Scrubs + Buffyverse AU 3/?
Kelso/Cox + Spangel in A Hole In The World

Let's learn french with Sherlock. Lesson 6: Son rendez-vous

                                - Not his date -

- posh language :

‘Vous faites erreur. Nous ne sommes pas un couple.’

- usual language :

'Mais non, on n'est pas ensemble!’

- colloquial language :

'Sherlock, j'te kiffe trop. Toi et moi, ça te branche?’


Napoleon and Illya ►  How They Dress On a After Mission Date
Illya likes to wear his reddish suit, Napoleon likes to wear different hats because he thinks it’s fashionable. 

Mini Kadi Shippers/Supporters’ Survey Result

I would like to thank everyone for taking their time to respond to this survey. Your contribution is much appreciated. Anyway, this might sound a bit formal. But as long as I deliver the message, aite?

This is a mini kd shippers/supporters survey. I asked a question and collected responses which were consisted of a statement(s). I managed to collect a total of 99 responses in a span of 10 days.

Question:  i have an honest question. i’m really curious. who re u guys that ship/support kd? ks stans, ji stans, ex0-l, non-ex0-l, not even into kpop?

Next, I’ve analyzed the data using a simple coding method (use in a qualitative study). I’ve extracted a few important points from the data and divided it into two main categories - Group Stan & Bias. The subcategories were determined based on the amount of the same response

Group Stan - (1) EX0.L, (2) Non-EX0.L and (3) Not Stated
Bias - (1) Jong.in, (2) Kyung.soo, (3) Jong.in & Kyung.soo and (4) Others

The unit used in the result is counted as per response [x/99].

1st Category: Group Stan

I think the highlight of this result is the Non EX0.L. Altho it’s not many of them but I find it interesting that Non EX0.L take an interest in kd. These were some responses from the Non EX0.L.

º im not ex0.l anymore and if it weren’t for kd i wouldn’t be here (in the fandom)
º just kai.soo-l. im not into kpop or ex.o anymore… i just exist here now just for kai.soo. tho i still go to ex.o concerts but just to see kai.soo.
º I’m not a EX.O fan but I believe Kai.soo are dating 
º not really an ex0.l i literally only went to ex0.rdium to see them both c: 
º …I’m a bt.s stan irl 
º Im an ar.my but i’ve been shipping kai.soo almost since the beginning :) they are The only ship that I actually believe is real

The ‘Not Stated’ subcategory is self-explanatory. I believe it doesn’t affect the result that much.

2nd Category: Bias

Ks bias and ji & ks bias share the 1st spot on the chart with a total of 33 responses, respectively. I find it quite shocking. I expected that there would be more of ks bias since I’ve only heard many kd shippers are ks bias.

It is expected from my pov that there aren’t many kd shippers that biased ji, which I also find it interesting. Perhaps this has anything to do with his popularity among ifandom? Or they are more of them that ship other otp like se.kai etc? Mybe his past dating scandal affected stans in some way? //shrug.

The least frequent answers fell under ‘Others’; consisted of those who doesn’t bias ji and ks, bias all ex0 and not stated specifically.


As per stated in the title, the result represent kai.soo shippers and supporters. This is not a proper survey since the data are varied and I’ve only managed to extract few points when they could have been more. So take this survey as it is~ Anyway, it was a fun mini survey and I also had fun analyzing the data! Click ‘Keep reading’ to check out all of the responses.

That’s all for now. Thank you and have a nice day :)

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Go was funnier than Amy, though, so it was a mismatched battle. Amy was clever, withering, sarcastic. Amy could get me riled up, could make an excellent, barbed point, but Go always made me laugh.

anonymous asked:

Headcannon thing: Les Jacobs

1: sexuality headcanon: he ain’t straight I’ll tell you that much, but idk exactly what word fits best.

2: otp: Davey says he’s not allowed to date at least until after his Bar Mitzvah.

3: brotp: Les and Jack, best bros for life

4: notp: don’t ship him with an older character. please. he’s not even ten guys.

5: first headcanon that pops into my head: Sarah was very nervous to come out as trans to him because she thought he wouldn’t get it but the first thing he said was “You’ll still get me ice cream on Fridays even if you’re my sister now, right?”

6: one way in which I relate to this character: looks up to his friends and wants their approval

7: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: again, he’s never made me feel embarrassed ever

8: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? what a cinnamon roll come on folks he’s adorable